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Teslacigs Stealth Kit Review

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[Guide] 2016 should be the year of embedded atomizers’ return. Many manufacturers have released their integrated kits this year, for example, the hotly debated Smoant Knight V1 and PUFF’s newly launched FX40 MINI. The most significant feature of them is the improved coordination problem between the atomizer and the box, which has long been a deficiency of other big size boxes. 

Recently, Teslacigs has also launched an integrated kit-Stealth. The kit once appeared on the IECIE now has its retail edition. Compared with other similar boxes, Stealth distinguishes in its positioning of “MINI”. The mini box combined with its embedded design and built-in battery, has reduced the dimension of the kit to an unprecedented level.

The launch of Stealth has brought its atomizer-Shadow into the user’s sight. Teslacigs product line has always been majored in box devices, where atomizers are numbered. While this time its new atomizer Shadow, which uses stainless steel ware coil, is highly recommended on its official website. It’s easy to judge that Teslacigs is confident of its Stealth box and Shadow atomizer. Then what’s the practical experience of the kit? Here I will present the review of Teslacigs Stealth.

When talking about Stealth, many will associate it with the famous military science fiction action film. Since the launch of Invader 3, Teslacigs has transformed its naming style. From Invader to Stealth and Shadow, Teslacigs product names are becoming more high-end. 


According to the official data, Stealth’s length, width and height are 7cm, 4.95cm and 2.5cm respectively, which is outstanding among all mini boxes. Considering the hollow space that has to be left for an atomizer and other hardware like chip and battery, Stealth’s actual inner space is very compact.

Stealth reduces its overall dimension to the maximization, which, after installed with an atomizer, is still compact and mini. It could be completely wrapped by one single palm, just like its name “Stealth”.


The 510 thread of Stealth adopts the adjustable and spring self-adapting design. The connector screw of the box in my hand could be adjusted 180 degree, which is half a circle. This could well support those atomizers with special bottom connectors.


The body of Stealth is processed with rubber paint, which is even and consistent and touches fine and smooth. 

Stealth’s paintwork is relatively strong. I’ve used the kit for seven days and haven’t seen any apparent wear or scratch yet, especially in the most vulnerable bottom part. It performs excellently in anti-wear.


The button is set on the top, which is comfortable for either forehand or backhand. However, Stealth couldn’t avoid the problem of unintentionally air flow blocking. Although it has made some improvements compared with similar products, users should still pay attention to the grasp intensity to avoid blocking.

I personally think that top air flow is most suitable for embedded kit, which not only is convenient for air volume adjusting, but also avoid blocking. Moreover, it could prevent leaking.


The newly released Shadow atomizer is equipped with 316 steel coil. One feature of 316 is that it could be both applied to TC and VW, therefore, it is also applicable to Stealth, which do not have the TC mode.


Shadow’s structure is simple and with fewer accessories. It could be disassembled into five parts. It coil head is long enough, which is similar to Aspire’s Cleito.

The coil head’s functions include acting as a tube, evaporating e-liquid, as well as connecting and consolidating the atomizer. The multifunction of it will surely lead to a relatively high price, though the official retail price is still unknown. 


Compared with other similar atomizers that use 316 steel coils as well, Shadow’s problem of scorch cotton isn’t so critical.

The large inner space, combining the more durable and reusable 316 coil, provides chance for users who love DIY to rebuild. In that aspect it makes up for the shortage of lacking a RBA coil head. Nevertheless, DIY coil may cause short circuit, and will affect the flavor and volume, so I do not suggest rebuilding. Even if you are very confident of your skill, it’s still necessary to keep an eye on your operation and don’t use the rebuilding coil head on the mods that do not have short circuit protection.


The atomizer base is special. There is a bowl-shape space left below the area that connects with the coil head, to block the liquid leaking from the bottom hole and prevent base hole leaking. However, considering the need of air flow, leaking is hard to avoid.

In everyday use, the right installation of coil head and sealed ring will indeed obviate the possibility of leaking. To test the reliability of the anti-leaking structure, I opened the top cap and base air flow hole before filling liquid, and left it standing until I found that the liquid has filled the anti-leaking bowl and flowed out from the base two hours later. It demonstrates that the anti-leaking structure is truly effective within a certain period of time even when the tank is fully opened.


Shadow adopts top filling design. Just unscrew the top cap to fill e-liquid between the coil head and glass tank. Although the tank is somewhat long, the large size coil head has taken most of the space and only leave around 3.5ml for e-liquid filling.

When unscrewing the top cap, observe whether the coil head is moving together, which will happen on the condition that the coil head wasn’t tightly connected with the base. In that case, the liquid in the tank will leak through the base.


Actual use experience:

1. In the aspect of the box’s performance, I did the test with the TURBO RDA, which is the only one that could be applied to Stealth. Stealth do not delay in power output, and its coil reacts rapidly with high explosive power. The resistance of double coil RDA is around 0.18Ω, of which the performance when the box is fully charged is consistent with that when using voltage adjusting device at 100W. But it’s a pity that the there is a fan under the tip of TURBO, which do not allow direct filling and require to open the tank first. 


Operating difficulty has nothing to do with mechanical devices like Stealth, because there is only one fire button. The power naturally outputs through the battery and, like mechanical mods, there is no need to set parameters like power and function. The actual working power is completely depending on the coil resistance. 


2. In the aspect of the atomizer, Shadow is preassembled with a 0.28Ω 316 coil head, and attached with a 0.6Ω coil head. The power of the 0.28Ω could reach up to 60W while fully charged, and the 0.6Ω 29W.

The two coil heads feature accurate and soft flavor, but lacking concentration. The 0.28Ω is suitable for big vape using, while 0.6Ω is more suitable for small air flow mouth inhalation.

The 0.28Ω performs moderate in vape volume, which is inferior to RDAs under the same resistance and power. The 0.6Ω, which do not lay importance on volume at all, performs as well as similar RBAs under the same resistance.

The atomizer’s inhalation resistance is relatively large, which is appealing to those who love large resistance DL. To compare Shadow with RDAs, the latter could inhale within 2 seconds while the former need 3-4 seconds. 

The heating volume of 316 is large, followed with high temperature of the atomizer after continuous inhalation. But the heat won’t be conducted to the tip and there is relevant design to prevent your finger from touching the atomizer. Therefore, it doesn’t affect practical use.

Shadow’s operation is also simple, just unscrew the top cap to fill e-liquid. There is no need to disassemble the atomizer from the box. Its structure is simple, and accessories are fewer. Daily cleaning and maintenance are also very convenient. 



Stealth kit has a unique appearance and touches comfortable. Its size is the smallest among the similar kits, which is highly portable. The box is easy to operate even for newcomers, no need for complex settings.

The box’s output is powerful. The minimum supporting resistance is 0.1Ω, which is compatible with most RBAs. But the installation problem may limit the application of ordinary RDAs and some RDTAs. Atomizers that are larger than 22mm are also unable to be installed. It’s really a pity for the excellent output performance of Stealth.

The atomizer’s flavor is soft and its vivification degree to the liquid is relatively high. But it lacks concentration, somewhat similar to the GT series. The vape volume of the 0.28Ω coil head is relatively high, and the 0.6Ω allows small air flow mouth inhalation. It is suitable for all kinds of users.

Stealth is equipped with a 2200mAh built-in battery, whose electric quantity is nearly the same as that of a VCT4 18650 battery. The cruising ability is not good enough while using the 0.28Ω coil head. For me it could last more than half a day, and for those who have a lower demand for vape or work in a smoking-ban area, it could last until you fall asleep. The 1A charge current ensures that it could be fully charged in as fast as three hours, which makes up for the deficiency of the short cruising time. But I have to say that it is understandable for such a small size device.


Finally, the retail price of Stealth is still unknown. Judging from the structure and function, I guess it won’t be too high. If the price is appropriate, Stealth will be very competitive among like products.

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