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Demon Tower RDA Review

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[Guide]: RDAs are very popular among vape players. While choosing among these simple and compact RDAs, many may attach greater importance on their appearances. Recently I received a RDA whose appearance is extremely distinctive, however, there are still shortcomings in its details. 


Demon Tower adopts the simple paper packaging. Only the logo, name and color of the RDA are imprinted on the surface of the box, which makes the RDA more mysterious.


Demon Tower uses square design. Its outer tank is made of transparent glass. It looks like a RTA on the first sight.


Like regular RDAs, Demon Tower consists of three parts—the drip tip, the tank and the base. The tank part looks like a lantern, whose eight corners are carefully crafted. 

The base electrodes use the popular U shape dual-electrode and four-hole structure, with the positive electrode being golden plated, increasing the stability and electric conductivity. 


The RDA adopts the side dual-hole airflow method. The airflow holes that are shaped in strips and close to the electrodes are relatively big. U shape dual-electrode structures are often matched with top filling, which we only need to drop the liquid onto the center of the electrodes to soak the cotton. While for Demon Tower, this method is ineffective, because the liquid will leak through the two airflow holes on the two sides. For that reason, users of Demon Tower must adopt the traditional filling method—drop liquid on the two sides of the cotton respectively and control the quantity to a proper extent to prevent the liquid from flowing into the airflow tube. 


Besides the unique appearance, Demon Tower’s structure is also ingenious. The airflow structure combines both the direct connection and side direction, well avoiding the trouble of liquid splatter. 


Demon Tower’s outer tank is made up of the base, the glass tank and the top cap, all being connected and fixed by four long screws. 


The tank’s design theory is the same as that of Tugboat. The atomizer’s base is the regular round shape and the tank is square. 


Though Demon Tower’s airflow volume could be adjusted through rotating the tank’s angle, it will lead to visually inharmonious.


Each box’s 510 connector is distinct from others, therefore Demon Tower could not perfectly coordinate with them. 

This problem could be solved using the same method as CUBOID MINI, which is, adjusting the angle via rotating the screws of the base. 


The U shape structure is suitable for installing trick coils, so I use Tiger pre-made heating coils to build it. The coils are winded eight cycles in the diameters of 3mm. 


Install the coils and adjust the status of heating. 


Pass through the cotton after the coils cool down. Demon Tower allows directly pressing the cotton’s tail into the sunken space on the two sides of the liquid groove.

The airflow port is too close to the cotton. Thus pay attention to the distance between them to prevent the liquid from entering the holes. 

After that, adjust the two sides of the liquid groove and keep the space as large as possible. 


Actual Experience:

A. Vapor Volume

Demon Tower’s performance in the aspect of vapor volume is similar to that of regular RDAs, which means that its unique outer tank has no apparent effects on its vapor volume.

B. Flavor

Demon Tower also performs moderate in flavor, which is relatively rich and soft. 


C. Others

The drip tip of Demon Tower should be a weakness of it. If the box is not vertically placed while use, it will make you feel uncomfortable to inhale. And the angle will always change along with your use. To solve it, the manufacturer provides a round drip tip for replacement, but it will affect the overall appearance.

The 510 positive screw is paralleled with the outer negative electrode, therefore mods and boxes that do not have short-circuit protection are not recommended to match with it.

The size of the liquid groove is relatively small, and it’s too close to the airflow holes, making it inconvenient to drop liquid. 



Demon Tower’s most attractive point is its unique and beautiful appearance. But there are some small problems that affect its practicability. If you are fond of its appearance and do not care about the few defects, then Demon Tower is a good choice for you.


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