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LIMITLESS 200W Box Mod Review

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LIMITLESS has released a 24mm-diameter RDTA recently. The product well proves the strength of the company through its appearance, heating space, operating space and filling method. 

The RDTA is a 300W high-power temp control box, which, according to the official, is set with the burst modes of three gears and the lowest resistance of 0.8ohm—being very scarce in the existed boxes.


LIMTILESS 200W box’s covers on the two sides could be replaced freely according to your preference. The standard cover is imprinted with the representative logo of LIMITLESS. 


LIMITLESS 200W is a dual-battery box, and its pole pieces are all processed with gold-plating, which could ensure the maximum degree of electric-energy transformation. 

The resistance to the process of battery installation is moderate, therefore the phenomenon of too tight a slot doesn’t exist.



The 510 silver-plating adaptive interface is compatible with most atomizers. The atomizer connector’s diameter is not the standard 22mm, and do not has the trouble of peeling off painting. 


Official parameters:

Size: 92*63.5*23.8mm

Power: 10W-200W

Resistance: 0.08-5.00ohm

Temp control mode: NI, TI, ss316

Battery: Double 18650 batteries in series

Temp control range: 100-300C/220-580F

Three output modes: Soft, Standard and Powerful


LIMITLESS’s coating is special, for it does not adopt the mainstream nacrolacquer, but the industrial uneven coating instead. The surface of the box has some slightly raised small particles, which shows a visual feeling of heavy industrial rolled steel. 



The box adopts mirror face display screen, which could also act as a mirror. The screen is not as easily being scratched as ordinary mirror face screens, and the definition is as clear as under usual situation unless the sunlight is too strong. 


The resilience force of the button is moderate, and the screen display and operation that are driven by the custom LMC chip are also distinct from the current prevalent boxes. The screen layout of the box is relatively simpler, however, the amount of information displayed is also more limited. Only the data of real-time power, memory blocks, output gears, real-time resistance, electric quantity and output voltage are displayed. LIMITLESS has three memory blocks and each could adjust the output power independently. 


The interface of LIMITLESS: 



To enter the function menu:

Press the fire button three times in succession to enter the screen lock mode and unlock mode. Press the fire button five times in succession to enter the menu, and press the button to shift among the options.

To adjust the output modes:

Press “-” to shift the mode and press the fire button to confirm. 

To adjust the memory blocks and output power:

Press “+” to see the “M1” flickering on the upper right of the screen, and shift according to it, finally press “-” to adjust the power. 

LIMITLESS’s lowest resistance is 0.08ohm, which indicates how big the vapor will be combing with its 200W output tree-gear output modes. The double batteries could prevent form reversed polarity, short circuit, and low resistance. 

The LIMITLESS RDTA is well known among the vapers for a long time, therefore I used it to test the performance of this box.

First I made the double 22G/A1 coils and set the resistance at 0.17ohm, then I compared the status of vapors of the three gears under 80W. 


After that I’ve made a comparison between it and the well-recognized DNA200 box under the same data and gears respectively.




From the above pictures we could see very clearly that LIMITLESS is superior to DNA200 under both ST and PO modes in the aspects of firing speed and output strength. And only when under the SO mode is it inferior to DNA200.



LIMITLESS 200W’s performance is relatively good, and the double battery and 200W output make it even superior to DNA200.


However, the box lacks of round curves design, therefore its four angles are a little bit aggressive to the hand. Although it does not have the decompression and heat dissipation holes, there is no obvious heating problem. The mainstream charging port is also included in LIMITLESS box, which means that an external charger is needed.


From the picture we could see that the fire button is paralleled with the faceplate, which is basically consistent with the mainstream boxes. But it will be better if the position of the logo could be replaced by the fire button. The replaceable covers on the two sides are playable and interesting, which is distinct from those single and boring boxes.

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