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Two ways to make a double coil for KF4; Horizontal and Vertical.

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Since there are 4 screws on the basis of KF4, so KF4 is made for double coils! If you notice the official data introduction you will see that; double coils have the ohm of 0.5-0.6 is allowable. So, how to make a double coils for KF4? Now I’m going to teach you two ways to make a double coils for KF4.


Horizontal ;

First we must know something, if you want to make a double coils have the ohm around 0.5-0.6, you need to prepare two single coil that has the same data with each other, each one of their ohm should be around 1.0-1.2, then after we made the double coils, half of the ohm is the lowest ohm KF4 can bare, 0.5-0.6 ohm.


Wrap two coils that have the same data, A1- 0.4mm is a good choice, because A1-0.4mm is harder, in a small space to have a two coil, the coil won’t be easy to be changed, easy to adjust. Recommend data; A1-0.4mm, 2.5mm diameter, 7-8 wraps.

Then cross these two coils through a 2.5mm wrapping pole, out it on the atomizer, install one at a time. Make sure these two coils are not touching each other. After installing, life these two coils up with wrapping pole 1.5-2.0mm upon the air hole, make sure it won’t leak.


After installing, out the atomizer on the mod to heat the coil, I recommend 15-20w to heat them. Don’t heat it too long, that will cause the shape of the coil changed. Adjust two of them with tweezers till them give out the red light from the middle to each side.



Same theory with the horizontal one, two same coils.


Then use two poles to cross through the coils, put then on the atomizer in a parallel way, now we have the situation that one screw to immobilize 2 wires, please make sure you twist the wire around the screw in order to immobilized them.

Lift up the coil, adjust the shape, no touching. Then hit, same process.

Now it’s to install cotton, everybody knows, so I will skip it.


Making a double coil is a thing that you will do if you know KF4 very well. Double coil can provide more vapor, lower ohm, consume the oil faster, and has thinner taste than single coil. Though KF4 provides 4 screws and notification about double coil, but for a taste chaser, these 4 screws are just more convenient to immobilize the wire, the most common way is to do a single coil.

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