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Big Size Match—LUX Box and SAPOR V2 RDA Review

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Large size has gradually become a trend in the e-cig industry. More and more manufacturers are focusing on producing various kinds of PLUS products.

WOTOFO SAPOR V2 RDA and LIMITLESS LUX are such examples, the two’s size are both large, but what is the design philosophy? Here I’d like to share my use experience of this match with you guys. 


This review will not lay emphasis on the introduction of LUX’s details such as the craftsmanship. If you want to know more details please refer to the passage “Limitless LUX 215W Double 26650 Review”. WOTOFO SAPOR V2 RDA has two versions: the 22mm and the 25mm. I’ve received the 25mm version recently, here I would to match it with LUX. 


As for SAPOR V2 RDA, we could know from the name that it’s related to WOTOFO’s previous top airflow SAPOR RTA. V2 added two adjustable airflow designs in the sides of the atomizer, enabling the both way airflow and having positive effect on flavor regulating and coils’ dissipating speed. 


In a word, this RDA has no apparent shortcomings. Its craftsmanship is exquisite, but the side adjusting ring is too loose, especially after the ring is soaked by the condensate fluid or e-juice. The easiest solution to this problem is to press flat the ring, but it will affect the overall appearance. 


Some newbies may ask for the reason why there are two versions. In fact except for the difference of appearance, they two atomizers also differ in the space for building, and the 25mm atomizer is more convenient for building trick coils. Besides, when using the trick coils, the 22mm atomizer could not bear the high e-juice consumption, while the 25mm version is preferable. The weakness is that the feature of big size make them not easily compatible with various boxes. 


To make an overall evaluation, SAOR V2 RDA is very convenient thanks to the side and top airflow design and the big-diameter drip tip which allows direct filling. For those who are good at dealing with the cotton, a dropper of e-juice could be fully absorbed by the cotton. Moreover, the 25mm atomizer effectively diminished the embarrassment of frequent refilling when using trick coils. 

Actual Experience: 

Top Airflow:

The atomizer continues SAPOR RTA’s top airflow design. The inhalation resistance is moderate while the side airflow holes are completely closed. Apparently it becomes a flavor-oriented RDA, and the flavor reduction is better compared with the status when the side holes are fully open. The airflow action at this time is not big enough for ultralow resistance, and the heat dissipation speed is relatively slow.

Side Airflow:

If we close the top airflow and fully open the side airflow, the flavor is not as concentrated as that when using pure top airflow. As long as the hole is directed at the coils, the airflow will blow the coils directly via the shortest path, and the heating dissipation speed is also faster. But its flavor reduction is inferior to that under top airflow mode.

Then why does the atomizer apply two airflow modes? Because the top airflow could produce softer flavor reduction, and the side airflow could accelerate the speed of heat dissipation, thus creating better vape experience.

After changed different coils, I personally am more satisfied with the Clapton coils. Many people complain that Clapton’s heating time is too long, to solve this problem, I’ve find a perfect match to it—LUX mod.


LIMITLESS LUX is a representative product of dual battery mods. Most of the dual battery mods are equipped with 18650 batteries, and the 26650 batteries have not been put in wide use because of the problem of big size. 

However, LUX, as a dual-26650-battery mod, is not as big as imagined. The round arcs make the mod’s grip feeling well balanced with its size. Though being relatively larger than dual 18650 mods, it grips similarly to them. In general, LUX size has been compressed to the maximum extent.


Compared with dual 18650 mods, LUX is larger and heavier, which is an inevitable problem. Then what are the mod’s highlights that could let the customers neglect the two shortcomings? I’ve made a summary as the following: 

1. Let alone the advantages brought by the mod’s 40A discharge current, briefly speaking, two 26650 batteries mean the capacity of 8400mAh, twice that of common dual 18650 mods. The long battery life is the first highlight.

2. Besides the long battery life and the 40A discharging current that could well support the popular low resistance vape and trick vape, LUX’s system has an interesting function—the USER mode.


LUX is easy and convenient to use. Press the fire button three times in succession to enter the choice menu: N\T\S represent three regular power modes; the square pattern on the center represents to rotate the scream; and the last pattern represents mode choosing.

Besides the three regular mode: Norm, Hard and Soft, there is an extra USER mode. Though the output curve adjusting is not a novel method at all, but LUX’s curve adjusting does not need to connect to the computer, and it is easier to operate.

The six bars constitute a time output unit, and the users could set and change the power output curve on the mod according to their demands, especially when using the trick coils. 

For example, when using trick coils, the heating speed if 50W is too slow while 80W is too high and will lead to hot vapor and cotton burning. By using LUX, you could set the power at 80W first, then enter into the user mode, and set the first and second bar at 80W (supposing that it needs 1s to heat up under 80W), and set the rest bars at 50W. By doing like this, the mod will keep 1 second’s 80W output and then lower that down to 50W constantly until you relax your finger from the fire button or the overtime protection is activated. This is a perfect complementation to the weakness of SAPOR V2.


To conclude, the big size of LUX and SAPOR V2 improves the match's performance and could well meet the requirements of using trick coils and low resistance. However, the apparent weakness is that the big size will affect the convenience of carrying.

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