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Sub ohm S200 DNA 200 box mod

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The Project Sub-Ohm® S200™ is the first box mod in the storied Project Square™ line to integrate Evolv's DNA 200 chip set, featuring one of the most sophisticated output technologies today coupled with a beautiful and ergonomic chassis that distinguishes itself as one of the premiere DNA 200 devices in it's market segment. The S200™ Chassis builds upon the established Project Square™ ideology of clean, timeless, and ergonomic design, featuring a softly rounded back that allows for an extremely easy to handle body. A single polished chamfer line exposes itself on both sides when viewed at specific angles, giving the chassis a subtle yet striking detail. The signature 'S' logo of the Project Square™ family is engraved towards the rear of the body, while the iconic Project Sub-Ohm® logo is engraved towards the front, creating an elegantly balanced look when viewed upon as a whole. The control and display face features, for the first time in Project Sub-Ohm® designs, a striking blue finish on the firing, adjustment, and screen bezel, paying homage to the Evolv DNA 200 chipset programmed within the chassis. Stainless Steel threadpoints ensure durability while a widened silver plated contact ensures consistent and top conductivity.


For the first time in Project Sub-Ohm® devices, the S200™ utilizes the Evolv DNA 200, the most technologically advanced chipset today. Featuring an unbelievable 1 to 200W output that simultaneously has an incredible efficiency rating of 97%, the DNA 200 can fire atomizers in traditional wattage mode from 0.1 to 2.0 ohms. The DNA 200 also features the most comprehensive temperature control capability to date, allowing users to load, set, and adjust heating elements through the companion software, Escribe. Through Escribe, users can also tweak settings for display settings, output settings, set specific profiles for output, as well as do live testing, diagnostics, troubleshooting and feedback. Alongside maintenance and tweaking, support from Evolv for the DNA 200 will be slated for rapid and consistent firmware upgrades, being the current flagship chip in their stable.

In the continuing pursuit of providing high quality, thoughtfully designed, and premiere devices, the Project Sub-Ohm® S200™ DNA 200 is the flagship of the Project Square™ family, implementing the core design elements that have become a worldwide sensation with the most advanced chipset today.

S200™ Features:

The First Evolv DNA 200 Project Sub-Ohm® Box Mod

Firmware Upgradeable

High Grade Hardened Aluminum Construction

1300 mAh 3S Lithium Polymer Battery

Ergonomic Design

Follows the Lineage of Project Sub-Ohm® Project Square™ Box Mods

Rounded Curve

Sleek Curves

Elegant and Timeless Chassis Design

Striking Semi-Hidden Chamfered Edge

Visible from Front and Top Only

Limited Edition Blue Accent Bezel and Button

Stainless Trim Around Firing Button

Stainless Steel Threadpoints

Ensures Durability

Silver Plated 510 Contact

Balanced Engraving Layout

Signature Project Square™ Engraving

Iconic Project Sub-Ohm® Engraving

Triple Vent Hole Location

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