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Five Regular HOBO 3.1 Coil Head Building Methods Sharing

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Every player will hold a unique view of an atomizer after long-time use of it. They could find the most suitable vaping method and data for themselves once they get used to the device. 

HOBO 3.1 is almost an indispensable flavor-oriented atomizer for electronic cigarette users. It is popular not only because of its mini and beautiful appearance or the convenient filling method, but the versatile coil head forms that could bring the users different flavor experience. 


My points of view of this frequently-used RDA are as the following:

1. It is not suitable for making temp control coils, especially dual-coils, because the width of loose-winded temp control coils are too big, the spare space of the base will be not enough for placing the cotton.

2. The heating area of the coil head shouldn’t be too large, otherwise the atomizer will get hot after continuous inhalation.

3. No matter what form the coil head is in, ensure the unimpeded flow of the air inside the atomization tank. 

According to the above conditions, I’ve summarized some reasonable building forms of HOBO 3.1 for your preference.


A. Middle Single-coil Coil Head

Before talking about the coil head, let me introduce the installation of the coil while the two electrodes are paralleled. Wind the wire into a coil and buckle the two feet inward vertically, then cut the buckling parts to the same length as the coil’s width to make the coil easy to fix on the two electrodes. 


1. Single-coil Sphere Cotton

Recommended data set: 0.5 A1 heating wire, six to eight circles or 0.4 heating wire, duplex 4 circles; diameter 2.5 or 3.0.

Features: Large e-juice store capacity, convenient filling, oppressive inhalation and relatively rich flavor. 

Remark: This is the most regular and simple building way for HOBO 3.1, which is suitable for dawdlers. There is no need to open the top cap when filling the e-juice, just drip vertically from above the drip tip using a dropper. 


2. Single-coil S Shape Cotton

Recommended data set: 0.5 A1 heating wire, six to eight circles or 0.4 heating wire, duplex 4 circles; diameter 2.5 or 3.0.

Features: unimpeded airflow, suitable for deep inhalation and relatively light flavor.

Remark: Under the station of not adjusting the electrodes, using the S shape cotton is the best way for unimpeded airflow. The two air slots are fully open and directed to the interspace of the atomization tank, greatly reduces the inhalation resistance. 


2. Single-coil X Shape Cotton

Recommended data set: 0.5 A1 heating wire, six circles or 0.4 A1 heating wire, six to eight circles; diameter 2.5 or 3.0.

Features: Suitable for small MTL or DL and rich flavor. 

Remark: Many vapers think that HOBO atomizer is not suitable for MTL, however, when the cotton is in X shape and the air slots are adjusted to be very small, the slots will be aligned to the two intersection angles of the X shape cotton. Fill in the tobacco e-juice and have a try at this time, you will receive unexpected good effect.


The making method of the X shape cotton is similar to that of Rose V2S atomizer. Divide the cotton from the center, and keep the distance between the intersection angles and the coil to avoid affecting the e-juice flow speed. 


B. Dual-coil Coil Head

Recommended data set: 0.4 A1 heating wire, six to eight circles or 0.5 heating wire, six circles; diameter 2.5.

Features: Relatively big vapor volume, unimpeded airflow and balanced flavor.

Remark: This is the most regular dual-coil coil head for HOBO. The vapor volume is impressive, and it need to open the top cap to fill e-juice if you are enjoying continuous inhalation, otherwise the e-juice flow will drag. It is recommended to use the 0.4 A1 heating wire to avoid high temperature of the atomizer. 


For the dual-coil, the cotton’s length will be appropriate when the tail ends could just touch the e-juice groove. Do not joint the two ends—though the 8 shape cotton will be more convenient for dripping and storing e-juice, but it has shortcomings. Unobstructed air flow circulation is not only beneficial for heat dissipation, but helpful for improving the flavor. 


C. Folded Electrode and Single Coil

Recommended data set: 0.5 A1 heating wire, six to eight circles or 0.4 A1 heating wire, duplex four circles; diameter 2.5 or 3.0.

Features: The single side direct airflow and two-sided straight-line airflow could present two different experience, and the e-juice capacity is relatively large. 

Remark: Under the single-side direct airflow mode, the air enters into the mouth only though a twisted flow direction, and the flavor of the e-juice will not change at all in this process. Though when the electrodes are folded we could build the overlaid dual-coil, it will affect the space and air inletting. 


D. Multi-coil Coil Head

Recommended data set: 0.32 or 0.4 A1 coil, six to eight circles, diameter 2.5 (the outward coil’s diameter could be 3.0).

Feature: Seemed to be pleasant to the eye but of no use, this way could let you enjoy the fun of inhaling two kinds of e-juice at the same time. 

Remark: When building three coils, plug into the feet of the coils on the two sides first, then plug into the middle single coil, which could be fixed by a winding bar. You could try to fill the fruit e-juice on the two sides and drip some Subo Zero in the center, which is totally different from directly blending the e-juice of different flavors. 


E.Single Trick Coil

Recommended data set: 0.4 twisted wire, diameter 2.5 or 3.0, five circles.

Feature: Simple making, obviously improved flavor and vapor volume compared with ordinary A1 wires (dual-oil is not recommended). 

Remark: Due to the limitations of airflow and space, the only two kinds of suitable trick coils for HOBO are twisted wires and spring wires. Other trick coils that have big heating power are not suggested to be applied to HOBO. Even when using the twisted wires, the height of the coil should be well controlled and shouldn’t be too higher than the electrodes. 

While using the trick coils, the arrangement method of the cotton could be sphere, X shape or S shape. 


HOBO 3.1 atomizer has more than ten kinds of building methods, and those I mentioned in this article are the relatively more reasonable ones after my tests. Hope that you could find the suitable one for yourselves in my review. Surely the data sets that I used here are for reference only, after all everyone has his unique requirement to the flavor, so I suggest you guys to test by yourselves to find the most perfect data set.


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