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Ten Popular Integrated Boxes Review

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When vapers are accustomed to simple and normal boxes or mods, the integrated boxes come out and surprise many players. Their integrated design and small size make them soon win popularity. To help vapers choose e-cig products more easily, VAPEBUS will keep compiling various summarizing articles for your reference. This time I’ll give a brief review of ten popular integrated boxes.

1. Stealth mini


As a constant voltage box, Stealth mini’s explosive power is almost equivalent to that of Invader 3. Its built-in 2200mA polymer lithium battery could power the box for more than half a day. 

However, the lack of an extending adaptor make it less playable. The box is compatible with the mainstream 22mm atomizers, and is more suitable for skilled players. 

2. SMOANT knight V1


Knight V1’s maximum output is 60W. In its standard configuration there is an atomizer that could support both DL and MTL. Judging from the box’s portability and ease of use, it is more suitable for skilled players. 

3. Aspire Plato


Plato’s integrated box is an outstanding product of Aspire. Despite that there exist shortages in its evaporation tank, its appearance and overall performance are remarkable. 



This box’s RBA make it more playable. Either the flavor or the vapor could be controlled by the players themselves. Liquid splatter will not happen. The damping force is a little bit large, but the vapor volume is moderate and the flavor is concentrated. It’s easy to shift between the temp control mode and the voltage adjusting mode. It’s a good choice for the newcomers who want to use e-cigs to replace cigarettes. 



AVATAR QX boasts the highlights of small size and easy use. For newcomers who are not used to voltage adjusting devices, QX is absolutely a considerable choice for them because of its convenient use and beautiful appearance. 

6. Purely Pocket


Purely Pocket is the same as other embedded boxes, except that it has only one fire button and one adjustment handle, which is much more convenient for the newcomers. The sanitary cap of the drip tip is a considerate design. Its MTL resistance is very close to that of real cigarettes.

7. PUFF fx40mini


This Italian box is designed as the replacement of real cigarettes. Being equipped with a built-in battery and the embedded atomizer, the box’s maximum output is 40W. The extending adapter makes the box more playable for skilled vapers.

8. Joyetech eGRIP II


eGRIP II not only supports pre-made coils, but also has the RBA for self-making. Therefore it is a practical product. The adapter makes the box more than a simple integrated box. 

9. iStick Basic


This box of Eleaf adopts embedded structure. Its atomizer is small, being very suitable for newcomers. The built-in battery and constant voltage output make the box easy to operate. 

10. kangertech NEBOX


The size of NEBOX is relatively large. Its maximum output is 60W, and it has a RBA base, therefore it’s suitable for being a replacement of cigarettes. However, its size and ease of use may trouble the newcomers. The 10ml liquid capacity is a good design for lazy vapers.

Besides the above 10 integrated boxes, there also many other recommendable like products. For more recommendations please keep following the update of our website.

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