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How to DIY Kayfun4 's coil

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I’m pigsy. Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to DIY your Kayfun4’s coil, and my personal comments for Kayfun4. It’s easy to make a coil for Kayfun4, but it’s hard to make it perform good. The common problem is the air flow affect the taste, makes it thinner, now let me tell you how I DIY the coil.



Atomizer; KF4, 316 version.

Heating wire; 0.3 wire



Gang Won-do cotton


Wire pole with 0.25 cm diameter

Screw driver

Nail clippers



Wire; 0.3

Diameter; 0.25 cm

7 wraps

1.3 ohm

Disassemble your atomizer;

I’m using it actually, but KF4 is different, the tank and the basis is totally separated, you can save your oil when you installing your new coil.


From left to right, basis, tank, mouth piece.

Turn the atomizer upside down, take off the mouth piece, screw the basis down.

I won’t talk abut how to remove the old coil, use a screw driver, take it down, done.


Make coil:

Use scissors to cut down a part of the wire about 15cm, find a 0.25 cm diameter’s pole.

Hold the wire by your left hand, save for 3-4 cm, and use your right hand to wrap it, wrap it hard! No gap, cracks! But even you have gaps or cracks, no worry, I will tell you how to solve it.


Here is the coil, many people cannot wrap it closely, no big deal, let me tell you how to deal with it with the lighter. Use the tweezers to hold the coil hard, squeeze it until there is no gap or crack, then use the lighter to burn it to red, then shut the fire, but don’t loose the tweezers, loose it till the coil cold down.

Use the wrapping pole to hold the coil, screw the screws on the right corner and left corner. Then wrap the wire around the screw, both side, then screw the screws back, screw it hard, real hard. Then use the pole to life the coil up, and make sure that the coil and the air hole are in a same straight line, so you can get better air flow. Just life it up for 3MM, further, worse taste, closer, too hard to cold down.

Then heat the wire, 7 wraps’ ohm is around 1.3, use 10 w to heat it, safer. Remember, press the button once by once, when the coil light up, stop heating and use tweezers to squeeze it. Notice! Only squeeze it when you are not heating it, otherwise it will short out.


Cotton is GangWon-do, this kind of cotton is natural, less harmful contamination, and it’s very thick, so I only need 4 mm of width. Make sure you tear off the papers on the sides of the cotton, and twist the cotton into a thinner shape, cross it through the coil.


Notice, when you pull the cotton left and right in the coil, there should be some resistance, not so big, if it’s too small it means you don’t have enough cotton. If the resistance is too big it will decrease the speed of leading. Keep It in middle.

Now it’s time to install the cotton and cut the cotton.


Save each side for 13 mm, so we can put the cotton down to block the oil holes directly. Not too much cotton and not too little, it’s limited. Do more and you will learn more.

Stuck it in, block the oil hole, and for notation, do not let the cotton block the air hole. It will leak if your cotton block the air hole.


Wet the cotton, put the atomizer on the mod, use 10 w to heat it and blow the vapor away, when the cotton dried, drip again. For 4 times, drip again, then we have a perfect coil. Put all the particles together, and start vaping.



It’s easy to make a coil for KF4, the basis and the tank can be separated, the key point is data, because different flavor can be revealed different by KF4, practice more to find the suitable ohm. I’m freaking tired today, it’s hard to write about how to DIY KF4’s coil, and my next passage will be harder, it’s about how to fix KF4’s problems. It’s too much, I will try my best to express it by words, too much bullshit is annoying, so I will just try to explain it simply. If you have anything to ask, you can ask me on VapeBus forum. I’m a pure vaper, I’m not selling any devices, but I can recommend you the most suitable devices for you. Thanks for watching me talking shits, see you again. From pigsy.

Origin author; professional vaper Pigsy, if you are vaping, feel free to join us!

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