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Plug and Play—Wanko Atomizer Review

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[Guide] Since e-cigs were invented, people have been anticipating more functions and easier use. Though some manufacturers are laying excessive emphasis on multifunction and thus have reduced the ease of use, the designers have never stopped optimizing the products and trying to make them more simple and convenient. New techs and innovations are coming one after another.

From voltage regulating to temperature control, from chip heating to ceramic coils, from screwless to top airflow, each change is the driving force for e-cigs’ development. 

Recently, a new type of RDA that features special coil design appears on the market, and its replacing process is as simple as fuse wire changing. This RDA is called Wanko. 

In this passage I will lead you guys to know about this RDA’s innovations and actual performance. 


Wanko is a mini RDA whose diameter is 22mm, and its overall appearance is exquisite.

Structurally, Wanko is a side airflow RDA. The indented external tank top and the small drip tip indicate that Wanko is flavor-oriented. 


Wanko’s parts are very few, which include a drip tip, an external tank and a base.

Wanko’s inner diameter is similar to that of RTAs, and it is not designed for vapor exhausting. 

Wanko’s tank adopts the integrated design, which could not be disassembled into two parts like regular RDAs. Therefore, we need to rotate the tank to control the retracting range and regulate the airflow volume. 



There is an e-juice tank on the bottom of Wanko, and the airflow holes on it are above the bottom. For such structure, if the e-juice is too much, it will possibly flow into the holes. The electrodes of Wanko are very distinctive in that they are two metal pieces that are fixed on the base via the screws. Their shape is similar to that of the sockets in a fuse block. By default the electrode is only compatible with a single coil. 

Wanko also uses the pre-made Wave coil, whose two ends are welded with the metal rings, looking like a fuss. 


It’s very easy to install the coils—just insert it between the two metal electrodes, no need for disassembling any screws. 


The new Wave coils should be heated to red before put to use. The reason is that the partial short-circuit of the coil will lead to uneven heating before the coil is powered on. 

After the cotton is installed, we could evenly divide the ends of the cotton into two parts and put them into the corresponding place in the e-juice groove. Drop the e-juice toward the coil and the cotton on the two sides instead of the e-juice groove in the center, otherwise the e-juice will flow into the airflow holes because it may be redundant and cannot be absorbed by the cotton, 


The single coil’s vapor volume is not bad. In the picture I applied the 0.8Ω Wave coil under 30mW, and the reaction is rapid but the vapor volume is not great. 



There are three pre-made Wave coils attached, and their specifications are: Kanthal 3.2mm 1Ω, SS316L 3.2mm 0.6Ω and Clapton 2.5mm 0.8Ω. 


Users could also choose to disassemble the electrodes, and it will become a screw electrode RDA.


This is somewhat like the structure of the KF series, where if you want to use the relatively thick coil, you need to bend its feet to make it more convenient for fixing. Considering the airflow structure, I personally do not suggest you guys to use the coils whose diameters are larger than 0.5mm, because Wanko is designed for single coil heating, and not for thick coils, high heat and big vapor.


While installing the coil, pay attention to lift the coil using a wire wrap bar after it is fixed to avoid touching the deck and resulting in short-circuit. 


Actual Experience:

A. Vapor Volume

As a RDA that adopts the single Wave coil, Wanko performs not bad in vapor volume compared with other single coil RDAs. If you adopt appropriate inhalation method like longtime slow inhalation, the density and volume of the vapor will be improved. The 316L coil’s vapor performance and explosive power is relatively better than the other two.

B. Flavor

Wanko, as a flavor-oriented atomizer, should have more attention to its flavor. In the actual test, Wanko’s flavor is not very rich, but is relatively accurate and has good layering. The flavor is better when using the Clapton 0.8Ω Wave coil.


C. Ease of Use and Others

1. Wanko is outstanding in the ease of use, because it does not need any tools to change the coil. Many users are worried about Wave’s life span, which, actually is long enough. You could burn it red before cleaning, like normal coils, and then reuse it again and again unless it is damaged. Moreover, there are three Wave coils with different specifications for replacement.

2. Due to the special position of the airflow holes, pay attention to keep away from the center while dripping to avoid leaking. 

3. Many people care about the relatively short length of its tank, which may lead to e-juice splatter. I once thought it unnecessary to worry about this, but was disappointed in the actual test. The drip tip is too close to the coil and the e-juice groove’s bottom, and the airflow holes are above the groove, therefore after dripping, the e-juice will be inhaled into the mouth at the beginning, and the phenomenon will alleviate after the quantity of the e-juice reduces. Therefore drip the e-juice toward the cotton on the two sides instead of the center to avoid excessive quantity, 

4. The most concerned problem is the possibility of resistance skipping. Thanks to the large contact area between the coil and the electrode, and the elasticity of the electrode which ensures the firm fixing of the coil, the problem of resistance skipping does not exist. Surely the 316L pre-made coil’s resistance will rise under voltage regulating mode due to the property of its material, which has nothing to do with the atomizer’s structure. 


Summary:Wanko adopts the brand-new coil installation method and pre-made Wave coils, making it easy to use. After this a new concept is derived—semi-finished RDA. This kind of atomizer provides a simple and convenient access to vape for people who love vape but do not have enough time studying it. It also could lower the cost and allow flexible adjustment at the same time. 

The flavor-oriented RDA features easy use, beautiful appearance, good flavor and compatibility with most devices. Many people want to have a RDA that has low consumption, good flavor, and easy use and does not have big vapor, then Wanko is an appropriate choice for them, ignoring some small deficiencies. 

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