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Which one to choose—kayfun or taifun?

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In the last passage, VapeBus concluded a few aspects of beginners'problems. In the next few texts, there will be elaborations about those problems. Today, we are gonna talk about KF and GT atomizer.

I was once troubled by this, I didn’t know which one to choose.After asking and comparing online for a long time, I found out that most people would choose KF because KF has a more concentrated taste. This is so called “violent taste”. People say that GT is not good for its taste is not concentrated enough and soft. I followed the majority of people and chose KFL. It’s easy to use, the taste is better than cloupor.

Beginners might ask: Isn’t atomizer only a heating device, different atomizers can have different taste out of the same juice?


  My answer is yes. Depending on an atomizer’s structure, size can have different tastes. But the flavor is almost the same. The difference is about details. For example, different atomizer can only have strawberry milk flavor out of strawberry milk juice. The difference is wether strawberry tastes stronger or milk tastes stronger.

  This is why RBA is so attractive. The same juice can have different taste with different atomizers. It would even change with the coil!

Back to the topic, because everyone told me that GT is not good, I thought GT is not good as well. For a long time I had been told,people that GT is bad. This was rooted in my mind deeply. Additionally, KF is very good. Along with the praises on internet, I hate GT more, but back then I had not used GT yet. To recall, now I think this is very irresponsible.


I bet that beginners have basically the same idea as I did, right? I have to say, you can’t determine which atomizer to choose without using it. Only if you have tried, you would know its features. Reviews can only give you some general ideas. It has to be you to feel and decide. Moreover, there’s no bad atomizers, they are “bad” cuz they have different styles, or you don’t use it properly. Like the early version of CE4 atomizer, 5RMB for one, also has its own advantages.

As for KF and GT, I will conclude their taste features. KF has very concentrated taste, like a cone, very concentrated. Many mixed flavors can bring you an obsessive taste. GT has a wide taste, like placing the KF cone upside down. Actually they are all rich, different concentrated parts make them taste different. Like cigarettes, KF is like foreign cigarettes, and GT is like Chinese cigarettes. Two distinguished styles.

Use Virginia juice as an example, this kind of juice is always made up with coco, tobacco, and caramel essence.If you use KF to vape, the taste of tobacco will be strong. Cuz KF is “violent”.

If you use GT to vape, the taste will be strong jujube, with coco. Not close to tobacco, but like jujube juice. This is caused by the structures of atomizer.Because KF has a concentrated taste, it mixes coco, tobacco, and caramel.


Whereas GT is featured as wide and clear, it not as good as KF in dealing with mixed taste juice. Mixing all the tastes strongly, it produces a strong taste of jujube. So KF is better to vape mixed type of juice.

But for mixed fruit juice, GT is much better than KF. GT’s taste is wide and precise, the flavor tastes better. Like five pawns and kilo, GT has more details. KF just simply mixes all the flavor together and it loses lots of details in this way.

I’ve conclude the general differences, when beginners first get in touch with e-cigarettes, they wouldn’t be able to understand some of the concepts I’ve mentioned above. If you stop smoking cigarettes for two weeks, you will be able to taste more details and understand those concepts.


Which one to choose—KF or GT?

When I first got in touch with this, I couldn’t taste the differences of different atomizers. After I stopped smoking cigarettes, my senses became more accurate. I found out the juices that I used like is not so good. I could bear a bunch of cigarette smokers before, but now is different. I’ve been a little off-topic, but as this includes about how to choose juices, readers can know more general ideas.

After writing so much, I think you should have an idea about these two popular atomizers. Choose any one of them that you like, you don’t have to worry so much right now. According to my experience, 99% of vapors have 3 to 5 atomizers, and they always have KF and GT. I was pretty much the same as the rest of the beginners, I planned to replace it with cigarette. I have bought 15 atomizers, but this is nothing compare to professional players.

So, as a beginner, you really don’t have to worry too much about which one to choose. Just pick the one you prefer. OK, this is it for today, I’ll talk about modes next time.

This article is writen by Mr Jiao

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