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Among all PUFF’s creative and beautiful boxes, AVATAR FX40 stood out by virtue of its outstanding design. After it became popular among the vapers, the brand has made innovations on it and then launched the portable version kit—AVATAR QX. Here I would like to present my use experience of this kit in this passage. 


Different from the former identical packing, AVATAR QX adopts simple acrylic boxes, with the logo of PUFF laser engraved on one side. The packing list and precautions are all marked on the back. Things included in the pack are: a kit, a manual book, an Allen screwdriver, and an Ego magnetic adapter.

The packing of the box is not as luxury as AVATAR’s products before.


AVATAR QX has a very moderate weight, which is compact but not excessively heavy. The color of the box is that of the carbon fiber, and there is another rose red one. As for the detailed color categories, the official platform has not published yet.

The box’s design presents a feel of moderate temperature, and the touch of it is relatively good, let alone its small size that ensures easy grasp. 


The whole box has only one button, which is rather big. Nearly the whole side’s place is occupied by the rectangular fire button, and the feedback LED signal could be seen through the gap. Press the fire button and the LED will turn white; press the button five times in succession to power on/off, and the LED will successively light white and red respectively.


The drawing process of the metal surface is well crafted, with all the corners and details being sophisticatedly polished. There are seven stripe airflow channels on one side of the box, through which the quantity of liquid could be clearly seen. The USB port is beneath the fire button. 


The box and atomizer continues the magnetic design of AVATAR FX40—the atomizer could be attached to the box directly through the magnetic force. 


1. Battery: 2200mA, 20A discharge

2. Atomizer: 1.8ml, 1.5/1.0/0.5 ohm

3. Power: 1.5ohm-9w; 1.0ohm-14w; 0.5ohm-29w.

4. Electric quantity: white: 70-100%, yellow: 30-70%, red: 0-30%

5. Connecting method of the atomizer: magnetic connection



The atomizer adopts traditional bottom filling design. The liquid tank is made of acrylic material instead of glass, and the top hollow carving is only for ornamental purpose.

The routine maintenance and cleaning is also very convenient. The atomizer could be disassembled into three parts: the base, that tank and the drip tip. The atomizer is also carefully crafted, and situations like locking and leaking do not exist. 




The material of the box is well chosen, and both the temperature and weight of it are moderate. The polishing process of each part is relatively good. 

The overall quality of the atomizer many be affected by the tank’s plastic material, therefore its craftsmanship is inferior to the box. However, there are no problems like leaking.


The design of embedded atomizer has well shortened the overall length of the kit, making the product appear simple, mini and elegant. But for those who are used to RBA, this may be a little bit like EGO, which has the feeling of plastic. 


QX do not support the function of voltage adjusting, therefore the flavor could not be adjusted according to personal preference. However the vapor quantity and taste is relatively good. Compared with the similar TESLACIGS Stealth, its flavor is much softer.


The mini kit supports direct filling, and could meet almost all of a beginner’s requirements. It’s easy to maintain and use. 

As for the parameters, the 2200mA battery matching with the 1.0-above atomizer could ensure the cruising time of a whole day.


1. The LED light is not notable enough, which could not be distinguished under the sunlight.

2. There is only one atomizer, which has reduced the practicability. Hope that the retailed version could be added with some standby coil heads.

3. The quality of the packing is relatively low, especially the labels inside.

The two outstanding points of AVATAR QX are its mini and practical features. For those who primarily choose e-cigs for the purpose of smoking cessation and those who find it too complex to deal with voltage-adjusting devices, AVATAR QX is the best choice for them. 

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