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Infinite CLT4 RDA Review

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Infinite was familiar to us initially by its substantial materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and 1:1 clone. It plays an important role in the development of vaping industry. While its share in the fine workmanship market is divided up by several late coming brands like SXK, Infinite begun to develop independent design and production. Now Infinite takes a further step in its new road by launching CLT4 RDA.

The CLT series RDAs so far include the following products: CLT, CLT2, CLT3, CLT Mini and CLT4. Different from the previous CLT products, CLT4 has made great changes in the structure. 


Firstly, CLT4 adopts stainless steel as its main material and it has two colors for selection: black and stainless steel color. It weighs 44.5g and the height (exclusive of the 510 connector) and the diameter are 44mm and nearly 24mm respectively. The inner diameter of the PEI drip tip is 17.6mm. The logo of Infinite is imprinted on the drip tip’s surface and the letters CLT IV are imprinted on the atomizer’s base. The 510 connector is projecting, convenient for being installed on a mod. 


CLT4 consists of the drip tip, the airflow adjusting ring, the atomization tank and the base. All the parts are connected and fixed by the silica rings. 


Here I would like to highlight the base of CLT4, which I personally think is one of the most excellent atomizer bases this year.

CLT’s base is distinct from those of all other atomizers. It has made improvements and innovations based on traditional three-electrode and four-hole structure by changing into the horizontal dual-electrode and four-hole structure. The round holes’ diameter is 2.5mm, being able to be installed with different kinds of coils. 


Inside the accessory package there is another pair of standby electrodes, which adopt the popular U shape structure, leaving enough space for building. The 3mm*2mm rectangular holes are compatible with most coils. 


The replacing method is easy: rotate the bottom adjusting pin and reveal the negative fixing screw; then remove the negative screw and the positive screw in succession; after that replace the electrodes and screw the two screws tightly to finish. 


CLT4 adopts the dual adjustable airflow modes, which are the bottom airflow and the middle airflow. The bottom airflow is adjusted through a rotating pin, which is a little bit inconvenient, and the middle airflow is adjusted through a ring. 


To coordinate the replaceable design, CLT4’s bottom shares the same structure as that of Kennedy V2. Thus CLT4 also face the problem of leaking. But it is not serious and could be solved by installing a cooling fin, although it will affect the appearance. 


For me CLT4 is a kind of comprehensive atomizer, because it could give good flavor in either the bottom airflow mode or the middle airflow mode. The vapor effect is excellent when the two modes are both open. 


1. After receiving the atomizer (especially the black version), if the airflow adjusting ring is too tight, change the silica ring or lubricating it. 

2. The U shape electrodes is more recommended, because it provides larger building space and allows more tricks.

3. The height of the coils should better be higher than the middle airflow holes, thus you could not only use the middle airflow along but also obtain good flavor. The most appropriate status is that you could see one-fourth bottom of the coils through the holes.


CLT4 is the fifth atomizer in the CLT series, and it is distinct from the previous four because of its creative horizontal electrode structure, replaceable U shape electrodes, and adjustable dual airflow design. By only opening the bottom airflow, it becomes a flavor-oriented RDA with good flavor; by open the two modes simultaneously, it changes into a big vapor atomizer. Though there exist small defects in the design of the bottom airflow, it is the compromise to the design of replaceable electrodes. 

Generally, Infinite CLT4 is a comprehensive atomizer that combines good flavor and big vapor.

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