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Choose, Taste and Evaluate Hundreds of Kinds of E-juice—PINYOU8 Begins Trial Operation!

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The brand-new e-juice crowd evaluating and communicating platform PINYOU8 has launched its trial operation recently. The website provides a professional and comprehensive platform for the news, reviews, and crowd tests of e-juice, helping registered users to find the most suitable e-juice products for themselves.

PINYOU8’s marks and evaluations are all based on the actual experience of the users, which are more genuine and reliable. You don’t need to worry about being misled by the words that are full of rhetorical flourishes. 

A. A gathering of various e-juice 

PINYOU8 records various common e-juice and popular e-juice on the market. The website boasts comprehensive categories and timely update.  

B. A guide for choosing e-juice

The convenient quick index function has been opened, which by choosing your favorite flavor you could find the most suitable e-juice products. 

C. A platform for evaluating e-juice

PINYOU8 has its unique evaluating system, where only the real users are allowed to score and remark the e-juice. This will help to provide the most valuable information for your reference. 

D. A chance for trying the latest e-juice products 

Besides providing the fast, convenient and accurate e-juice guiding service, the platform will occasionally launch some new e-juice products free trial activities. You will have the chance tasting the latest e-juice on the market and then share your reviews here.

PINYOU8 is a newly-launched platform that welcomes all kinds of people who love vape and enjoy tasting different kind of e-juice. Join PINYOU8, find the newest e-juice trends here and share with the users your real experience.

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