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Far More Than Luxury—PUFF DNA75 RS75 Review

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When it comes to the design of boxes, PUFF could be regarded as a very representative brand. Each of the products is permeated with the artistic style originated from the birthplace of Renaissance design…When we talk about powerful chips, DNA is surely to be involved in the topic. Since the launch of DNA75, boxes that are equipped with it have been soon springing out from the market. So, what will it be when the avant-garde design combines with a powerful chip? Today let’s look at the DNA75 box from PUFF called AVATAR RS75.


Previously from the news reports we’ve gotten that PUFF will launch two DNA boxes, and one is RS75, which belongs to the AVATAR series. The biggest highlight of the box is the colorful LED lights on its body, which, with the design of the light grooves, makes the box looks very like the laser sword handle from the movie Star Wars when it lights. 


While most brands pay few efforts to product packaging, PUFF RS75’s packaging perfectly fits the lines of the product inside, and the daring color blending makes its external packing even more appealing to our eyes. 


The external hollow cover’s texture is consistent to that of the box’s light grooves, and so is the surface of the internal packing box. The box is fixed in the density cotton along with an instruction book.

The logo of the designer could be seen on the side of the box, showing the high self-confidence of the designer. Other information like anti-fake code is also included.


The box’s official announced size is 49mm * 28mm * 92mm, which is a relatively large size in the scope of a single 18650 machine. The operation panel is no different from that of a normal DNA box, because the chip will limit the location of the button, but you can see RS75 does have made improvements based on its nature. 


In addition to the conventional DNA chip plus / minus keys and USB interface, RS75 has an extra button, which is used to control the LED lights on / off and replace the color. The seven colors white, yellow, green, blue, purple, and red can be set according to personal preferences. When the LED is off, press this button to turn on the LED. When the first color is on, press the button again before the LED goes out. The LED lights’ color will change according to the times you press the button. After all the seven colors are on, press the button again to turn the LED off. When the LED is set to open, the light grooves will light each time you press the fire button.


The LED light grooves surrounds three facades of the box, and they are in the state of white acrylic while not lighting. The side of the box has an obscure logo of RS75, appearing very low-key on the black body. The cube shape of the box, combining with its line design with a sense of science and technology, will remind people of a DNA chip box— LAVABOX, but in the aspect of appearance, RS75 is more excellent.


The 510 connector uses gold-plating spring electrode, which is moderately elastic. I’ve connected it to around ten atomizers and haven’t found any problem like detection failure or large gap. The groove texture design of the connector still features anti-lock, anti-reflux settings, and the independent form of the 510 connector is also helpful to prevent box scratching caused by the installation of the atomizer. From the effect of installing 24MM and 22MM atomizers we could see that the abrupt sense arisen from the atomizer’s large diameter could be ignored thanks to the thickness of the box.


RS75 is a single 18650 box, and it adopts the same knob style battery cover as PUFF 75. The pressure relief holes, spring negative electrode and assistant holes are all prepared. The gold-plating negative electrode proves reliable craftsmanship. 

If you are careful enough you will find the four raised dots of the four corners of the box bottom, which are designed to make the box more stable while standing, avoiding the influence of the slightly convex battery cover caused by the length difference of batteries. 


The performance of DNA75 chips need not to be introduced here, generally the daily data set of 0.2 ohm and 60-70W is sufficient to use. But due to the limited power supply of a single 18650 battery, the short battery life has been the defection of single battery DNA75 mods. It is recommended to bring a spare battery if go out for long time. However, in the 40-45W output, the common problem of some DNA75 box—untimely low voltage protection hasn’t appeared. 



Craftsmanship: ★★★★☆

PUFF’s craftsmanship is always reliable, except for the previous FX series products’ over-plastic non-slip rubber processing molds. Nevertheless, there is no need to consider such a problem for RS75.

The box’s outer paint treatment is relatively smooth and even, I did not find any paint defect and the problem of easy peeling off. 

The LED light grooves craftsmanship is exquisite, especially in that the grooves hollow parts are all polished meticulously, and there is no burrs. From the overall workmanship we can be sure that PUFF’s requirements are much harsher than before.

Appearance: ★★★★☆

The design of the LED lights is undoubtedly the highlight of RS75. After all, in the current e-cig market, besides the essential strength, the users are gradually asking for beautiful and novel appearance from e-cig mods to appear stylish. 

Practicability: ★★★☆☆

Because RS75 is a DNA75 box, we should surely refer to other DNA75 products when judging its practicability. For example, the single 18650 SD MINI75, the dual-18650 THERION and the single 26650 DX75. 

In the aspect of size, RS75 does not have any advantage. Because of the layout of LED lights and space constraints, the overall volume of RS75 will range between THERION and SD MINI75. Considering the actual carrying convenience, RS75 is slightly bulky. But as it is not mini, it appears very high-level matching with the daring interpretation LED lights.

The limited power supply of a single 18650 battery will affect the battery life of the box. Put aside the performance comparison between parallel boxes and single battery boxes, in fact, to bring a spare battery is not too much troublesome.

Some will be concerned about whether the LED lights will encumber the originally short battery life. I’ve asked some friends majored in electrics and gotten that such LED lights barely consume power. Therefore you can rest assured to play with these cool lights. 


1, Due to the relatively large size, there is no advantage on portability;

2, The battery cover design is not convenient for the replacement of battery;

3, The square box’s grip feeling is a little too tough;

4, The fire button’s hardness is slightly too high and thus is less comfortable compared with other DNA mods while pressing.


RS75 could not be considered as a perfect or near-perfect product, but the chip inside is DNA75, which undoubtedly ensures the intrinsic strength of the design while showing the external beauty. 

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