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Six Bases and Three Principles of Selecting RDAs

In this article, I’ve give my suggestions as to the ways of selecting a RDA.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-09-05Views: 179

[Tips] How to Deal with “Device Locking”?

Here I would share a quick tips to unlock your device—making use of rubber gloves.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-06Views: 141

How Long Is the Life Cycle of A Coil Head? What are the decisive factors?

In this passage we’ll talk about a universal question that many beginners would like to ask—how long is the lifecycle of a coil head?

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VpbusIssue Date: 2016-06-18Views: 322

A Brief Report on Shenzhen eCig Expo 14, April

​The rain outside the hall hasn’t broken the hot atmosphere on the spot after the opening ceremony of the 2th Shenzhen eCigEpxo.

󰂮Comments(0)Issue Date: 2016-04-15Views: 150

12 kinds of normal RTA atomizer in the market

Atomizer can be divided by type and brand.But consider structure,it has rebuildable tank atomzier(RTA) and rebuildable dripping atomizer(RDA)

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mr JiaoIssue Date: 2015-11-14Views: 192

How to use mechanical mod in correct way

Because the mechanical MOD does not exist any chip protection, so you need to be careful in the process of use, especially for beginners.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RayIssue Date: 2015-11-13Views: 521

Taste Control --- Another TC method

How can IJOY stand out in the fierce competition? Regardless of the past creative products, today we’re going to talk about the brilliant “Taste Control” to vapers.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: SarahIssue Date: 2015-11-12Views: 136

Ten kind of Sub Ohm Tanks of 2015 for Flavor & Clouds

Sub ohm tanks can be vaped at less than 1 ohm resistance. The most common coil resistance is .5 ohms but it can be as low as .2 ohms.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vpgirlIssue Date: 2015-11-12Views: 182

Double coil installation guide

Today I'm going to demonstrate the four poles RDA atomizer installation method of coil to you.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Division RayIssue Date: 2015-11-11Views: 99

Special tips to make cotton ( without burning taste for continuing using 25 times)

I wrote this article about how to make a perfect cotton that would not be burnt after vaping for a long time.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: KeyboIssue Date: 2015-11-11Views: 242

Two ways to make a double coil for KF4; Horizontal and Vertical.

​Since there are 4 screws on the basis of KF4, so KF4 is made for double coils!

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VpbusIssue Date: 2015-11-03Views: 143

Three little tricks to use Nautilus

Don’t blow the atomizer when you are vaping, other wise, leaking could happen.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: HuamanlouIssue Date: 2015-11-03Views: 128

How to DIY Kayfun4 's coil

Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to DIY your Kayfun4’s coil, and my personal comments for Kayfun4.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: PigsyIssue Date: 2015-11-03Views: 85

Elaboration of cotton and other factors that affect the taste

Today I’m gonna talk about the effects of cotton on the taste.I've been vaping for a long time, and I think cotton plays an important role in vaping experience.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: CocoIssue Date: 2015-11-02Views: 74

Basic information of e-cigarette—the composition of e-juice

When you are enjoying vaping, have you ever thought about what makes up this liquid? Today I’m gonna talk about the composition of juices.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mr JiaoIssue Date: 2015-11-02Views: 131

Vapor players must have these eleven kinds of tools for DIY

Today I would like to talk about DIY and the tools required. Some of the tools make the DIY process become simple and interesting.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: YuanmutiIssue Date: 2015-10-31Views: 122

For beginners: How to choose a mode?

There are many brands, categories, I can't point out a exact one that suits you. But I will tell you some basic standards of choosing modes, and you will make the decision by yourself.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mr JiaoIssue Date: 2015-10-31Views: 62

Joyetech Ego one rebuild core DIY instruction

A full instruction about how to rebuild joyetech ego one kit

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Street boyIssue Date: 2015-10-31Views: 370

Which one to choose—kayfun or taifun?

RBA is so attractive. The same juice can have different taste with different atomizers. like cigarettes, Kayfun lite is like foreign cigarettes, and taifun GT2 is like Chinese cigarettes. Two distinguished styles.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mr JiaoIssue Date: 2015-10-30Views: 99

Normal tips for eliquid; what is steeping oil

Steeping oil is a very important step when the producers are producing flavors, and it’s also a very frustrated step for the vapers that DIY flavors. Many self flavor makers have this problem, before steeping, the flavor is great, after steeping, the flavor tastes like shit, or the opposite, before steeping the flavor tastes like shit, but after steeping, it tastes fantastic.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: zhizhen TechIssue Date: 2015-10-30Views: 53

Why does Nautilus leaking and how to fix it

how to avoid leaking problems in susing nautilus.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vpbusIssue Date: 2015-10-27Views: 474

How to identify a fake Nautilus and a real one

Today’s characters are real Nautilus and Chinese top qualified one. I hope new players not be cheated or lied. Nautilus can reveal the taste of the flavor perfectly, if you buy a fake one it would be a loss for you.

󰂮Comments(0)Issue Date: 2015-10-22Views: 673

How to make your injured mod rebirth?(Subbox Mini)

But since I don’t like to wear anything on the mod, so my Subbox is ‘injured’ a lot. Every time I see it’s appearance I feel pity.

󰂮Comments(0)Issue Date: 2015-10-21Views: 51

How to DIY Kayfun Lite Plus Five Pawn atomizer's core

​DIY is a process that every fresh man has to go through when he\she is getting more familiar with vape products. So what is DIY?

󰂮Comments(0)Issue Date: 2015-10-21Views: 200

Purchase ultimate taste KF4's vertical core

I have deeper understanding of DIY cores and how to DIY a most suitable core for myself. The pictures below shows the vertical wire on KF4.

󰂮Comments(0)Issue Date: 2015-10-20Views: 91
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