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Three little tricks to use Nautilus

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When you first get your Nautilus;

Disassemble the atomizer, screw the basis and the core together, don’t screw it too hard, then drip some oil inside the core, through the web to wet the coil, don’t burn the cotton up!

Take out the core after dripping, see if there is oil on the basis of the core near the air hole, wrap it off, other wise it will give out the purr sound, and it will only vaporize small amount of vapor, if it’s too serious it will leak. Then but the core pack and leave it for 3 minutes. Then put the tank upside down, add oil. DO NOT add too much, the level of the oil cannot be higher than the connection pole, and don’t drip the oil inside the connection pole! Screw the basis back, then it will work fine. Turn your mod to 7w, flip the air hole to the third one, vape it for couple times, if everything works fine, 9-13w, follow your own bias. Commonly, 5ml each day, no lung inhale, no vaping too long for one time, the core can be used for 10-15days, if you taste the taste of burnt, or the color of the oil changed, or the taste becomes thinner, you’d better replace the core by following steps I just mentioned.

Remember! Don’t blow the atomizer when you are vaping, other wise, leaking could happen.


Common way to solve leaking;

1. Disassemble the connection pole, clean the inside. Clean the mouth piece make sure there is nothing remained.

2. Take out the core from basis, wrap all the oil around or from the air hole, no remaining, clean the web that inside the core.

3. Remember don’t screw the basis and the tank together too hard, other wise the core will apart from the basis and connect to the connection pole directly, oil will leak into the coil. And when you want to add oil, it will be too hard for you to screw the tank down. Don’t think that it will leak if you don’t screw it hard, just be hard a little bit.


When you drip into the web to wet the coil, make sure to clean the oil around or from the air hole. Then leave the core for 3-5 minutes so the cotton will absorb the oil fully, not easy to be burnt.

When you changing the flavor, if your core is still working with no taste of burnt, I recommend you to use my way to clean the oil remained inside the core; blow from the web to inside, till all the oil comes out from the air hole.

(I don’t recommend you to wash your core, don’t ask why, you can put a cotton inside water to see what it would look like after drying up. Though the coil will remain some taste of the flavor before, but after vaping it for couple times, the taste of new flavor will replace the old one.)

Don’t blow a RTA. Except if you want to try if the air hole is blocked or not, but blow it lightly.

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