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Newly Released Puff QX Box

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QX is another product of Puff that could hit in the depth of your soul.

Puff QX box’s parameters:

Battery:2200 mA,20A


Resistance: 1.5,1.0,0.5

Power: 1.5 coil - 9W, 1.0 coil - 14w,0.5 coil - 29W(full power adjustment,changing according to the coil head’s resistance.)

LED low battery indication:white 70-100%, yellow 30-70% and red 0-30%

The atomizer’s battery connecting method: magnetic connector

FX 50 witnesses the fluent curve design and advanced product concept of Puff; FX 40 revealed the excellent engineering appearance design of Puff; and QX has made all the things simpler. It couldn’t make an impression at the first view of it function, but a sense of content will arise when you grip it in your hand.

As the world of vapers is growing more and more complex, the numerous kinds of designs and functions of e-cig products are forcing us to think about what is the kind of product that we really need. Puff says that QX is the answer.


QX continues the exquisite appearances of Puff—the stainless steel shell fitting with beautiful curves and the pink or carbon black coloring matching with the metallic luster.


The box features small size and with no power adjusting function. But the 0.5 coil head could produce big vapors by lightly pressing the fire button. 


The brand-new appearance design endows the box with strong grip feeling and perfect fitting. The fire button is simple and convenient, behind which the light could indicate the battery status.

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