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Teslacigs Three Box Review

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Teslacigs Invader 3 is a half-mech mod that is familiar to vapers. It features violent output, safety protection and convenient operation, thus being popular among RDA players. 

The following Stealth Kit also continued the concept of simple and convenient. The single fire button make it a good choice for newbies. 

In this passage I will introduce the latest-released Teslacigs Three mod and make a brief comparison among Teslacigs’s products for your reference. 


The brief introduction of Teslacigs Three:


Battery Capacity:5000mAh (built-in)

Material:Zinc Alloy


Maximum Output Power:150W

Maximum Output Voltage:4.2V

Maximum Output Current:40A

USB input:5V/2A

USB output:5V/1A

Minimum Resistance:0.1 ohm


There are four LED lights above the fire button, which will light while charging to indicate the electric quantity. Press the fire button and observe the LED lights’ status to check the battery level while use.

Four Protection Functions:

1. Long-time firing protection: the device will automatically stop firing if the continuous evaporation time exceeds 10s. The LED lights will flicker eight times and the mod will enter into the standby mode.

2. Low voltage alarm: When the voltage is lower than 3.4v, the LED lights will flicker 15 times and then the mod will shut down automatically.

3. Atomizer short circuit protection: When short circuit happens, the LED lights will flicker five times rapidly and the mod will enter into the standby mode.

4. Charging protection: when the current or the voltage is excessively large, the charging circuit will automatically disconnect. 


Teslacigs Three is packaged in a acrylic box, which looks very simple.


Inside the packing are a mod, a USB cable, a handbook and a certificate of qualification. There is a USB port on the bottom of Three, which is the output port that could be used for charging digital products like mobile phones. The 5000mA built-in battery make the mod a multifunctional product. 


Seen from the four different angles, Three is coated with frosted paint, gripping very comfortable. The logo of Teslacigs Three is imprinted on the left bottom of the mod. The rectangular fire button is on the side.

The decompression holes and USB port are both on the bottom, therefore pay attention to place it away from water. The 510 connector is made out of brass and is silver-plated. The overall craftsmanship is exquisite. 



  1. Three’s maximum output is 150W, but it does not have the voltage adjusting buttons. During the use, the actual output power will turn constant according to the resistance of the atomizer. To reach the maximum output, we need to work out the coils’ resistance before building. The lower the resistance, the higher the output power will be.

  2. This kind of constant output mod is a little bit troublesome for newbies. However this will not be a problem once you are used to the rules. For example, the more the wraps of the coils, the slower the heating speed will be.

  3. The single fire button indicates Teslacigs’ design concept of simple and convenient. 


Install M-atty on Three, using 7 wraps ANARCHIST 26G/2.5 coils, and we could see that the performance of it continues the consistent tradition of Teslacigs. 


The picture shows the performance of Three when it was fired. Three’s reaction is rapid, and it performs well even when it was matched with a 0.37ohm RDA and the power has not fully open. 


While using the 0.17ohm double Tiger coils, the heating speed explodes after the first firing. 


A brief comparison among Invader3, Stealth and Three: 


It boasts the 240W maximum output power and five gears voltage adjusting, which makes it the best among the three. In the aspect of output performance, it is the most comprehensive one. 


It features the 100W maximum output, the built-in 2200mA battery, the assorted sub ohm atomizer, a single fire button and the non-adjustable output. Its mini body is very convenient for carrying around, and the Notch coil assorted ensures its excellent performance in either the vapor volume or output speed. However, the embedded connector make it impossible to match with other RDAs. 


Three’s main features are its 150W maximum output, the 5000mA built-in battery and the function of a mobile charger. The single button provides great convenience. The performance of it stands between the above two mods.

In the aspect of playability, Invader3 is the priority choice; in the aspect of portability, Stealth is the priority choice. While Three colligates the two’s merits by combining convenience operation, large capacity battery and the standard 510 connector. 




Three continues Teslacigs' good craftsmanship, the comfortable grip feeling and the excellent assembling make it looks nearly perfect. The words and patterns are silk-screened on the surface, being very explicit. 


The business style appearance makes it an all-match mod. 


The 5000mA battery could power the general flavor-oriented RDAs (0.4-0.6ohm) for more than one day, and the USB charging function make it become a multifunctional mod. 

Three’s convenient operation make it a good choice for those who like carrying RDAs around. 


1. Although it grips comfortable, the coating will easily keep fingerprints.

2. If the coating’s craft is the same as that of Stealth, it will easily suffer peeling off. 

3. Compared with Invader3, Three’s output is relatively gentle.

Convenience and ease of use will be the main design orientation in the future. The various half-mech mods indeed have provided safe and direct vape experience for many vapers. The lack of output adjusting could be made up for by controlling the coils’ resistance. 

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