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Large Size Wismec Inde Duo RDA Review

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[Guide] Wismec has previously launched a RDA designed by Jay Bo, which is called Inde Duo. Judging from the official description, I get that this is a RDA with double layer transparent tube and it adopts top airflow, of which the structure is very special.


Inde Duo is packaged in a square acrylic box. On the front face of the box is the logo of WISMEC, and the side face the name of the atomizer-INDE DUO, below which marked that the design is originate from California, produced by Wismec and made in China.


On the back of the box is the configuration of the product. Inde Duo has two atomizer tubes, whose size is 22mm and 30mm respectively. Inde Duo is exactly a 30mm atomizer, but to adapt to regular boxes and mods, Jay Bod designed another general 22mm tube, considering that some customers may do not have a suitable device to hold this hefty machine.


The inner part of the package is relatively simpler, in which there is an atomizer, a steel tank, a kit and a hexagon spanner.


Only through observing the appearance of the atomizer can’t we be aware of Inde Duo’s size. I’ve made a comparison between Inde Duo and another regular 22mm atomizer, which will give a direct view. The right picture is the default state of Inde Duo, very coordinately matching with 26650. The left is the effect of equipping 26650 with the 22mm steel tank, which, although the size is ordinary, still gives an abrupt impression.


Among the various characteristics of Inde Duo, the 30mm tube is only one of them. The RDA also applies top airflow, which is usual for Wismec. The top airflow is distinctive from that of RBAs in form, although, it shares the same theory. The airflow enters the double layer and hollow tube through the top hole and then flows to the atomizer’s inner tank from the bottom, and finally exhausts from the drip tip.

The advantages of this structure vary, among which the most practical one is anti-leaking. Surely, leaking will also happen to RDAs-if liquid filling is exceeded, it will leak from the holes and gaps while the coils are working. If you have the experience of using a RDA, you must have witnessed the boiled phenomenon of liquid when the coils are under working condition. While top airflow will basically avoid this situation. Aside from anti-leaking, top airflow could also bring down the vape temperature and improve the flavor. 


Inde Duo’s appearance is very similar to an electric pressure cooker, and the top tip is like a transparent pot cover. Users needn’t to disassemble the tube to fill liquid, instead, the only thing they need to do is to pull out the tip. Of course, it is feasible to fill directly through the tip, which saves a lot of trouble.

Many atomizers could fill directly through the tip, avoiding frequent open of the tube. However this is not applicable to atomizers that are equipped with splatter screen. The connectors of Inde Duo has divided the oil tank into two relatively independent parts, thus making it inappropriate to be directly filled, otherwise the liquid volume of the two parts will be uneven.


After completely disassembled Inde Duo, I find that except from the 22mm steel tank, the hardware include a drip tip, an airflow adjusting ring, a double layer tube assembly and a base. The components is relatively few, like most RDAs, it’s easy to operate and maintain.


This is the base connector structure of Inde Duo, which looks like the current prevalent U shape connector at the first sight. But take a good look at it, you will find they vary a lot. 

Strictly speaking, Inde Duo should be counted as a three electrodes structure, in which the two sides are the negative electrodes and the middle is the positive electrode which is set with three holes. It forms up the special transformation of three electrodes and five holes. Don’t look down upon the extra two holes on the positive electrode, which greatly enhance the playability of the atomizer. Its structure provides wide space for vapers who love creative working.


I’ve made eight 24Awg coils to demonstrate the relations between the positive and negative electrodes. Because I don’t have any 26Awg coil in hands, I took the 24Awg coil as the replacement. However, the resistance is excessively low and the 521 tab displays 0.06Ω, DX75 displays 0.08Ω. To drive it the power should be at least 220W, which general boxes could not support. By using 26650 mod, the battery is overloaded, the heating speed is lower, and it end up with failing to lighten. 

I’m here to remind you guys that redundant coils will lead to overloading, thus pay attention to device choosing and safety problems.


The first impression that Inde Duo gives me is that it is very suitable for making four vertical coils. Of course, in everyday use, you can make the common horizontal double coils, too. Like other atomizers that are equipped with U shape electrodes, you could choose those with upper left and low right holes, which are flexible and convenient for building.


Vertical building need to thread the cotton through the upper side and drag out from the down side. After reserving appropriate length, cut horizontally with the electrode and wad the cotton below into the liquid tank.


Soak the cotton with liquid and fire it, the vape volume appears well. Thanks to the four coils, the vape density is denser than that of double coils.


In my practical experience, under the same data, Inde Duo’s vape volume is larger than general RDAs. Its flavor is richer but more pungent. And the result is the same after changing it into regular double coils. 


As for the 30mm tube of Inde Duo, I have the same question as many people-could it store liquid? After my practical experience, I find that it could direct fill through the drip tip and the tank could store a small quantity of liquid. Its use won’t be affected once the liquid doesn’t go beyond the tank’s hole. Excessive liquid will lead to the inhalation of liquid while breathing in.

The top airflow allows the shift of different inhalation resistances through rotating the adjusting ring. The shifting range is relatively wide, which could fit most vapers’ use habits.


Recently, the DNA75 chip has stimulated the development and popularization of 26650 devices. EVOLV’s DX75 and HICIGAR’s VT75 all adopt 26650 battery, which are the perfect match of Inde Duo.



Jay Bo may have considered that 26650 devices are not so common among ordinary users, and a 30mm tube is not so suitable with hefty box like RX00, so he designed an extra 22mm steel tank. After replacing it with this smaller size tube, the pressure cooker suddenly turns into a milk pan with 6 side holes. It changes little in the vape volume and flavor compared with the 30mm glass tube, but due to the lack of adjustable airflow and the low resistance, it sometimes gives the feeling of air inhalation.The shortage of the double layer glass thermal insulation makes the temperature of the 22mm tube as hot as that of similar RDAs. Moreover, the 22mm tube makes the most important features of Inde Duo-the connector structure and large size double layer glass tube-become useless.


Summary: The problem that matters most of Inde Duo lies in its large size, which the 30mm tube is most probably classified into the 26650 atomizers. Only by matching with the 26650 titanic mod will it make a coordinative appearance. Regular devices and mods could hardly coordinate with Inde Duo. Although it allows the replacing with 22mm steel tank and affects little in flavor and vape volume, I personally think it will reduce to the biggest feature of Inde Duo.

Inde Duo’s comprehensive performance is good, except for its size. Compared with other atomizers that are under the same data, Inde Duo’s vape volume is larger and the flavor is richer. It should belong to a flavor-oriented big vape RDA. The special electrode structure provides high possibility for creative building. Even for newcomers, it’s convenient and easy to operate. However, the integration of the transparent tube and the base is not solid enough, being likely to break away. Thus users should be carefully while using, otherwise it’s a great trouble if the glass tank is broken.

In spite of so many advantages and features, I still won’t expect much about Inde Duo’s prospect of sale, for the possession rate of 26650 devices is very low, which is like a threshold to the sales of Inde Duo. After all barely anyone would like to specially buy a box to adapt to an atomizer. However, to those who have a 26650 device in hand, Inde Duo absolutely deserves buying.

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