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Smaller than Small—Teslacigs stealth mini Review

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Lately, Testacigs’ Stealth kit became popular by virtue of its mini size and big power, after which the brand launched another kit that adopts embedded design: Stealth Mini. From its name we could guess that the device’s size will be even more smaller than Stealth. 



Stealth Mini adopts transparent acrylic packaging instead of the common paper box packaging. 

The contents inside the box are: a stealth kit, a standby coil head, a sealing ring, a data cable, a handbook and a certificate of quality.


Stealth mini is made of zinc alloy and colored in crimson. The dull polish coating, which will not leave finger print, is of good texture.


The maximum power of it is 45W, and the built-in battery’s volume is 1300mAh. The lowest resistance that it supports is 0.3ohm. 


Stealth mini’s appearance is so smooth that it is comfortable to grip. Its size is 39×20×65mm. 

There is only one fire button on it, and it does not support power and voltage regulating. Press the button five times in succession to power on/off.

I personally think it is a mechanical box with protection, because its output is not constant and will decrease along with the battery voltage’s stepping down from 4.2V to 3.4V, which will lead to the reducing of vapor volume. 


The kit, being named as Stealth mini, is shorter than a bottle of e-juice, and its weight and size equal to two 18650 batteries. Therefore, you could easily put it into your pocket. 


Stealth mini only supports the atomizers whose diameter is less than 16.5mm, therefore it limits the selection of atomizers for the users. Even kfv3 mini’s diameter reaches 18mm. 

The silica ring in the packing is designed to prevent users from fire the wick under the condition of no e-juice. Only by dissembling the ring could we connect the atomizer. 



The 510 base of Stealth mini is a little bit projecting, which could avoid scraping the box. The elastic electrode on the 510 connector could adjust the length.

Below the 510 connector is the USB port, which supports 5v/1A chargers. It only need 30min to fully charge the kit. 


The black base is the finishing touch of Stealth mini, making the kit look fashionable.

There are 20 heat dissipation holes listed in order on the base, effectively dissipating heat for the chip and battery. Pay attention to keep the kit away from water. 



The single black button is on the top, being very convenient for firing using your thumb. The button is neither too hard nor too soft. 

There is a LED light next to the fire button, which will light in blue while charging and firing, and light in red when the power is too low.

Though Stealth mini’s color and coating are beautiful, the device will easily suffer wear and color fade. The painting of it is relatively thin, therefore we should avoid dump during everyday use.


The atomizer’s material is stainless steel, and the tank is made of glass. The volume of it is as small as 1.5ml, but it is enough for everyday use because the consumption of the atomizer is not high at all.


The atomizer adopts bottom airflow, being more suitable for DL. It’s filling method is top filling. The drip tip, whose connector is universal, is made of plastic.

The two 1ohm flavor-oriented coil heads support the power of 10-25w.

Though the coil heads’ colors are different, their resistance and flavor are the same. 

The atomizer do not have DIY kit and it size is too mini, thus we could only use pre-made coils.


Its structure is common to see, and it’s easy to clean and assemble. The 1ohm coil head’s flavor is good but far from amazing. 

In the stage of high power, the vapor volume is moderate and the flavor is relatively tasteless. Problems like overheating, e-juice bursting and leaking do not exist. In the stage of low power, the vapor volume reduces.

The power of it could support the use of around two tanks of e-juice. 



A. It’s an extremely mini and exquisite kit, which is not suitable for playing. It is produced for the sake of convenience and mini.

B. It’s really rare to reach the battery volume of 1300mAh for such a mini device. But it’s a pity that Stealth kit do not support constant output. 

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