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Summarize 22 kinds of DNA 200 box mod in the market

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As the user of high wattage box mod are increasing,many company has release high power box mod now.There also has some company didn’t release for they think this is not safe for health.

Being in lending brand in ecigarette chip area.Evolve DNA chip has been famous around the world not only for technology but also for good quality.Temperature control is the hottest topic in the year of 2015.In order to meet the demand of market,Evolve technology has released a high power temperature control chip named DNA 200.This is no doubt that DNA 200 is the best chip in the market now.So many factory and vapor players choose DNA 200 chip to design or DIY their mod.

Here i want to show you some DNA 200 mod in the market!

1.Volcano Lavabox

Price: $169.99

Battery: 900mAh LiPo

The Lavabox is my personal favorite based on its price and looks. The Volcano Lavabox features a black rubber grip on the back, which can be removed and replaced with other colors to suit your style. The Volcano is also set to retail at a very reasonable $169.99 and looks pretty sleek to me. It reminds me of an Alien Ware PC in terms of styling, so it might not appeal to everyone, but I certainly like its looks!


2.Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA 200

Price: $199.99

Battery: 1100mAh LiPo (possible 1300mAh expansion on the way)

We have been following the progress of the Whiteout Cloudmaker DNA 200 for a long time. The Whiteout DNA 200 is a modular box mod, which is future proof and completely user-customizable. This means you can customizer and interchange every part of the Whiteout box mod, from its color, panels to the actual chip set without the need for any soldering skills.

You no longer need to worry about new technology if you purchase this innovative box mod! The Whiteout seems like a fantastic option if you are worried about future chip changes or if you want to tinker around with your box and customize it to exactly how you want it.


3.Hotcig DX200

Price: $169

Battery: 900mAh Lipo

The Hotcig DX200 DNA is an aluminium alloy housed DNA 200 box mod with a rubber coating for better grip. The Hotcig DX200 features a two part design, similar to that of the Innokin Disrupter mod. The battery section can be re-charged separately through an RC charger and then re-attached to the mod later. It can also be charged via USB. This means you could potentially buy a spare battery for this DNA 200 for when the other is charging. The Hotcig DX200’s dimensions are: 90mm*52mm*26mm.


4.Hcigar VT200

Price: $174.00

Battery: 1300mAh LiPo

This is a very sleek looking DNA 200 box mod by Hcigar, makers of the Hcigar VT40 and HB40. The silver option looks really nice and the price is very competitive. You can get the VT200 in either black, silver or blue. The battery capacity is impressive as well and the VT200 seems like a good value DNA200 box mod.


5.VTBox 200 by Vapecige

Price: $160.00

Battery: 1800mAh LiPo

The VT200 is another of the more affordable DNA 200 box mods. I haven’t heard much about Vape Cige before, so you don’t really know what you are getting with this one. It seems from looking at their site, you can remove the Lipo battery from the VT200. The battery capacity is pretty impressive if it is what they claim it is, at 1800mAh.


6.Vaporshark DNA200

Price: $199.99

Battery: 900mAh LiPo

The Vaporshark DNA200 is similar in looks to the previous rDNA40 mod. It features the OLED screen on the bottom of the mod just like on the rDNA40. The Vaporshark DNA200 will be priced at $199.99 and feature a 3 cell 900mAh battery.

The Vaporshark DNA200 features 2A zip charging, which means the battery will re-charge in 90 minutes, which is quicker than the other DNA 200s. Apparently the paint job on the DNA200 is much improved over the flaky rDNA40 one, which had a tendency to chip easily.


7.Hana Modz V200

Price: $199.00

Battery: 950mAh LiPo

Hana Modz will also be joining in on the DNA200 feast and have announced their US made V200 mod. The V200 has that signature aluminium Hana Modz housing and comes in navy blue. It isn’t the most appealing aesthetically in my personal opinion, but no doubt this will be a solid box mod given Hana’s reputable history.


8.Opus 200

Price: $229.00

Battery: 1000mAh LiPo

The Opus 200 is a US made DNA 200 box mod. The case material is 6061 Aluminum and there is also a case with a nickel finish. The Opus 200 is slightly more expensive than some of the other DNA 200 mods on this list, but still looks like a great mod, and the reviews so far have been very positive.


9.Boxer Mod 200W

Price: $199.95–$224.95

Battery: 1000mAh LiPo

The Boxer 200W is a very unique looking 3D printed DNA200 mod. The Boxer 200W is made from a Nylon plastic which makes it very light. There is also an Alumylon option, which is a matte grey finish of a mixture of plastic and aluminum powder. Stronger than the standard offering it also has a more grainy, sandy appearance. The Boxer 200W DNA200 comes in a large range of colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow and Alumylon.


10.Boxer Mod 133W

Price: $249.95–$274.95

Battery: 2 x 18650

This is one of only two DNA 200 mods on this list to use dual 18650 batteries. As such, this DNA 200 mod is limited to 133W. It isn’t cheap at all, but if you are after an 18650 version of the DNA 200 then this one could be an option.


11.SteamMonkey Vero DNA 200

Price: $200

Battery: 3 x 18650

Another 3D printed DNA 200 box mod that uses 18650s, but this one uses three of them! The Vero also comes in some funky colors. If you think you want 3 18650s in your mod, then take a look at the Vero below.


12.Protovapor XPV DNA-200D

Price: $184.95–$189.95

Battery: 900mAh Lipo

The XPV is a made to order DNA 200 box mod by US based Protovapor. The lead time for the XPV is around 4-7 business days and the XPV currently only comes in Teal blue.


13.Litt Up Customs The 44

Price: $250.00

Battery: 2000mAh Lipo

The 44 is another US made custom DNA 200 mod and stands at 4 3/8" tall, 2 1/2" wide, and 1 5/16" deep. The 44 comes in 9 color options and will retail at $250 like the Dogsmod Big Bully above.


14.Militia Mods DNA200

Price: $255.00 - $260.00

Battery: 1850mAh Lipo

Militiamods are US makers of handmade and custom box mods. Their DNA 200 device is housed in a 2.05in x4.05inx 1in billet aluminium enclosure with DNA strand engraving on the back and Militia Mods logo on the front.


15.Hobo DNA 200

Price: $200.00 - $390.00 (200 for Aluminium and 390 for Hybrid wood)

Battery: Choose between 900mAh and 1300 mAh 3 cell Lipos

Hobo will be offering an Aluminium DNA 200 for $200, which will be available at the end of September. They will also be offering Stab wood and Hybrid wood versions which will cost $350 and $390 respectively. Hobo will be offering the choice of two batteries a 900mAh “mini” and also a 1300mAh 3 cell lipo.


16.Lost Vape Efusion DNA 200

Price: $179

Battery: 1300mAh Lipo

Introducing the Efusion DNA 200, the bigger brother of the popular Esquare DNA40 carbon fiber mod. The Efusion 200s are made from milled 6061-T6 aluminum and feature a carbon fiber coating. The Efusion DNA 200 will be 85mm*60mm*25mm in size and will come in 10 different eye catching colors in a bright dip anodized gloss finish.

The Efusion DNA 200 looks sexy as hell (I love some carbon fiber)! This will no doubt be a very popular DNA 200 mod given it also one of the more affordable DNA 200s on this list and comes with a good battery capacity.


17.Cigreen SVIP 200

Price: $175

Battery: 1500mAh Lipo

The Cigreen SVIP 200 is a nice looking DNA 200 mod by Cigreen makers of the Dragon RDA and Excalibur mod. The SVIP 200 features a 3 cell 1500mAh battery and will cost around $175. The SVIP is H95*L59*W25.6mm in dimensions and is made from Aluminum (Matt finish) and stainless steel.


18.Wismec Reuleaux

Price: $160-180

Battery: 3 x 18650

The Wismec Reuleaux is designed by Jay Bo and made by Wismec the sister company of Joyetech. The Reuleaux is a beautifully crafted and designed mod. The Reuleaux’s unique feature is that is powered by 3 18650 batteries instead of the more conventional Lipo approach taken by the majority of other makers so far. This will mean you can swap out batteries if you are running low instead of having to wait hours for your Lipo to re-charge. How exactly those 18650s perform against the Lipo I don’t know. Hopefully we can get one for review soon to see how it vapes!


19.SMY SDNA 200W

Price: $180

Battery: 1600mAh Lipo

The SMY SDNA 200 is Simeiyue’s entry into the DNA 200 market. The SMY SDNA 200 is constructed of a high-grade aluminium alloy material for high-end durability. The SMY SDNA features a 510 thread connection with a spring-loaded center pin. The SMY has a good battery capacity and seems like a nice looking device from a reputable box mod maker. SMY have released some great mods recently, so we will be excited to review this device soon.


20.Che Customs Dark Tower 200W

Price: $249

Battery: Can fit up to a 2200mAh Lipo

The Dark Tower DNA 200 is a stunning Kingwood oiled and glance polished mod. Che Customs use special oiling technology to make wood immune to e-liquid and give the mod nice and smooth feel. If you like wooden mods then this Dark Tower DNA 200 will be right up your street!


21.Mad Modder DNA 200

Price: $275

Battery: 1850mAh 3s Lipo

The Mad Modder is another custom made DNA 200. The Mad Modder features a 1850mAh Lipo and comes in an array of colors. You can also choose custom graphics for the side of your Mad Modder DNA 200.


22.X200 by JD Tech

Price: $295

Wattage: 200W

Battery: 900mAh Lipo

The X-200 Mohawk Mods DNA200 by JD Tech is a limited edition mod. It comes in black and only 300 of these have been made. Its dimensions are 85x55x25mm and the device costs around $295.


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