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Teslacigs Carrate 24 Atomizer Review

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2016 is the battlefield of various RTAs, but what kind of atomizer is able to finally stand out of the crowd? Recently I’ve received an RTA manufactured by Teslacigs—The Carrate, and I would like to share my use experience of this competitive product with you guys here.


The packing:

1. Carrate atomizer * 1

2. Standby glass tank * 1

3. Stainless Steel 510 drip tip * 1

4. Cotton * 2

5. Clapton pre-made coil * 2

6. Standby silica ring * 2

7. Phillips screwdriver *1

8. Handbook and Certificate of Qualification * 1


Dimension: 24X31.5mm

Capacity: 2.5ml

Adjustable bottom airflow

Top filling

Brand-new deck design


Carrate consists of six components. The simple and distinct structure makes it a suitable atomizer for newbies. 


The dual-electrode and four-hole structure allows both dual coils and four coils, providing broader building space for big-vapor enthusiasts. 

The big e-juice capacity greatly increases the atomizer’s endurance.

Moreover, the craftsmanship of this RTA’s edges and threads is also very good, and the damping force is moderate.




The two sides of the external tank are imprinted with the logo of Teslacigs and Carrate respectively. From the picture above we could see four large holes on the bottom, which could ensure continuous e-juice supply. 

During use, I haven’t found any signs of wick burning after running out of two tanks of e-juice, indicating the atomizer’s strong e-juice flow ability. 


Like regular RTAs, Carrate adopts the similar dual-electrode and four-hole electrode structure, except that it adds the 7-shape crimping design. 



This design makes it easy to build big-diameter wires. The problem of uneven heating caused by screws and coils blocking is effectively avoided. Vapers do not need to worry that the 0.32 coils will be cut off by the screws. 




Actually Carrate’s atomization space is very small. In spite of the 24mm diameter, most of its space is spared for the capacity of the e-juice tank.

The atomization tank becomes crowded while using thick coils like Clapton.

Therefore, during use, pay attention not to let the coils touch the wall, otherwise short circuit may happen.



Though Carrate uses the methods of negative pressure e-juice flow, it does not have the function of tank closing. Therefore the cotton’s feet shouldn’t be too loose, or the e-juice may leak out. But if the cotton is too tightly processed, it will also affect the speed of e-juice flow.

Fortunately, Carrate’s e-juice holes are very big, which allows the cotton to be made thicker than ever. 

Due to the atomizer’s space structure, I do not suggest to use coils whose diameter is above 2.5mm.




What about the flavor of this atomizer?

I used the following data set to do the test:

Clapton wires

Four 2.5mm circles 


Element DNA 200 70W

Blue Dragon e-juice

Blue Dragon e-juice’s flavor is relatively mild, but its layering is better than general beverage e-juices.

Carrate not only perfectly presents this e-juice’s layering, but also helps to achieve more concentrated flavor than regular RDAs.

The deficiency is also obvious. The narrow atomization tank, combined with the thick Clapton coils, making it appears very crowded. After ten continuous inhalations, the external wall of the atomizer becomes very hot.  Maybe it is for the sake of flavor concentration, the vapor’s temperature is relatively high even when all the airflow holes are open, but it is unlikely to burn the mouth.



There is also a complimentary stainless steel 304 drip tip, which could create richer and more concentrated flavor compared with the plastic drip tips. Therefore, it will be better to use 0.4 coils. Considering the diameter of 24mm, the atomizer’s drip tip is a little bit small. 





1. Good craftsmanship. The atomizer does not have rough edges and it touches flat and smooth.

2. Creative building structure.

3. Concentrated and violent flavor.


1. The electrode screws need to be improved, because they are easy to be scratched.

2. The airflow volume is not enough to keep moderate vapor temperature.

3. The cotton need to be carefully processed, otherwise it will lead to leaking. The atomizer should be put upside down when left unused.

Carrate boasts good flavor and excellent vapor volume. Generally speaking, it’s an atomizer that has good performance. The creative wire crimping design provides convenience for vapers who love two coils vaping, because it could save the time adjusting the coils. 

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