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Far More Than Luxury—PUFF DNA75 RS75 Review

What will it be when the avant-garde design combines with a powerful chip? Today let’s look at the DNA75 box from PUFF called AVATAR RS75.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-10-08Views: 932

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review

Smoant, the sub-brand of Cloupor, has launched a new e-cig product called Battlestar previously, which has strong sci-fi color about it from the appearance to the name.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-09-07Views: 2900


Lost Vape’s Triade is such a DNA200 box that is equipped with three 18650 batteries.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-09-05Views: 311

LIMITLESS LUX 215W’s USER Mode Instruction

Some newbies may feel confused about this USER mode of LUX 215w, therefore here I would like to share my use experience and subjective understanding of this mode.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-17Views: 346

Limitless LUX 215W Double 26650 Review

Limitless launched a brand new large power box—LUX,following its last new box releasing.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-04Views: 724

Teslacigs Three Review

Share with you guys my actual experience about Teslacigs Three.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-03Views: 2633

Teslacigs Three Box Review

In this passage I will introduce the latest-released Teslacigs Three mod and make a brief comparison among Teslacigs’s products.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-28Views: 1014

Cloupor Blink Box Review

Cloupor has followed the trend of fast charging by apply this technology to its e-cig box-Blink.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-20Views: 178

BIGGER DNA200 Box Review

It’s been some time since the releasing of VAPECIGE’s BIGGER. Here is the review of it.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-06Views: 147

LIMITLESS 200W Box Mod Review

LIMITLESS has released a 24mm-diameter RDTA recently.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-06-30Views: 5555

Ten Mid-range Boxes for Beginners

I’ve sorted out 10 cost-effective mid-range boxes to help the beginners choose the most suitable device.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-06-16Views: 125

Ten Single Battery E-cig Boxes Review

Here I would like to recommend several popular single 18650 battery boxes for newcomers.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-06-15Views: 136

Tesla Invader3 Mechanical Box

Here in the electronic cigarette industry comes a revolutionary device that combines safety and the performance of mechanical mods-Tesla Invader 3 mechanical box.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VpbusIssue Date: 2016-05-24Views: 212

Self-customized Hex Ohm V2 mod review

The HexOhm Mod has so many fans in The United States, in China is no exception. So, today I want to share a review about it.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: rayIssue Date: 2015-12-21Views: 498


​The Project Sub-Ohm® "flaskmaN"™ SX350J 100W TC Box Mod by Vapor Flask is the next evolution of one of the most beloved and trend setting devices.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VpbusIssue Date: 2015-12-15Views: 394

joyetech Egrip VT box mod

eGrip VT, applies with the Variable Temperature Control system, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/ VT-Ni (Nickel-200)/ VW mode with an OLED screen.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VpbusIssue Date: 2015-12-12Views: 105

Cool Fire 4 Plus By Innokin Review

A brand new box mod coming from innokin tech,cool fire 4 plus is designed in fashionable.How does it works?

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Vapor Trail ChannelIssue Date: 2015-12-04Views: 88

Do you really love BMI or follow the fashion?

There was a time when I was talking to BMI's creator. At that time, he was saying:Heard it s' expensive. That s' crazy!

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RayIssue Date: 2015-12-02Views: 560

SnowWolf Mini 75W tc box mod

The SnowWolf Mini was engineered to encompass today's leading-edge technology,it is the latest progression from the sensational SnowWolf 200W and SnowWolf V1.5

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vpbusIssue Date: 2015-11-26Views: 188

Tuglyfe DNA200 Box Mod by Flawless

Tuglyfe DNA 200 box mod has gain much more like among vape users now.It has been designed with fashional appearance which suitable for young people.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vpbusIssue Date: 2015-11-23Views: 1190

Comparing there mini box mod:Ipv d2, cloupor mini, and Infinite Capricorn

Now we know what they can do, I will skip the comparison about chips, let's see their appearance and characteristics.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: bajieIssue Date: 2015-11-11Views: 145

Ten kind of mini TC box mod in the market

​Temperature control is the major tendency of ecigarette market in the year of 2015.We usually for short it as TC mod

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VpbusIssue Date: 2015-11-07Views: 412

A classic mod in ecigarette history---Provari P3

ProVape Inc is a design and manufacture company in USA.They have marketed a wide range of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarette accessories.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vpbusIssue Date: 2015-11-07Views: 479

Summarize 22 kinds of DNA 200 box mod in the market

Being in lending brand in ecigarette chip area.Evolve DNA chip has been famous around the world not only for technology but also for good quality.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vaping360Issue Date: 2015-11-05Views: 3456

iPV D2 The small mod making a big splash

The newest addition in the IPV line, the D2 comes with a metal battery door instead of the plastic doors used in the iPV3 and iPV4.

󰂮Comments(1)Author: Timothy WangIssue Date: 2015-11-02Views: 446
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