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Perfect Pair—Vape Bus and Ave40 Reached Strategic Investment Agreement

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In August 24, 2016, the Shenzhen e-commerce Limited Company Ave40 signed a cooperation agreement formally with Vape Bus to launch the investment plan, and the company thereafter became a close strategic partnership of Vape Bus, which is the first deep cooperation that the integrated electronic cigarette media platform—Vape Bus achieved with an e-cig business.

Av40 e-commerce Ltd. was established in 2013, and after three years’ development, the foreign trade enterprise already has a certain reputation in the electronic cigarette industry.

Its team features young passion, unity and hard work, and they are committed to providing customers with quality products and good service.

In the past three years, Av40 has always maintained close communication and cooperation with the world's first line electronic cigarette brands. By virtue of its resources in the media and the market, its sales continues climbing.

Vape Bus was formally established in April 2015. After more than a year of development, it has become the largest integrated gateway and media platform of electronic cigarette. The daily visits IP of its website climbs to more than 25,000, the followers of its WeChat official accounts amount to 50,000, and it has provided the electronic cigarette users with more than 500,000 times service so far.

Vape Bus is committed to the popularization of electronic cigarette knowledge and the promotion of vaping culture. The platform focuses on helping newbies deeply know about electronic cigarette and expanding domestic influence of e-cig to let people correctly understand electronic cigarette.

Vape Bus is also a platform that displays and publishes electronic cigarette products and information. Its wealth of new information and detailed and pertinent product evaluations not only provide a better stage for good e-cig products, but also allow the vapers to choose the most suitable devices for themselves while browsing the electronic cigarette products.

Vape Bus’s cooperation with Ave40 plays the role of resource complementation, giving full play to the advantages of both sides and making up for their own short boards, therefore achieving the real "win-win" situation.

Zheng, chairman of Ave40, said that the domestic electronic cigarette market has great potential, and Ave40 is optimistic about the future of Chinese electronic cigarette market, and now the company is actively engaged in the layout of the Chinese market, of which the strategic cooperation with Vape Bus is a very important step.

Investing Vape Bus is not a blind move, both the two sides have experienced a long period of study and consultation before making the deal. In addition to the strength and influence of this platform, Ave40 is also optimistic about Vape Bus’s original intention and long-range plan. And Vape Bus’s steam combines professional operations, planning, and technology development. Owning high overall strength in the dissemination and media promotion, Vape Bus is a down to earth and outstanding team.

Vape Bus Operations Director Guohui Li also highly praises Ave40’s channels and strength. He hopes that the cooperation will be able to integrate excellent resources, provide better service for the broad electronic cigarette users and accelerate the industry’s overall development.

This cooperation will serve as a new beginning for both Vape Bus and Ave40 to improve service quality, keep the original intentions, and continue to contribute to popularizing and promoting vapor and electronic cigarette culture.

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