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VGOD TrickTank Pro RTA Review

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[Guide] 2016 is the year of big vapor RTAs when many brands are developing and launching their RDTAs and RTAs. These big vapor RTAs are popular among the vapers mainly depending on their advantages of easy operation, big vapor and rich flavor.

As a team that is well-known for trick playing, VGOD has once launched a sub ohm RTA product—TrickTank, which has not received enough responses from the customers due to its limited positioning. This time VGOD launches its brand-new TrickTank Pro, a fire-new RDTA instead of just being the upgrade version of Trick Tank.

In this review I will share my experience with VGOD’s Trick Tank Pro RDTA.


TrickTank Pro continues the style of TrickTank in appearance, for example, the black heat insulation drip tip. Seen from the structure, the atomizer is a typical RDTA, whose atomization tank is on the top and the juice tank is on the bottom.

Generally, the craftsmanship and materials of it is fairly well. The engraving is exquisite and the screws and holes are smooth.


Let’s begin to disassemble TrickTank Pro.

Unscrew the drip tip first. TrickTank Pro’s heat insulation design could effectively prevent the high temperature produced by the atomizer from burning your mouth.


RDTAs’ top structure is similar to that of RDAs. TrickTank Pro’s top tank could also be disassembled.


Unplug the external tank, and we could see the electrode deck of TrickTank Pro. The atomizer applies the dual-electrode and four-hole structure, which, besides being convenient for installing coils, could also be matched with trick coils. 

TrickTank Pro’s electrode deck bottom is also distinctive. Besides the four juice flow holes, there are also four airflow holes that overtop the base, which could prevent the e-juice on the cotton from entering into the airflow holes. When you use TrickTank Pro as a RDA, the rising airflow holes could also keep off the e-juice from the bottom.

There are two small holes on the two sides of the positive electrode, used for ventilation. The e-juice flow holes of such kind of atomizers will usually be filled by the cotton and thus comes into being a closed space. Under this condition, if we fill e-juice into the tank, the inner pressure will increase and the air inside the tank will extrude through the juice flow holes and thus lead to the phenomenon of foaming. Sometimes the e-juice on the cotton will also backflow from the juice flow holes due to the strong pressure. 

The extra two small ventilating holes of TrickTank Pro could well solve the problems mentioned above.

Against one advantage is disadvantage. Due to the two small holes, TrickTank Pro could not be laid flatwise, otherwise the e-juice above the airflow holes will leak out. 


One side of the base is the logo of VGOD, and the other is the filling port. After coating the external tank, the bottom of the tank will cover the filling port, thus avoiding e-juice leaking from the port.

TrickTank Pro adopts side dual airflow ports. Like Trick Tank, it still adopts the stationary unadjustable airflow structure. Its actual inhalation resistance is larger than that of Trick Tank, which may be designed for the sake of thick vapor.


The bottom 510 power supply positive screw is the key to disassemble the juice tank. Pay attention that the screw adopts the left hand thread, which means that you need to rotate anticlockwise to screw tightly and rotate clockwise to unscrew, being opposite to regular designs. 


Disassemble the positive screw and we could see that it overall adopts the gold-plating process, which increases the conductivity and stability. The screw is connected to the positive electrode on the top, pay attention while disassembling the screw to avoid losing the electrode.


Screw the tank’s bottom anticlockwise to disassemble the juice tank part, and duly handle the glass tank to prevent falling and breaking.

In the aspect of disassembling, TrickTank Pro is much more troublesome than like products, because it needs to be disassembled twice while installing the coils and cotton.  


The positive electrode on the base is separated and insulated from the negative electrode through the insulating material of the bottom. The slots and juice flow holes are on the back of the base, via which the cotton passes and enters into the tank. 


Usually for the atomizers whose juice tanks are on the bottom, we have to disassemble the tank again while passing the cotton, being very troublesome. 


Along with the sample I received, there are only two flat Clapton coils, whose width is not enough, and to make them better compatible with TrickTank Pro’s electrodes we need either adjust the feet’s shape or change them into loose winding to increase the coil’s length. Therefore I used the common 8-wrap and 3mm-diameter Clapton coils to experience TrickTank Pro before using the 6-wrap and 3mm-diameter 0.6mm coils to make comparison. 


While passing the cotton, pay attention to control the quantity of cotton to a proper extent.


As for the length of the cotton, some hold that it should reach the bottom of the juice tank, which could ensure the juice supply even when there are only few juice remains. But the disadvantage is that the excessively long juice circuit will prolong the juice supply speed and make the atomizer easily suffer cotton burning. 

Other vapers hold that it’s enough to leave a small quantity of cotton outwards. By this way the e-juice is absorbed by the cotton when the atomizer is inclined. The advantage lies in that it creates clean tank and the short juice circuit, and the disadvantage is that we have to place upside down the atomizer to let the cotton absorb the e-juice while the latter is running out.


After the cotton is well adjusted, reinstall the juice tank—remember that the screw has a left hand thread. While rotating the screw, press and hold the positive electrode to prevent the screw from lifting the electrode and thus deforming the coils. 


The design of TrickTank Pro’s airflow port could meet the requirements of both e-juice storing and e-juice dripping. Users could use it as a RDA. The airflow port is higher than the bottom, therefore you don’t need to worry that the e-juice filled in will flow into the airflow holes. 


Though the leakproof design is good, the designer hasn’t considered that there will be some e-juice adhering to the dropper and flowing to the surrounding of the filling port. For that reason, quite a few e-juice will leak after you’ve fully filled the tank. So I suggest you guys to use bottles that have sharp tips to fill e-juice.


Because TrickTank Pro only has an extra e-juice tank compared with RDAs, its vapor performance is the same as that of RDAs. The effect in the picture is produced under 60W when the atomizer’s resistance is 0.2Ω and the actual voltage is 3.6V. 


Actual Experience:

A. Vapor Volume

Because TrickTank Pro is a RDTA, therefore its vapor performance is the same as that of RDAs which adopt bottom airflow and have the dual-electrode and four-hole structure. TrickTank Pro lays particular emphasis on high density vapor that is needed by trick playing, therefore its inhalation resistance is relatively large. 


B. Flavor

Compared with RDAs under the same data, TrickTank Pro has accurate and highly-mixed flavor and soft taste, but its flavor layering is relatively bad. 


C. Ease of Use and Others

Though TrickTank Pro adopts the convenient dual-electrode and four-hole structure, users, especially newbies, should carefully control the quantity and length of the cotton. Moreover, when passing the cotton, we have to disassemble the tank again, which is a little bit inconvenient compared with RTDAs. 

Because TrickTank Pro adopts the special top cap that could seal the filling port, it will not leak the e-juice when being carried around. But avoid putting the atomizer flatwise for too long, otherwise the e-juice will leak out from the ventilation holes. 

I hasn’t received any handbook or packaging along with the atomizer, therefore I can’t get the accurate information about the capacity of its e-juice tank, which is estimated to be between 3ml and 4ml. Because the structure of its base is the same as that of RDAs, therefore its e-juice consumption is also equivalent to that of RDAs. The lower the resistance, the larger the power and the vapor will be, and the e-juice consumption will also rise. 



VGOD’s TrickTank Pro lays emphasis on Trick playing and thick vapor. It is easy to use, but troublesome to deal with the cotton. If you are among the Trick vapers who are not satisfied with common atomizers, and do not want to use sub ohm atomizers like Trick Tank, you could try TrickTank Pro, which may be very suitable for you.

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