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Blitz Highlight Atomizer Review

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As big vapor is the biggest selling point nowadays, many manufacturers are developing their own big vapor atomizers. Recently, numerous big vapor atomizers whose diameter is 22mm and above are emerging, and IJOY also has joined in this trends. 

Today I will give a review for IJOY’s Blitz Highlight atomizer. 


Highlight’s height is 48.5mm (the 510 electrode not included), and the diameter is 24mm. The drip tip’s diameter is 14mm. Its main material is stainless steel and the drip tip is made of black acrylic material. The red copper positive electrode is a little projecting.

There are two colors for selection currently: black and silver. 

The front face of Highlight is imprinted with the product logo. 


Highlight consists of a drip tip, a top cap, an atomization tank, an electrode deck, and a juice tank. 


Drip Tip

Highlight’s drip tip is made out of black acrylic, and its diameter is 14mm. It is fixed on the top cap via two silica rings. The slope design inside the drip tip is beneficial for the backflow of condensate fluid. 


Top Cap

Highlight’s top cap also combines the function of heat dissipation and airflow regulating. The cooling fin is somehow effective but only to a limited extent. The airflow regulating port’s diameter is 11.5mm*2mm. The drip tip connector on the cap is not the 510 connector, and the latter could be applied if the cap is installed with the adapting pin.  


Atomization Tank

Highlight adopts side airflow design. The evaporation tank has two transverse airflow holes on two sides of it, whose size is 11.5mm*2mm. The airflow holes, cooperating with the holes on the cap, could accurately regulate either the single-way or the two-way airflow. The atomization tank’s diameter is big enough for trick playing. 


Electrode Deck

Highlight’s electrode deck adopts the transverse dual-electrode and four-hole design, being the same as that of CLT4. The holes are so big that it is compatible with most coils. There are also two holes beside the two electrodes for the passing of the cotton into the tank. 


Juice Tank

Highlight’s juice tank is on the atomizer’s bottom, and there are three scratch-like observation windows on both sides of it. The inwall of the tank is made of glass, being compatible with e-juice that are with different VG content.  

The e-juice tank is beneath the atomization tank, and the e-juice flows to the atomization tank via juice medium. 


Highlight has three important accessories.


One is the 510 drip tip adapter ring. 


The second is a single coil set, which could turn the dual-coil electrode structure into the sing-coil one. 


The last is a special base accessory, which could turn Highlight from a RTA into a RDA. Just disassemble the base tank and install the base accessory on, and the change will happen. 


Use Experience:

To make the test more perfect, I adopted two data sets that I usually use.

Data set one: flavor-oriented 

Heating wire: Kanthal A1

Wire’s diameter: 26G/0.4MM

Circle diameter: 2.5MM

Wraps: 7

Quantity if coils: 2

Data set two: vapor-oriented 

Heating wire: Kanthal A1

Wire’s diameter: 24G/0.5MM

Circle diameter: 3MM

Wraps: 7

Quantity if coils: 2

After my test with two different data sets, I find that they the first set performs worse than usual on Highlight, and the flavor is tasteless and vacant. While the vapor-oriented data is unexpectedly suitable for Highlight, by using which the vapor is rich and its volume is big. 

I guess this should owe to the 2mm atomization tank of Highlight.

For this reason, I adopted another data set that I used to set on BOSS HOG. 

Heating wire: Kanthal A1

Wire’s diameter: 24G/0.5MM

Circle diameter: 3MM

Wraps: twin-wire with 6 wraps

Quantity if coils: 2

The test result is satisfying, because the vapor volume is similar to that of BOSS HOG. However, due to Highlight’s smaller drip tip diameter and the lack of top airflow, its vapor temperature is relatively higher than that of BOSS HOG.

The following problems appear during the use:

1. The regulating structure is unable to fully close the airflow, thus the e-juice will leak while the atomizer waggles.

2. The processing of the condensate backflow is unsatisfying, and the condensate fluid could easily be stored on the top cap.

3. The bayonet between the atomization tank and the electrode deck is too small, and the silica ring is too tight, thus it produces difficulty for installing. 

4. There is no filling hole on the electrode deck, and we have to open the e-juice tank to refill.

5. The observation window is too small to effectively observe the remaining e-juice.

6. The tank’s capacity is so small that it need frequent refilling. 

7. The sealing of the e-juice tank is lax, thus a small amount of e-juice may leak out through the observation window during the process of closing the tank after refilling.


1. It is recommended to use the 0.5mm heating wires.

2. It would be better to disassemble the e-juice tank and install the base to change it into a RDA.

3. If the e-juice tank is a must for you, then I would suggest to use a syringe needle filling bottle to refill through the cotton-installing place on the top cap.

4. If you prefer to open the tank to refill, then the volume should not surpass the upward side of the electrode connecting bar.


Highlight is a 24mm dual-coil atomizer, which not only has good flavor but also boasts the excellent vapor performance that could even compete with show-quality RDAs. Moreover, the atomizer could change from RDA to RTA freely.

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