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A Review of VGOD Trick Tank Atomizer

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[Guide] Trick e-cig show is the coolest point that could reflect the unique charm of vape. Among the trick show teams, VGOD is the one that has gained great popularity. During the 2th IECIE, the team has become the focus of all the present again by virtue of their great skills and special arrangement of the show. Then a climax of trick skill practicing appeared, and the upsurge of vapors who was practicing trick skills came overnight

Except for the trick skills, vapors are also curious about the devices that VGOD uses while practicing. What kind of mod is used by such an excellent trick show team? Is it mechanical or variable? Which atomizer do they prefer? Is it a RDA or sub ohm tank? To what extend do their devices differ from ours in terms of data? What features should a device have to support a trick show that needs big and dense smoke?

In the closing ceremony of the 2th IECIE, I’ve had the chance to have a short interview with VGOD. During the interview, I got the news that VGOD has already released a trick show dedicated atomizer. Furthermore, the atomizer will soon come to domestic market, which means that trick fans like you will also have access to the new atomizer of VGOD for practice and performance! Today, I would like to introduce this trick show dedicated atomizer by VGOD-TRICK TANK.


Trick Tank is a kind of sub ohm tank. I, myself, was also surprised at receiving the product. I didn’t expect trick teams like VGOD will use sub ohm tank. But I soon felt at ease about this after two seconds’ thinking. As we know, the trick show has a high requirement on the quality and usability of the devices. What will happen to the show and the performers if the coil or cotton goes wrong suddenly? How great the effects it will cause to the show and the emotion of the team members? Maybe a supposed perfect show will end in ordinary or even failure.


Different from smoke contests, trick shows require not only big smoke and high density, but also need secure and reliable device to provide emergency solutions in the shortest time.

For trick shows, sub ohm tanks have a higher reliability and usability than ordinary RBAs and RTAs. It includes a tank, thus do not need to uncap frequently for dripping like a RDA. Performers could concentrate on their performance.


That’s the design theory of Trick Tank. In the following I will give a detailed review of it.


The first detachable part is the insulated cap on the top. This is a practical design, because in the process of a trick show, the use of atomizer is frequent and long-lasting, and how to solve the high temperature of the atomizer becomes the most important problem. No matter how perfect the structure is, an excessively high temperature will reduce the practicability of the atomizer to zero.

The common methods to deal with high temperature are: cooling fin, air flow assistant cooling and obstructing. Taking appearance, structure reliability and the actual effect into consideration, Trick Tank has chosen the simplest but most effective obstructing method, which is to equip the atomizer with an insulated cap to prevent the heat produced and accumulated during working from transferring to the tip and the upper cap.


The upper cap of the tank is very thin, which is directly connected to the tip. There are two grooves on the tip to help fix the insulated cap with the silica ring. Users who are not used to large caliber could install a universal 510 tip on the original one.

Around the cap there are four pair of slots, which except for the ornamental role, the design could also strengthen the friction to prevent sliding while operating.

On the back of the cap there is a broad and quality sealing gasket, indicating that Trick Tank is attaching great importance on airtightness.

Trick Tank does not have the design of a smoke tube. The tip and upper cap is integrated and directly connected with the coil head through the threads and coil in the center circular groove. The components and structure has been simplified to the greatest extent to improve the overall reliability.


Trick Tank has adopted the heat-resistant glass tank whose thickness is more than 2mm, which is strong enough to prevent tank crumbling in a certain degree. I have no access to the official parameters, so I’ve made an actual measurement of it using disposable syringe, and the result is that the full volume of the tank is around 4ml to 4.5ml. As I’ve mentioned above, trick shows requires highly on the quality and usability of the devices, therefore the capacity which represents the cruising ability of an atomizer shouldn’t be too small, otherwise the frequent dripping will cause inconvenience. The capacity of Trick Tank is just right for a trick show. Its cruising ability could ensure a 30-minute use for each performer of the team. 


The filling method of Trick Tank is also very simple. Just unscrew the cap and you can directly fill e-juice into the tank. But one thing that we have to note is that the air inlet port is non-adjustable, so we have to adopt the five-pawns filling method. Namely, to block the air flow port using our webbing and fingers before uncapping the tank, otherwise the juice will leak. Detailed description will be given in the base part.


Trick Tank’s structure features straight through tip and coil head, thus the smoke and flavor is mainly determined by the coil head (Is flavor necessary in trick shows? Detailed description will be given below). The logo of VGOD is engraved on the side, and on the other side marked the model number and resistance: 0.5Ω Kanthal, 30-80W.

Under the coil head there are four supply ports with large diameters, which could ensure the supply speed and volume under continuous use. The bottom of the ports is paralleled with that of the tank, which could help to maximally absorb the juice in the tank.

The coil has the typical big smoke structure-big diameter coil is beneficial to smoke discharging, and the loose wire wrapping could disperse the heat and increase heating area; the moderate thickness and high density of the cotton could shorten the distance between the tank and coil to accelerate the speed and avoid continuous use of burnt coil.


The port on the bottom of the coil head determines the real air flow volume of an atomizer. Even the air hole are fully opened, a small port will lead to equally smaller air flow volume. Take Aspire’s Triton series as an example, the port of the flavor-oriented high resistance coil head is much smaller than that of the low resistance big smoke coil head.

The air flow hole of Trick Tank’s coil head is entirely opened to its limit, the air flow is let in from the bottom then enters into the hole through the head, and finally reach the tip through the coil. The whole process is very fluent. The design ensures that the smoke produced by the coil could be induced away as fast as possible. It not only improves the efficiency and increases the smoke volume and density, but also plays a certain role in heat dissipation, avoiding excessive heat accumulation.


The base of Trick Tank is also distinctive. Let’s look at the top first: like the upper cap, there are also several deep grooves on the glass tank with silica ring inside to prevent e-juice leaking.

The logo of VGOD is carved on the bottom. In the center is the pin-lift positive pole, which will lift the pin inside out when the coil head is installed. Such structure is more stable and reliable, and is compatible with most power units.

The air flow part adopts fixed non-adjustable three-pole mechanism. Compared with similar atomizers, Trick Tank distinguishes in that there is no adjustable ring for air flow volume adjustment. This is another simplification in structure. The fewer the components are, the lower the probability of trouble will be.

Many may raise the question that whether the fixed three-hole air flow port will be too loose or not and will the inhalation resistance be excessive low? I personally prefer higher inhalation resistance. During the actual test, Trick Tank’s inhalation resistance performs moderate, which is equal to the general RDAs and could fit most people’s using habits.

The materials and craftsmanship of the base are all in place, and the screw thread is smooth, tidy and standard. The carving is explicit, which could be demonstrated by the word “Trick Tank”.


Trick Tank consists of five parts, including the insulated cap. It features fewer components, simple structure and reliable performance. Now, let’s turn to the e-juice filling of Trick Tank.


As Trick Tank adopts fixed non-adjustable three-pole mechanism, the port of it cannot be closed. We have to block the air flow port using our webbing and fingers before uncapping the tank, to prevent the leak of e-juice. Actually we can also make use of the silica ring to assist filling by just covering the air flow port using the ring, the method could also be applied to air flow closing. After that, screw the cap and move the ring back after finishing filling.


While filling e-juice, pay attention to the position of the filling area, which should be at the threads of the head. Once exceeded the middle of the threads, the juice will leak form the glass tank. 


Practical Experience

Smoke: As a trick show dedicated atomizer, the smoke volume of it is surely the point that we care most. Trick Tank has an excellent performance compared with other sub ohm tanks. The smoke is substantial and dense enough under 45W, which is horse to horse compared with the general two-coil RDAs.

The mark on the head is 30-80W, but according to the actual test, the smoke performance under 30W is not so good. I personally think that 40W-45W is most suitable. The heat is relatively high beyond 60W, being hard to keep long time DL. While under 80W, I basically could only take a shallow inhalation. 

Flavor: As a smoke-oriented atomizer, how is the flavor of Trick Tank? It surprised me after my actual test, for the flavor is rich, layered and gentle. It combines big smoke and rich flavor, which demonstrates that Trick Tank is indeed distinctive. Maybe the designer has considered that a better flavor may help the performers feel relaxed while performing. By the way, a soft flavor is indeed very important. Constant high frequency inhalation with irritating flavor will lead to bucking or sore throat.

Other aspects: Trick Tank‘s simple structure and fewer components will enhance the reliability to a great extent and avoid performance emergencies. Even the accident happens, the atomizer can solve itself in the shortest time. Although, in general the teams will prepare a standby atomizer, but the high emergency rate of a device is not a good thing.

On seeing the direct connection of the coil head and the tip, some may worry about the potential problem of liquid burst. Even though there do not exist any anti-burst measures, and no anti-burst steel mesh is installed, Trick Tank won’t run into such an accident in everyday use. Like other atomizers, if left unused for too long, the juice in the coil will absorb the moisture and blend the condensate, leading to liquid bursts when reused, but it will recover soon after the moisture is fully evaporated. Similarly, the use of e-juice that has been added with high-proportion distilled water will also cause liquid burst. However, this is the general characteristic of all atomizers, which has nothing to do with the structure of Trick Tank.


Summary: As a trick show dedicated atomizer, Trick Tank has given excellent expression to the key points of trick shows, which are big and thick smoke, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, as well as rich and soft flavor. During our everyday use, e-juice leak will not happen as long as you’ve kept an eye on e-juice filling.

Compared with RDAs, Trick Tank, which is designed according to trick show’s features, is much more suitable for practicing and performing. For those who favor trick skills but are not able to make perfect dripping coils themselves, Trick Tank is no doubt the shortcut. If you are a newcomer, if you cannot DIY perfect dripping coils, if you are doubtful about the safety of low resistance, and you are fond of trick performance and practice, then Trick Tank is the one that you should take into consideration.

Besides the aspect of trick show and practice, Trick Tank’s appearance is also appealing to general users who are seeking for a flavor-oriented big smoke atomizer. The 4-4.5ml tank capacity will reduce the trouble of frequent filling.

Surely,as nobody’s perfect, so are atomizers. Now that Trick Tank has made adjustments according to the features of trick show, it will certainly make reasonable trade-offs in other aspects. For example, the air flow port cannot close, the e-juice may leak under misoperation, and the actual power is 35-27W while used with a mechanical manipulator. Thus I would advise you guys to go with pressure regulating devices. 



I’ve already received the atomizer for some time before I write this, when the launch date has not been specified yet. And now that I’ve heard the news about its on-sale, I would like to share my practical experience with you guys here. Hope you will benefit from my article, thanks for your viewing! Bye!

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