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Review of PUFF FX40 MINI Kit

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The AVATAR FX50W has once attracted extensive attention due to its large-size screen and dazzling appearance, which has leaded the public style of boxes. However, its large size has also resulted in quite a few complaints from some vapers. After the Shenzhen e-cig expo, PUFF has launched a new member of AVATAR - FX40 MINI. Here I would like to share my practical experience of this kit with you guys.



FX40 MINI continues the advantages of AVATAR’s packaging. The whole packaging is carefully designed, which looks more like a high-end e-product than the mainstream e-cig devices. Details like UV inner box and folding carton structure are all laudable.

Unwrap the packing and the things inside are listed as: a FX40 MINI box, a sub ohm tank, a magnetic EGO thread, a magnetic 510 thread, a magnetic 510 adapter, an instruction book and a screwdriver. While the sample kit that I’ve received only contains a 1.0 ohm coil, for it is not the retailed edition.


FX4O MINI adopts the new idea of magnetic adsorption, that is, to realize fast installation via the magnetic thread and connector. This method is rather convenient and innovative.

Judging from the adapter included in the kit, FX40 MINI could not only be applied with its original sub ohm tank, but also be installed with ego atomizers through the magnetic adapter. The 510 adapter could fill the hollow part of the box and help to install ordinary 22mm atomizers.



FX40 MINI’s appearance is some kind of business style. The metal wiredrawing surface together with three fluent spreading lines embellishes the box, which looks simple but exquisite. The side of the box is intaglioed with the symbol of FX MINI.

Except for the broad metal casing on the back and front, other areas are covered with soft PVC, providing moderate grasp feel. The screen is set on the side face, next to which are the integrated [+] [-] button and a fire button. Both the two buttons have medium resilience force. The USB port is for charging. One deficiency of the box is that the fire button is a little bit loose. Its actually functioning point is on the side close to the screen, while the reverse side do not act at all. 


There are two modes built in FX40 MINI: power mode and temperature control mode (NI / TI). The operation is very easy. The following is my experience of each operating interface:

Press the fire button five times in succession to power on/off, which will be displayed on the screen.

1. In the interface of power mode, press [+] [-] to adjust output data. Each press represents a 0.5W’s change.

2. In the menu interface, press 3 times in succession to enter, and the screen will display POWER MODE, NI200 MODE, TI 1 MODE, and SCREEN MODE. Press [+] [-] to shift mode and press the fire button to exit.

3. In the power out interface, while choosing NI200 or TI, the interface as shown in the picture will appear. You need to decide the output power first before adjusting the temperature. Press [+] [-] to change output power. Each press represents a 0.5W’s change. Finally press the fire button to confirm.

4. In the interface of the temperature control mode, the tem-control effect is defined by the change of temperature (the output power is fixed because it has been adjusted before entering the mode). The temperature unit is F, and each press will change 10F. The interfaces of NI200 and TI 1 are nearly the same apart from the small icon under the letter F.

5. This is the interface of SCREEN MODE, whose function is to shift the right and left view angle. Press [+] [-] to change the view into RIGHT or LEFT.

The box is easy enough to operate even for newcomers. Its built-in battery could also help to avoid the confusion of choosing batteries, although the battery capacity has not been published yet.


The diameter of FX40 MINI’s atomizer is relatively short. There are no official detailed parameters yet, and I do not have calipers on hand, but according to my visual inspection, the atomizer’s size is similar to that of KAYFUN MINI V3. The atomizer adopts top filling design, with a 1 ohm coil head. It is directly connected with the box through the magnetic connector.


The atomizer’s structure could be counted as super simple, providing convenience for newcomers who have problem disassembling and cleaning. The hardware except form the drip tip and glass tank are all made of metal with Teflon crafting. However, long-time violent using will lead to varnish loss.

The hardware after disassembly: drip tip, top cap, tank, coil head and base.


Each hardware’s craftsmanship is fairly well. There are four long strip oil guide hole, and the width of the top filling hole is moderate. Be careful to close the air flow of the bottom before filling to avoid leaking. The atomizer uses standard 510 thread, which could also be applied to other boxes. No apparent condensate entrance occurs after using two tanks of liquid.


After the complete disassembly of FX40 MINI, I’m here to give a brief summary to my experience:


1. Exquisite craftsmanship appears high-end, and the mini body allows convenient carrying out;

2. The magnetic design combing with top filling, make it easy to disassemble and fill liquid;

3. The output is relatively stable during use. The 1.0 ohm coil is 1.12-1.13 after the box’s recognition. 18W output could accurately restore the flavor. But the practical quality of the sub ohm coil is up to each one’s personal preference;

4. After three-day’s use, the power still retains at 20% to 30%. 


1. Magnetic connectors are innovative, but their special features decide that certain kind of looseness will exist, and slight skipping will happen under the resistance-sensitive temperature control mode;

2. The vapor is not big enough, and its vapor volume is similar to those of sub ohm atomizers like Nautilus;

3. The air flow hole may be blocked carelessly while grasping if you are not used to its design;

4. Sub ohm coils are consumables. It’s a pity that there is no RBA rebuilding base.

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