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[Tips] How to Deal with “Device Locking”?

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Many newbies around me have faced the problem of being unable to unscrew an atomizer, which seems like the atomizer was locked up. Then how to deal with this problem?

There are several ways to “unlock” it for veterans, and some tools emerge recently also have the function of unlocking. But what if there are no such tools at hand?

Here I would share a quick tips, which is, making use of rubber gloves.


Rubber gloves are very common to see in our everyday life, which exist in every family’s kitchen. They are not only the good helper for household cleaning, but also the excellent tool to “unlock” your device. 


The use method is very easy. You don’t need to wear it, instead, just wrap the proper places of the device with the two gloves respectively, then spin hard towards different directions, and the device could be open. This method’s effective rate is above 90% for most devices, and it will neither leave any scratches on the device’s surface nor damage it. If rubber gloves are also unable to open it, maybe we’ll have to prepare a bench clamp…


The principle is that rubber gloves could add the force of fiction between your hands and the device, and the soft feature of rubber ensures that the gloves could tightly wrap the device.

Many veterans are familiar with this method, because during the initial times when mechanical mods are most popular, most of the mech mods at that time are made up by two combined tubes, which do not have the same exquisite craftsmanship as at present, therefore the problem of device locking happened frequently. Under that circumstances, some capable brains came out with this simple but practical way, which then soon was widely applied. 


Today, the e-cig products on the market are all of much better workmanship than innitially, and the problem of device locking seldom happens. But in case of emergency, it is more helpful to grasp this skill than not. 

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