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Teslacigs Three Review

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[Guide] Teslacigs recently has launched two new boxes, which are Teslacigs Three and Invader 3. The two are similar in both appearance and function, thus many vapers would like to make comparison between the two. Actually Different from Invader 3, who belongs to the Invader series, Teslacigs Three is the third generation of the Teslacigs series, and despite of the same function, it is distinct from the former in performance. Here I would like share with you guys my actual experience about Teslacigs Three. 


1. Teslacigs Three’s Positioning and Its Difference with Invader 3

Teslacigs is actually a mech-box with a built-in 5000mAh battery. Unlike Invader3, Teslacigs Three do not have the function of adjusting the output. According the handbook, the maximum output voltage of the box is 4.2V, which is the same as the natural output of mech mod or box. While Invader 3’s maximum output is 6V, being actually a voltage adjusting box with no screen. 

Secondly, Teslacigs Three’s official maximum power is 150W, while that of Invader 3 is 240W. Then why does Teslacigs Three have the maximum power as a mech-box?

Actually, mechanical devices will also produce power when the current passes through the atomizer. Teslacigs support the minimum resistance of 0.1Ω. Assume that the voltage is 4.2V while the battery is fully charged, the theoretical power will be 176.4W. However, under the natural output, the voltage will lower down to, for example, 3.7V, and the power will change into 136.9V, therefore theoretically the output power of Teslacigs Three will reduce to as low as 130W while being fully charged and are matched with a 0.1Ω atomizer.

While Invader Three has the function of voltage adjusting and stabilizing, and its maximum output is 6V. The two boxes are fundamentally different in performance and positioning. 


2. How about Teslacigs Three’s Actual Performance?

After the comparison and analysis above, we’ve already had some basic knowledge about Teslacigs’ positioning, then what about its actual performance?

I used the regular 22Awg (0.6mm) 6-3mm-wrap heating coils and the Tiger trick coils to make comparison. 

The actual effect is similar to that of mechanical mods—when using the regular coils, the reaction is rapid and the vapor volume is large; When using the trick coils, it lacks explosive power and the heat-up time is relatively long, moreover, the vapor volume also reduces.

As we know, to achieve high explosive power and large vapor volume on mechanical devices, low resistance and simple coil structure are both needed. Trick coils are mixed by various coils, therefore its heat-up speed is slower than normal coils. In a similar way, voltage adjusting devices performs better than mech-mods when matched with trick coils, because the former could enhance the power, reduce the heating time and increase the explosive power by adjusting. 

Therefore, when compared with voltage adjusting devices, Teslacigs’ output effect is inferior, but it is still superior to mechanical devices. 


3. To What Atomizers is Teslacigs Three Applicable?

Theoretically, e-cig boxes are compatible with all the atomizers, but we’d better choose the more suitable one according to the box’s feature. Teslacigs Three, as a mech-mode box that do not have voltage adjusting function, is applicable to RDAs, RTAS, RDTAs and sub ohm atomizers. But we need to notice that Teslacigs Three is more suitable for matching with normal coils.

Some vapers like to build high resistance coils for the purpose of DL, but this kind of coils are also unsuitable for mechanical devices, because the higher the resistance, the lower the actual power will be if the voltage is constant. 


Take Lemo3 RTA as an example, it performs very well on Teslacigs when installed with regular 0.2Ω coils. But when applied with dual Clapton 0.3Ω coils, it heats up slowly, and the vapor volume is relatively small. 


4. What Are the Features of Teslacigs Three?

The biggest feature of Teslacigs Three, according to the official, is the new function of a mobile power. Teslacigs Three could charge devices like mobile phones through a data cable and the output port of the box. The maximum output current is 1A, namely, for most of the common 3200mAh devices, it costs 5 hours to be fully charged from zero power using the box.

It may be not as convenient as a real mobile power bank, but could help to meet a an urgency need when your power bank is out of power. 


Besides, Teslacigs Three adopts battery level indicators to show you both the dump energy and the atomizer’s working condition.

Teslacigs Three’s 510 connector combines the self-adaption spring and the regulating screw, making it better compatible with some special atomizers. If you find that the atomizer fails to work but the indicator are lighting to show normal output, the problem must lie in the 510 connector and you have to adjust the screw. 

Teslacigs Three’s button is large, making it convenient and comfortable to operate. However the button is a little bit too elastic, therefore we need apply strong force to fire the machine. 


5. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Teslacigs Three

I personally hold that Teslacigs biggest advantage is its convenience for use. Users do not need to specially buy batteries and charger for it.

In the aspect of function, it is easy to use. Though lacking the function of voltage adjusting and temperature control, it is convenient for newbies.

The built-in battery’s energy quantity is double the amount of an 18650 battery, thus it ensures long battery life. The box support 2A charging, therefore it only needs four hours to be fully charged with a 2A charger. 

The disadvantages of it lies in the performance. As it is mentioned above, Teslacigs Three’s performance is not bad among mechanical boxes, and its main disadvantages are the following:

A. Button

The button’s elasticity is so big that we need to control the force applied to it, otherwise it will interrupt working. 

B. The Coating

The Teslacigs Three’s coating faces the problem of peeling off, and the 510 connector part could easily wears. 


Summary: Teslacigs Three’s performance and appearance do worth watching, but many people like to compare it with the more impressive Invader 3. Actually the two are completely different in either function or performance. If you love the storm output of Invader 3, then you’d better wait for the coming of Invader 4.

For vapers who wanna have a simple and convenient box, Teslacigs Three is a suitable choice. It performs well in flavor, liquid storage, and vapor volume, despite that it does not have the function of temp control and is not suitable to be applied with trick coils. The 5000mAh battery provides convenience for charging. 

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