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TUGLYFE / TUGBOAT DNA200 Mod by Flawless

TUGBOAT is a brand new design appearance box mod with most popular DNA 200 chip.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VapnFagan ReviewsIssue Date: 2015-12-11Views: 434

iPV D3 TEST version By Pioneer4you First Look On TVC

Join me for a vApe as I take a quick first look at the iPV D3 TEST version On TVC. This is the test version and not the final retail release. All opinions and judgments are subject to change upon receiving the retail version for review.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: The Vapor ChroniclesIssue Date: 2015-12-09Views: 137

SX Mini ML Class By Yihi

The SX Mini ML Class is the newest addition to the SX Mini family.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Richard NgIssue Date: 2015-12-07Views: 73

Innokin Endura T18 Mouth 2 Lung Vaping System

what's up peeps likely be here today have a new device to show you guys this device was sent to me for the purpose of this review from indicate.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mike VapesIssue Date: 2015-12-02Views: 136

New arrival IPV D3 80w tc mod

The IPV D3 will feature the same shape and size as the D2, with more functionality. The tactile button and exterior stays but many of the internals are redesigned.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: vpbusIssue Date: 2015-11-24Views: 100

IPV Mini V2 Review

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing an honest review. These are my own personal opinions. Taste is subjective.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: GoreGore BritneeIssue Date: 2015-11-23Views: 49

Sigelei Fuchai 200 Watt TC Box Mod Quick Look & Winner Announcements

what's going on today we're going to do a quick look at the new 200 watt device coming from CLE

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VapnFaganIssue Date: 2015-11-18Views: 99

Youde UD Bellus RTA

What's up peeps Mike the area have a new party to show you this RTA was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Orange invade dot com it is the UDD UDD Ellis RTA.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mike VapesIssue Date: 2015-11-17Views: 69

Indestructible RDA By Wismec & JayBo!

You like smooth why long hits how about something that feels and good quality so the net inexpensive yet accessible are you have been having a lot of room to build on

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RiP TrippersIssue Date: 2015-11-17Views: 71

Review of the Eleaf LEMO Drop RTA

What is going on every one of their new two-lane today? So today I got an awesome our TA that a lot of people are talking about.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VapnFaganIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 50

Sigelei ZMAX Telescope V5 Review OLED Display Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage

In this video I show the Segelei ZMAX (Telescoping model).

󰂮Comments(0)Author: 317VapersIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 50

Sigelei Elite Tank

A new sub on tech to show you guys is from securely it's there athlete sub on tech we go the elite from sigelei.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Mike VapesIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 41

A PBusardo Review - The Sigelei Mini 30W

In this video we do a show-n-tell on a new charger, take a full look at the Sigelei Mini 30W box mod, and find out who won the last contests.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: A PBusardoIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 70

Sigelei 50w v2 Mini Box Mod

Here is my review of the latest 50w box mod from Sigelei. It features some great updates.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Martyn ParkerIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 60

Melo Sub-Ohm Tank By Eleaf

All already so first things first we'll look like in this review wanna go ahead and thank all the guys and gals the papers out there showed up to VCC Tampa all that to three weeks ago

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RiP TrippersIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 45

Final Thoughts: Sigelei 150 Watt TC

I never did a sneak peek a first look at on boxing because when I first read it was a simple you know I'm so sick of receiving sample units.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RiP TrippersIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 55

iStick 50W by eLeaf iSmoka

Hey guys welcome back my child today we are looking at the stick 50 y I E

󰂮Comments(0)Author: TiaVapesIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 52

The iJust 2 Review By Eleaf!

welcome babe stares at his review Wednesday here on indoor smokers and today we got a brand new cell phone kid to take a look at the new one from relief now look easy the I just threw up.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: IndoorSmokersIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 42

Eleaf iStick 20W Review - The itty bitty MVP Killer!

The Eleaf iStick packs a lot of cool features in a compact size and can still output up to 20 watts in variable wattage mode and 3 – 5.5 volts in variable voltage mode.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: VapingwithTwisted420Issue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 43

The Sigelei 75w ~ Temp Control

what I have to talk to you about right now is this little dude ad right here this is the only 75 watt with temperature controls a single 18650 °c frame style device.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: GrimmGreenIssue Date: 2015-11-09Views: 44

Kanger Evod Starter Kit

Kanger EVOD batteries and tanks are designed to work well together.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: TiaVapesIssue Date: 2015-11-06Views: 42

Mini Protank VS. Kanger Evod VS.kanger T3

In this vaping video I compare and talk about the Mini Protank, which is a Protank Mini, a smaller version of the Kanger Protank, to the Kanger Evod, and the Kanger T3.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RiP TrippersIssue Date: 2015-11-06Views: 73

Kanger KBox 40w Box Mod From Kangertech (Subtank Companion)

The KBOX is housed in an aluminum chassis so you get a heavy-duty vaping device that is lightweight and easy to grip.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: Vapor Trail ChannelIssue Date: 2015-11-06Views: 58

Kanger Genitank Review!

The Kanger Genitank offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger Aerotank but with a redesigned airflow valve.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: IndoorSmokersIssue Date: 2015-11-06Views: 40

Kanger AeroTank V2 Review

The Kanger Aerotank v2 offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger Aerotank but with a redesigned airflow valve.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: IndoorSmokersIssue Date: 2015-11-06Views: 43
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