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LIMITLESS LUX 215W’s USER Mode Instruction

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The USER mode has become the hotspot of LUX 215W since its launch. Some newbies may feel confused about this new mode, therefore here I would like to share my use experience and subjective understanding of this mode with you guys.


LUX prepared four modes for the vapers. Besides the three preset modes: Norm, Hard, and Soft, there is a freely adjustable USER mode, which is similar to the user-defined curve modification of DNA200, but the former does not need to connect to the computer. 

01: Press the fire button three times in succession, and then choose the USER mode to enter the menu.

02: Choose “USER” to enter the adjusting menu. 


The USER mode is a curve modification function based on the power mode, therefore while modifying the curve the mod will work out the power range that you could choose among based on the power you’ve set. If the user has set the power at 80W, then the chip will work out a range around 80W, and the user could only adjust within this range while modifying. 


The picture shows the adjusting options of the USER mode. The final flavor curve data will be determined by the height of the six bars. I marked the six bars with roman numerals. 

1. If the defined time between 1 and 2 is 0.5 second, then the six bars mean the process of 3 second. 

2. The adjustable range from 1 to 6 is worked out by the chip based on the power set by the user, for example, if the user have set the power at 80W, then the adjustable range is 40-120W.

3. After the power of each bar is set, the curve’s trend could be explicitly seen. 


Before modifying the flavor curve of the USER mode, let’s learn the differences of the three preset modes. The picture above shows a simple simulation comparison. We could see that under the Hard mode, there is a short and violent temperature rise, after which it turn into the stable heating status gradually. Each mode’s curve will change along with the difference of coils and atomizers.

If the flavor is too soft, then choose the Hard mode; if the flavor is too violent, then choose the soft mode; otherwise you could choose the Norm mode. 


Then let’s move to the curve comparison chart of the USER mode. The red curves are preset, and the blue curves are self-defined. The green vertical lines could help to understand the significance of the six bars more explicitly. 

For example, if the user choose the Hard mode because of the flavor is too soft, and then he or she complains that Hard mode is a little bit too violent, then I will advise to make use of the USER mode to modify the flavor curve. Besides changing the violence degree, the USER mode also allows changing the duration of violent output. 


Next I’ll share my experience of the actual operation:

1. I prepared a RDA that was pre-installed with Clapton coils. As we know Clapton coils boast good flavor, but they need too long to heat up. To increase the heating area, I add two extra wraps. In general, it is troublesome to set the appropriate power for this kind of data. 


2. Choose the moderate Norm mode to adjust the power and flavor, and I found that the heating effect become violent when the power was at 75W. Under  this data, the heating process was not apparently delayed, but the vapor will become hot once the vape time is too long. 


3. To improve this, I use the USER mode to balance the heating process and the overall flavor. After entering the USER mode, the screen will display the real-time power curve from the left to the right.

4. Divide the six bars into three time buckets. Set the former two bars at 90W, the middle two bars at 75W and the latter two bars at 67.5W. 


5. If the time bucket of 1-2 is too short for you, then you could expand it to 1-3 or 1-4, for example, change the curve into 90W-90W-90W-75W-75W-67.5W.

6. Last, confirm to finish the setting. We could see the mark of USER above the battery mark. It is very convenient to change the curve on the system of LUX at any time during use.

After understanding the use of the USER mode, users could make use of this mode more creatively. For example, the user could adopt some coils that have fast heating speed, such as SS316 and NI80, and weaken the violence degree via the curve to attain the most suitable use experience. 



The emerging of many new technologies could perfectly improve the shortcomings of the traditional designs. For example, the Clapton coils have to experience half period violent heating to improve the preheating, which could not met by traditional modes.

LUX’s USER mode is not an exclusive patent, instead many other devices also have applied this design, but the actual operation and using effect differentiate. Vapers could choose the most appropriate one by judging among them which is the most simple and convenient one for themselves. 

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