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Cloupor Blink Box Review

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For devices that are equipped with batteries, the battery life is an important factor when assessing their comprehensive performance. Along with the battery life, the charging time should also be considered. Normal 18650 batteries often require five hours for charging, which is annoying. 

Then the fast-charging technology comes, which has provided better experience for using e-products equipped with it.

Cloupor has followed the trend by apply this technology to its e-cig box-Blink. 



Cloupor Blink is packaged in a paper box.

Things included in the packaging are:Blink 75w box×1,data cable×1,large-power charger×1,bilingual handbook×1.


Blink is a single 18650 battery box whose size and weight control is superior to most like products. 

The streamlined design make it touch comfortable.

The black body is made of zinc alloy, which is light, anti-fading, and fingerprint-resistant.

There is a 0.96 inch screen on the front face. 


Blink’s buttons are all on the right side of it, and the fire button is on the proper position that is convenient for both right-hand and left-hand operating.

The three operational keys are relatively hard to the hand but very firmly attached. 



The charging port and battery compartment are both on the bottom. 


There are six airflow holes on the battery compartment cap, and the rotating design of it is efficient. However the gap between it and the base is apparent.

The zinc alloy chromate finish makes the base have the effect of a mirror, but it is also easy to be scratched. 



The top elastic 510 connector is on one side.


Cloupor Blink’s maximum supporting power is 75w.

The parameters displayed on the screen include the voltage, the resistance, the current, the puff, and the firing time. 

Then current and voltage will display only when firing the machine.

As for the function, it supports the mainstream power mode, voltage adjusting mode, TCR mode and the temp control mode that includes NI, TI and SS316. 


For a box that support fast-charging, it is necessary to adopt a big power charger.

Most of the existed e-cig boxes’ charging power is 5W (1A).

Cloupor Blink makes use of the Quick Charge 2.0 and its original charger to raise this data to 16.5w, which is a three times increase. 


Cloupor Blink could recognize and display the charging speed.

The full charging time of a VTC4 battery is 45min, which is much faster compared with the 2.5h charging time of other single-battery boxes.

Under the rapid charge status, the calorific power of the box is relatively big but acceptable.



Advantages: The novel appearance of Blink has great visual shock. Its small and light body is convenient for carrying around. The function catches up with the mainstream and its fast charging is very practical.

Disadvantages: The parameters that could be displayed on the screen are limited. The top cap and base’s craftsmanship remains to improve. Its original data cable is too thin to feel reliable.

Lastly, about the battery:

Under the fast charging status, the current is from 3A to 4A, which is not affordable for all the 18650 batteries. 

While choosing the battery, we should as about the maximum supporting current before buying. 

The mainstream VTC4, Samsung 25R, LG he2 and he4 all support the 4A fast charging.

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