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The "Focus" Spirit of the Craftsman Is the Key to Success-Teslacigs Interview

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GuideThe spirit of the craftsman is the topic of the 2016 Labor Day. It requires an enterprise to act like a craftsman, which means to focus on its products and constantly strive for excellence to win the recognition from the market and consumers. The core of the spirit is that enterprises should keep pursuing technical innovation and improvement. “Craftsman” not only represents for manufacturing, but also is a vivid expression of concentration.


In contrast to the current fierce competition in the field of electronic cigarette manufacturing, manufacturers in the initial period were never worried about whether their products can sell out. At that time the market is a seller’s market. There was no need to design, to research & develop, and to test. But orders never stop coming as long as the products are in stock. The whole industry are full of fickleness.

Because of the hot situation, more and more people joined into the electronic cigarette industry. After years of market selection, the survived finally stand out of the crowd thanks to their “Focus”.

Teslacigs, one of these survivals, has demonstrated the importance of “Focus” in its course of development and culture accumulation. As what Teslacigs has said, “To focus is to do the most challenging thing and to focus on an exclusive product”

I get to know about Teslacigs-an unfamiliar old brand to me-through its latest products and its show in the second Shenzhen E-cig Expo, IECIE. In this brief interview, TESLACIGS describes its unique and special concept.


Vpbus: Hi, Teslacigs is a relatively unfamiliar brand to most domestic vapers. However, recently, after the releasing of Tesla Nano 60W TC and Tesla Invader III, vape players start to learn about Teslacigs. And they soon become more and more curious about your brand after knowing you are the main sponsor of 2016 Shenzhen E-cig Expo. Could you make a brief introduction to Teslacigs?


President Yang: Teslacigs is a brand subordinate to Zunyipin Company. We created TESLACIGS upon the establishment of Zunyipin in May, 2013.

3 years ago when our team was thinking about the future of our company related to core competence, we all thought it necessary to have a brand that belongs to ourselves. Then we spent a long time on integrating supplier chain, research and development sector, marketing systems and the whole factory process. We spend 3 years keeping our feet on the ground and gathering experience, during which Tesla has made real achievements. We really appreciate this new sunrise industry which gives me and my brand a chance.

While Teslacigs brand was first built, we’ve spent 3 years to basically build up a complete and stable distribution system in USA, including most of the physical stores and online shops. Since last August, Teslacigs has begun to develop its market in the EU, and now has fundamentally broken into the European market by successfully establishing 8 distributing points in EU countries.


Vpbus: In the middle of the year of 2016, TESLACIGS start catching the eyes of domestic players from Tesla Nano 100W Steampunk to Tesla nano 60W TC and Tesla Invader III. And in the second Shenzhen Ecig Expo, you attended it as the biggest sponsor. I think all of the above shows that you are determined to enter into domestic market. What’s the reason on earth lead to your determination to explore domestic market? How do you think of domestic market?


President Yang: Well, like most of the e-cig enterprises, at first our products were mainly sold abroad, because at that time domestic electronic cigarettes had a low popularity, there were not so many users as today. So domestic users were very unfamiliar with TESLACIGS.

In the early 2016, we planned to enter into Chinese market. Lots of attention was paid on it, and we thought domestic market is the world’s biggest potential e-cig market. Europe and America have a long history of smoking control, but China has just started this regulation for 2 years. As smoking control is gradually been reinforced, people are paying more and more attention on electronic cigarette. Even though e-cig already has developed its culture of big vapor, fancy smoking and special device, etc., most users choose e-cig simply because it can replace cigarette. Domestic smoking population are very so large that the market potential of e-cig is amazing. Domestic market deserves long time development although it hasn’t been developed completely.

We position TESLACIGS as a midrange high end brand in Europe and America and we would like make a thorough high-end brand positioning in China.

The so-called high end is reflected not only in the performance and quality of a product, but also in the after-sale service. In China, customers could return the product to us for repairing through the three main distributing chains. Besides that, we also have online after-sale service channel. We will continue establishing perfect service system in each provincial cities in the future.

At present TESLACIGS is still exploring and testing domestic market. We value our brand and products so much that we will never act recklessly. Due to the emerging new factors and variables, we still have a long way to go but we will never stop.

This year we target domestic market as our main market. In order to satisfy domestic consumers’ demand, our research and develop department and marketing department will design some products especially based on domestic users’ habits and requirements. In the meantime our authorized marketing channels has almost set up. We expect TESLACIGS to be a respectable brand.


Vpbus: In domestic market, there is an opinion that both e-cig manufacturers and users are lack of brand awareness, they choose products which are suitable for them and with high cost performance, never caring about the brand. You’ve been mentioned the word “Brand”, it is easy to see that you think highly of branding. So I want to ask, how do you think of “Brand”?


President Yang: Well, although TESLACIGS is still very young brand, our company has spent 6 years to learn and accumulate in the initial foreign trade period. We know how important branding is so we create TESLACIGS and spare no effort on branding.

Brand doesn’t only represent for product, it also include user service and attitude, it is a system consists of many aspects. Only one aspect couldn’t form up brand influence and its value.

Product directly shows the quality of a brand. High quality means a lot to users, but for a brand it is the first step, which is just a passing grade.

Besides high quality products, after-sale service and continually develop & research will lead users to know about the brand value and thus we could get feedback from their attitudes. Every healthy, mature and completed industry rely on their brands to show value. In e-cig industry, brand cohesion and competition are necessary as well.

At the beginning, foreign trade can easily make money as long as you have good salesmen. But now, an enterprise are unable to keep sustainable and healthy development if it simply rely on their products or any other single factor. Only when a brand has integrated into the comprehensive strength can a company have competition advantage and provide better service and experience to customers. A good product doesn’t mean it is also a good brand, while a good brand definitely owns a series of good products. That’s why we spent 3 years to focus on branding. Products show a brand’s ability, and brand is a guarantee for the product.

TESLACIGS is a brand that carries many people’s dream, we dare not to be careless.


Vpbus: You’ve mentioned that you want to build TESLACIGS as a respectable brand, could you tell us what’s the indicated meaning?


President Yang: electronic cigarette is a very special industry, the product itself is not only a replacement to tobacco, but contains deep culture connotation. Domestic environment is still not mature, but looking around the whole world, we find that e-cig products are still increasing stably even after suffering repeated suppression and limit. Ecig industry has a strong vitality, it can’t be defeated by any troubles.

Owning various categories of components and accessories is the feature of electronic cigarette. To make it detailed, every link can be a complete industry. Let’s assume that e-cig is a chain, every component or process can be detailed into a link on the chain. This is a point which deserves deeply thinking about.

People simply see TESLACIGS’s products, but never know our efforts behind. From every material supplier to each worker on the production line, from every IQC to warehouse supervisor, salesman, distributor and agent and so on, each link bears a lot of people’s hard working and expectations. However, users seldom know the meaning behind. So we always devote to wining users’ support to each TESLACIGS’s product, which not only means their recognition to our brand but also means their support to our effort and endeavor. That’s why our goal is to make TESLACIGS become a respectable brand but not the best or the best-selling or the most valuable brand.


Vpbus: Looking around your product lines and we could easily find that your main business battery device manufacturing. Nowadays, under the circumstance of “product diversification”, many factories are looking for abundant and comprehensive product lines. Could you tell us why are you still insisting on device making?

President Yang: Even it is a simple question, it relates to many aspects. First, e-cig can be divided into ego and big vapor, and can be further detailed into atomizer and battery, and then final goods and RBA.

As I’ve mentioned above, the links that form up an e-cig product line are enormous, but how to determine the product positioning? It’s the first problem that we encountered with in our start-up period.

With 6 years’ experience in the foreign trade, we think we should be “Focused”. Then we choose to do battery (Mod), the harder one. 3 years ago, maybe there is a big difference if compared with same other business. But we still believe if we persist on one thing and make it the best among all, we will see the good result in the end.

Then 3 years passed, we were surprised to see that the decision we made before is right.  Although we have lost some profits because we were too focused on the battery, but it deserves. Like what I said before, making money is the first goal for a company but for TESLACIGS, we will not necessarily work for money. There is a saying on a TV series named Soldiers Sortie, that the things you do should be “valuable and meaningful”. Good products, good service and good brand are where the value and meaning stand.


Vpbus: The update speed of e-cig is pretty fast, thus the lifespan is relatively short, that’s why many e-cig businesses are making innovation. While homogenization is becoming more and more serious, what’s your opinion and understanding of innovation?


President Yang: Innovation is the root of a company’s vitality, it matters how a company understand it and where it locate itself. Innovation means improved performance, function and appearance, and real innovation should also include progressed service, consumers theory and attitude.

TESLACIGS is a single brand hardware manufacturer who devotes itself to e-cig innovation and R&D. Each product is our child, we hope all of them are the combination of artistry, taste and performance.

Every product of us is different from others in the market. We only make innovated, experienced, and aesthetic products. What we do is value but not price, we think that product also has vitality. We believe we can make more vital products depending on being focus.

Besides, the key of product innovation is quality, and quality depends on design, raw material and QA. We have been integrating our chip supply resources since 3 years ago and now we have our own independent chip supplier. Both chip and battery are supplied by the same supplier who uses the top UAV brand in domestic market. After integrated metal material suppliers, we have formed a complete and quality chain system. Our QA team do full-inspection to each product, in order to provide the best quality and service to our customers. This is part of our innovation.


Vpbus: As an e-cig brand, what do you think is the most important to TESLACIGS?


President Yang: For customers, the most important thing is product and service. But for a company, they are just among the basic factors.

Brand is reflected through its products, and good products include factors like research and development, production, sales and suppliers. So the success of a brand doesn’t simply result from a product’s success, it’s a result of the success of all the links. It is long time accumulation and perfect material integration that lead to a brand’s success.

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to people who have devoted their determinaion and efforts to Teslacigs.

At the same time, we really appreciate the endeavor of Vpbus and other social media, because of you buys, people could know electronic cigarette in a right way. Electronic cigarette’s development and improvement need everyone’s joint effort.


At the end of interview, I was deeply impressed by Yang’s answer to “How long do you think TESLACIGS can last?” “I’m not sure about this, but I believe that I, myself, can insist on another 20 years!”

20 years could be a new era, what Yang said in fact has such a connotation: On the improvement of relative laws and regulations, e-cig could have a very broad future. The industry will develop constantly and healthily. At the meantime, more and more “new blood” will join in. The future will belong to the young.

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