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TESLACIGS Carrate 24 Atomizer Review (2)

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After the previous fast growing period of the e-cig industry, many manufacturers are seeking for a steadfast development by considering the real requirements of the consumers. Among the various atomizers on the market, there are few classical designs. Generally the atomizers could be classified into two categories: RDA and RTA. To me the DIY RTAs are more appealing.


The previous emerged RTAs like Mage and Merlin have won praise from the vapers, but there still exist some shortcomings that can’t be ignored. 

Last week I’ve received a RTA from Teslacigs, which is similar to Mage and Merlin judging from the structure. I anticipated that this RTA could make up for the deficiencies of the previous two atomizers. Today I will present my actual use experience of this RTA called Carrate 24 to show whether it has met my expectations. 




The package of the atomizer is compact. There is a typical sliding accessory bag, in which there is a screw driver, several silica rings, several Clapton coils (2.5mm, 0.5ohm), the organic cotton and a handbook. Besides, there is also an extra glass tank and a flavor-oriented drip tip. 




As what the picture above shows, the atomizer’s structure is very simple. There are only four components including the drip tip, and the wire winding and fixing structure is firm. The dry build deck is absolutely separate from the moist e-juice tank, which makes it easy to clean the atomizer and change the e-juice. Moreover, while refilling, we could observe the real-time status of the coils through the vapor tube. The capacity of the tank is 2.5ml as introduced in the handbook, and the tank could actually meet our everyday requirement.  

The top filling structure, the funneling burn-proof big vapor drip tip, and the tightened top cap of the atomization tank all together form the highlights of the RTA. 




Electrode deck:★★★★

From the pictures above we could find that the build deck of the atomizer could help to make full use of the atomization tank’s space. We could rotate the screws on the two crimp plates to open or close the holes. There are altogether four holes for the coils. Because the retractable range is big enough, therefore thick coils whose diameter is around 1.0 could also successfully pass and be fixed firmly. The bottom air could flow directly toward the coils, and the airflow holes are so big that the airflow process is smooth.  The four e-juice flow holes are rectangular, enabling each corner of the cotton to successfully absorb the e-juice, and therefore the atomizer’s e-juice consumption is inevitably high. Meanwhile, the flavor and vapor performance of is excellent. 




Ease of building:★★★★★

Because of the crimping design, there is no difficulty building at all. The e-juice holes is long and wide enough for the cotton to absorb the e-juice. 



If you want to achieve better flavor, use the straight-through metal drip tip in the accessory bag. Just imagine that the vapor whose volume is as big as that of a RDA passes through the small gathering drip tip to your mouth. And if you prefer big vapor, use the funneling Teflon drip tip, which is burn-proof and with no condensate fluid while keeping big vapor. 


I think its appearance remains to improve. The 304 material is a little bit inferior compared with the overall performance of this atomizer. As for the electrodes, the stainless steel’s thermal conductivity is much lower than that of brass, therefore it could prevent from high temperature. However, brass’s low resistance could help to react to the firing more rapidly. Thanks to the atomizer’s precise structure, this deficiency of the stainless steel material is perfectly covered, and there is no apparent feeling of firing delay. 

E-juice consumption:★★★★★

As a big vapor RTA, it is impossible to save the e-juice consumption. 


To conclude, the problem of Mage’s excessively hot and slippery drip tip and Merlin’s large inhalation resistance are all perfectly solved here on Carrate. 

Moreover, after two-week’s outdoor using, there is zero leaking and zero condensate fluid. 

If the material of the atomizer could be changed into 316, and the base could be well polished, this RTA will be a more perfect work!

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