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Far More Than Luxury—PUFF DNA75 RS75 Review

What will it be when the avant-garde design combines with a powerful chip? Today let’s look at the DNA75 box from PUFF called AVATAR RS75.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-10-08Views: 932

Smoant Battlestar 200W Review

Smoant, the sub-brand of Cloupor, has launched a new e-cig product called Battlestar previously, which has strong sci-fi color about it from the appearance to the name.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-09-07Views: 2900


Lost Vape’s Triade is such a DNA200 box that is equipped with three 18650 batteries.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-09-05Views: 311

Five Regular HOBO 3.1 Coil Head Building Methods Sharing

HOBO 3.1 is almost an indispensable flavor-oriented atomizer for electronic cigarette users, it has more than ten kinds of building method.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-29Views: 212

TESLACIGS Carrate 24 Atomizer Review (2)

Today I will present my actual use experience of this RTA called Carrate 24 to show its performance compared with Mage and Merlin.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-23Views: 389

Teslacigs Carrate 24 Atomizer Review

Recently I’ve received an RTA manufactured by Teslacigs—The Carrate, and I would like to share my use experience of this competitive product with you guys here.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-19Views: 732

Aspire Quad-Flex Suit Review

Recently, Aspire has launched a four-in-one suit based on Nautilus X: Aspire Quad-Flex. Then how is this product’s actual performance?

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-18Views: 136

LIMITLESS LUX 215W’s USER Mode Instruction

Some newbies may feel confused about this USER mode of LUX 215w, therefore here I would like to share my use experience and subjective understanding of this mode.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-17Views: 346

MAGE RTA’s Structure Analysis and Test Review

This time I will not repeat Mage's advantages or disadvantages that are familiar to you, instead I will make an analysis on its structure and flavor.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-15Views: 310

Big Size Match—LUX Box and SAPOR V2 RDA Review

Large size has gradually become a trend in the e-cig industry.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-12Views: 207

Twelve RDAs Review

In this passage I will present a review of twelve RDAs (listed in no particular order) that I possess for your reference.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-12Views: 137

Plug and Play—Wanko Atomizer Review

Recently, a new type of RDA that features special coil design appears on the market, and its replacing process is extremely simple.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-11Views: 193

SAPOR V2 Atomizer Review

Soon after SAPOR, Wotofo launched its Sapor V2, which abandoned the RDTA structure and apply both top and side airflow instead.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-10Views: 802

VGOD TrickTank Pro RTA Review

This time VGOD launches its brand-new TrickTank Pro, a fire-new RDTA instead of just being the upgrade version of Trick Tank.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-09Views: 5034

Limitless LUX 215W Double 26650 Review

Limitless launched a brand new large power box—LUX,following its last new box releasing.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-04Views: 724

Blitz Highlight Atomizer Review

Recently, numerous big vapor atomizers whose diameter is 22mm and above are emerging, and IJOY also has joined in this trends.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-04Views: 202

Smaller than Small—Teslacigs stealth mini Review

Telsacigs launched another kit that adopts the same embedded design as Stealth: Stealth Mini.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-03Views: 421

Teslacigs Three Review

Share with you guys my actual experience about Teslacigs Three.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-03Views: 2633

Show Quality—ZEUS RTA Review

Recently a new RTA product called ZEUS emerged, which is claimed to be a show quality atomizer by the manufacturer.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-08-01Views: 501

Infinite CLT4 RDA Review

Now Infinite takes a further step in its new road by launching CLT4 RDA.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-28Views: 146

Teslacigs Three Box Review

In this passage I will introduce the latest-released Teslacigs Three mod and make a brief comparison among Teslacigs’s products.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-28Views: 1014

Demon Tower RDA Review

Recently I received a RDA whose appearance is extremely distinctive, however, there are still shortcomings in its details.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-26Views: 356

The Simplest Rebuilding Method—Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer Review

Recently Joyetech has released a brand-new RTA, which is called ULTIMO.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-22Views: 3096

Four Magnetic Mini E-cig Kits

In this article I will introduce several convenient and mini kits for you guys.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-21Views: 129

Ten Popular Integrated Boxes Review

This time I’ll give a brief review of ten integrated boxes.

󰂮Comments(0)Author: RitaIssue Date: 2016-07-21Views: 137
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