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Limitless LUX 215W Double 26650 Review

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[Guide] Limitless launched a brand new large power box—LUX,following its last new box releasing. The maximum power of its new product has increased to 215W, powered by double 26650 batteries. 

A 26650 battery’s capacity is much larger than the others and its least output current is 40A.

However, compared with other batteries, 26650 batteries are also larger in size, thus devices that are equipped with them often have a larger body.

Limitless’s LUX 215W box has two 26650 batteries, will it be too cumbersome in size and weight? How about its function and performance compared with the former products? In the following I will share with you my experience. 


Limitless LUX 215W’s accessories is abundant. Besides the box’s packaging, there are two IJOY INR26650 batteries whose capacity is 4200mAh and current is 40A. There are also a wooden-textured box shell. 


Besides, the accessories also include a USB cable, two battery catridges and two Limitless pasters. One thing should be mentioned is that the USB cable is not for charging but for upgrading the chips and firmware, therefore do not connect it with the charging plug. 


According to the official, LUX 215W carries the IWEPAL chip. It has the maximum output power of 215w and supports NI, TI and stainless steel temp control output. The box provides three output modes, which are the Normal, Hard and Soft modes. Moreover, it specially adds the User mode which could be self-defined. 

LUX 215W’s dimension is 100mm*5.8mm*3mm, which is much smaller than imagined, considering its two 26650 batteries. 


LUZ 215W is originally in black, and its stainless steel top and bottom are crafted with wiredrawing technique. 

The fire button, using mirror-surface treatment, is on the side of the box. Its size is relatively large and it touches comfortable. On the two sides of the box there are a large area of decompression and heat dissipation holes.

The regulating buttons and the OLED display screen are on the top of it, next to the 510 connector.


Grip the two ends of the box and pull outwards, and the shell could be disassembled. The shell and the body are fixed through the bottom spring steel ball, which is also magnetic, ensuring the very stability. 

The battery compartments are on the two sides of the box. Install the two 26650 batteries according to the hints inside the compartments to avoid wrong direction. 


You could also choose to use the 18650 batteries by putting them into the battery adapting catridges. 



The logo of IJOY is on the shell’s bottom. The super magnet on the shell’s center corresponds with that on the body’s bottom. The two screws beside are designed to help fixing the shell. 


LUX 215W’s size is not as big as it was supposed to be. I put it together with Limitless 200W and find that its size is suprisingly well controlled.


In the aspect of width, LUX 215W’s round corner design effectively shortens its width visually. Because its screen and buttons are all on the top, LUX 215W is higher than 200W.


In the aspect of the thickness, the two are similar. Thanks to the round corner design, LUX 215W looks even thinner than 200W.


LUX 215W’s display content is relatively simple and practical. The output power takes half the place of the screen, and the bottom half is divided into two halves, where one displays the resistance and the output voltage, another displays the output mode and electric quantity. 

LUX 215W’s menu operation is also easy. Press the fire button three times to call out the function menu: NI tempo control, TI tempo control, Stainless Steel temp control, Power mode, screen overturn and output mode.


Output mode refers to that under the same power setting, the output effect could be changed. LUX 214W provides four modes, which are the normal mode, the hard mode, the soft mode and the user mode. 

After entering into the user mode, the screen will display six power indicating bars, each representing 0.5s, and users are allowed to set the output mode within 3s. Users could shift among the bars via the fire button and choose the output power through the regulating buttons. 

For example, when using trick coils, the heating speed if 50W is too slow while 80W is too high and will lead to hot vapor and cotton burning. By using LUX 215w, you could set the power at 80W first, then enter into the user mode, and set the first and second bar at 80W (supposing that it needs 1s to heat up under 80W), and set the rest bars at 50W. By doing like this, the box will keep 1 second’s 80W output and then lower that down to 50W constantly until you relax your finger from the fire button or the overtime protection is activated. 

By this way it could not only accelerate the heating speed but also avoid cotton burning. 

This design make the box more playable, and it enables users to change the output curve at will without connecting to the computer. 


Then what is the actual performance of LUX 215W? Here I used two set of data to do the test: the Clapton coils (left) and the 22Awg 0.6mm coils with six 3mm wraps (right). 

During the test, LUX 215W has a swift response. The actual output effect is sustainable and stable. By reason of the 26650 batteries which have strong discharging ability, the box’s temperature is moderate even under continuous large power use. 


From the picture we could see that the Clapton coils’ vapor size is larger than that of the ordinary coils on the right, but due to the long heat-up time it needs, its explosive power is smaller than the others, and therefore its vapor’s density is much lower. 


LUX 215W review:

A. Appearance

Though LUX 215W adopts two 26650 batteries, its overall size is well controlled. Furthermore, thanks to its reasonable arrangement of the battery compartment and the chip, its size is almost similar to the dual-18650 boxes. The round corner design and the good material segment make it look visually portable. 

As for the weight, LUX 215W’s inner part is made of ABS material, thus its empty weight is light. The two 26650 batteries will inevitably add to its weight.

B. Performance and Property

LUX’s two 26650 batteries ensure its large power output. Compared with other large power boxes, its output is more strong and stable. 

Under the condition that the power is constant, there are three output modes that have different styles for selection. Users could also self-define the output curve. Its operation is simple and direct, with no need to connect the computer. 

The menu interface is simple and clean, with no need for fussy settings. I personally think it is more convenient than Limitless 200W.

C. Others

LUXE 215W’s dual 26650 batteries make it a little bit larger and heavier than normal dual-battery boxes. Although it is not as cumbersome as assumed, it still has trouble being carried around, thus being not suitable for female users. In the aspect of operation, LUX 215W is convenient to use, but I think it is more suitable for users who love big vapor, which could perfectly show its advantages in output and battery life.

The dual 26650 batteries make LUX 215W be second to none is the aspect of battery life. The two batteries together have the capacity of 8400mAh, equaling to that of four C4 batteries. Even continuing using large power mode, the box could insist powering for one full day. 

However, there is not any advantage without disadvantage. The 4200mAh battery needs 12 hours or more to be fully charged using a 400mAh charger, therefore we need to reasonably arrange the charging time. Moreover, the box does not support USB charging, thus could not supplement electricity at any moment. 


Summary: LUX 215W, as a box powered by two 26650 batteries, is outstanding in appearance, performance, operation and craftsmanship. It boasts strong output, high playability and long battery life. However, although LUX 215W’s long battery life enables us to use a full day and charge at night, with no need to change the batteries, the users have to buy a compatible 26650 charger for it and the charging time is too long, which may reduce the customer’s enthusiasm to it. 

To conclude, if you love big vapor and trick playing, and if you hate the frequent changing of batteries, LUX 215W is a good choice for you.

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