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10 Popular RTAs Review

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The year of 2016 is witnessing the most flourishing period of RTAs. More and more RTAs are emerging in the market. This kind of atomizers share the same base structures with RDAs and have the feature of tank atomizers simultaneously. They have almost the same quantity of vapors as regular RDAs and are richer in flavor. The tank could store liquid, avoiding the trouble of frequent filling. 

RTAs could be classified into DIY RTAs and finished RTAs, where the latter allows vapers to enjoy the fun of big vapor effortlessly, being suitable for newcomers who are interested in big vapors. Here I would list some popular RTAs for your reference. 



Ace Tank is the upgrading version of OBS Crius RTA. It has the adjustable holes on the top, which could strength the airflow. A finished ceramic coil head and a RTA base is also included. The most important feature of it is the convenience that it provides for newcomers to build coils thanks to the single coil structure. 

2. Cleito 


Cleito’s RTA kit is known for its excellent performance because of the big vapor and rich flavor. The building of coil head is easy enough for either skilled vapers or newcomers. Its performance deserves your attention.



Tornado’s finished coil head is relatively large, and the inner structure is also distinct from the existed coil heads. The size of its RTA base provides enough space for building coils. The replaceable gradient tank greatly increases the playability of Tornado Nano. 



Merlin RTA has four replaceable tanks with different specifications. The airflow could be adjusted by changing the hardware that are with different diameters, which, combining with the replaceable tanks, make it efficient to control the airflow resistance. The structure of two electrodes and four holes provides convenience for building single and dual coils. The integrated air liquid flow structure allow users to close the airflow and liquid flow at the same time.

5. Smoant Mobula RTA


The diameter of Mobula RTA is 25mm, and the capacity of its tank is 6ml. The greatest feature is the top airflow design, where the air enters the top cap via the two holes and directly flows into the evaporation tank through the tube. The 17.5mm electrode deck and the U shape four-hole electrodes are very convenient for installing coils. 

6. Sense Herakles RTA-2


The diameter of Sense Herakles RTA is 24mm, which is common to see among RTAs. The top filling design is consistent with the main trend. Besides the adjustable liquid flow, the biggest advantage of Sense Herakles is the adjustable electrodes on the base, which could meet the requirements of the vapers who seek for innovation.

7. Kang Vape EZ RTA


Kang Vape EZ RTA’s most important characteristic is its screw-exempt design of the electrodes, making the installation much easier. This has avoided pinching off the coils due to screwing too tight and expanded the size of the evaporation tank. Both the 3mm coils and clapton coils could be easily installed, with no worry about short circuit resulting from the coils’ contact to the tank.

8. UD simba RTA 


Simba’s 22mm diameter rightly follows the mainstream, and its maximum liquid capacity is 4.5ml. The two finished coil heads are ceramic and ceramic coated respectively, which could meet the requirements of different vapers. The ceramic fillers inside the bottom airflow adjusting ring play an important role in diluting the condensed fluid. 

9. Wismec Theorem RTA


It’s a RTDA rather than a simple RTA. The classical big-hole electrode of Wismec is very convenient for building heating coils. The single coil hardware, NotchCoil coils and the relatively large liquid tank ensure the playability and portability of the atomizer. 

10. SMOK TF-G4


SMOK TF-G4 has made full use of its limited structure. The four-coil structure and relatively convenient building process make it possible for most vapors to experience its outstanding evaporation effect. The adjustable liquid flow holes and its classical top filling structure make the atomizer comparable with RDAs. 

Besides the above ten representative RTAs, there are also other cost-effective products on the market, which I will introduce in the future. Hope that you have benefited from my article.

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