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In the world of electronic cigarette boxes, those equipped with DNA 200 chips take up a certain amount of space. Even some luxurious custom boxes that are made of heat-stabilized woods also choose DNA200 to support their working. 

Are boxes that use the same DNA 200 chips also share the same performance? Surely not. In the past there once appeared the double-18650 DNA 133 boxes (e.g. Hciga VT133), the Li-polymer battery DNA200 boxes, or even the three-18650 DNA200 boxes. The various versions are designed mainly to meet the requirements of the chips, because DNA200 chips are demanding to the choosing of batteries. 


Lost Vape’s Triade is such a DNA200 box that is equipped with three 18650 batteries. 

Many vapers may find that its appearance is the same as that of WISMEC RX200, and the two boxes even use the same kind of chips. Then will the two have the same using effect? 

The answer could be either positive or negative. 


The triangle PU leather packing box appears very gentle, and the magnetic opening area and the trim line make the box look like a simple envelope. Inside the box there is only a Triade box, a handbook and a USB cable.


Some detailed information are marked on the bottom. Though the box is a little bit large, the lagging material on it could balance the temperature, and the curve design makes it grip comfortable.

The box, with such battery compartment design, is almost the most mini one among all the three-18650 boxes, and it grips best.


The design of the 510 connector is special, which looks like a risen hill. Triade could perfectly connect to both 24mm and 22mm atomizers thanks to the appropriate width of the connector. The sunken space around the connector could contain a certain amount of leaked liquids, avoiding which from flowing into the electrode groove. 


The limit of the button’s position design due to DNA200 and the special strip air screens of Triade make the button side looks like an ignorant emoji, being very interesting. 


The battery jar’s design is nothing novel. But as a high-end box, its details are to be cared. 

The negative pole is flexible, and the jar is very compact. When installing the batteries, try to put into them flatwise and make good use of the flexible negative pole. And before that, put the assistant ribbon on the jar first to avoid the difficulty of dissembling the batteries. 


The special design of the positive pole could help to close off the batteries and keep steady power supply. 

The cover combines the snap joint design and magnetic design, making sure reliable connection to the box. 


The gap in the connecting area is relatively big, but it could be improved by slightly pressing the cover.


I’ve spend long length talking about the craftsmanship, because for a box like Triade, who uses the well-known DNA 200 chip and the similar appearance design as WISMEC RX200, there is no other implicit points that deserve special attention. 

From the above we could see that Triade is nearly excellent in craftsmanship, grip feeling and the details of the battery compartment. 


Even when the electric quantity level is low, the box reacts fast installed with BOSS HUG RDA (resistance: 0.22, dual 22 A1 coils with six 3.0 circles) under 72W. That’s the advantage of a DNA200 chip which is powered by three 18650 batteries. 



Craftsmanship: ★★★★☆

The lagging design could well balance the temperature of the box’s surface. But the leather material may stains easily.

The overall craftsmanship is nearly impeccable, except that the gap of the battery cover is a little bit big. 

Appearance: ★★★★☆

As a three-18650 box, Triade has already compressed its size to the minimum extent. The curves could help the box well fit your palm, and the grip feeling is comfortable. Despite of the relatively heavy weight, the box’s appearance design is outstanding.

The leather material makes the box appear gentle and the air screen design let it look more modern.

Practicability: ★★★★☆

The high quality output and stability of DNA200 chip is already broadly recognized by the industry. The three batteries are able to reach the output of 11.1V, which could better meet the requirements of DNA200 chips than double-battery boxes. Moreover, it ensures longer battery life. 


1. The heavy weight is not so suitable for going-out use. 

2. The leather lagging stains easily.

3. The gap of the battery cover is too big.

Also as a DNA 200 box that carries three 18650 batteries, Bigger DNA200 sacrificed the size and weight to ensure the optimum power supply, while Triade is more excellent in either the grip feeling or the portability. Surely there is no standard for the aesthetic aspects, and the using effects of boxes that have the same chips and power supply are nearly no different.

Generally speaking, Triade is not a cost-effective product, after all its price is inevitably high for the sake of its exquisite craftsmanship. Anyway, it’s an excellent work as a three-battery DNA 200 box.

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