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How to make your injured mod rebirth?(Subbox Mini)

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Subbox Mini is classic mod that suitable for many new vapors. After using Subbox for months, I became a more professional vapor. But since I don’t like to wear anything on the mod, so my Subbox is ‘injured’ a lot. Every time I see it’s appearance I feel pity.

In fact, our mod will be replaced, as we vape longer, we will purchase the mods that are more fancy, more stable, and with higher watts. But Subbox is my beginning mod, I don’t want to throw it away, so I came up with this thought—— rebuild my Subbox’s appearance!

You can easily see that the paint went off, It’s very ugly.

The scarce is getting more obvious, so I have to rebuild it

First of all, I bought 3 bottles of spray lacquer, a piece of 3000#’s abrasive paper, and a oily pen. The middle one is Matt paint, also protection paint, for the last step.

First, I dismantled my Subbox, pay attention to the screen cover, take it down slowly! And the back cover is sticked by double faced adhesive tape, so it’s rebuildable. And collect all the small pieces.

First, let’s have a try to spray the battery cover, keep the distance of 20cm from the cover and the sprayer. Take it slowly.

Sprayed it twice, looks good, let’s rock n roll!

Sprayed the main body twice, wait till it dries, then spray it carefully twice again.

Next, the atomizer!

Use the tape to cover the glass, and use hardboard as basis.

Turn to the smallest air hole and use a stick to block it.

Spray it! Red paint is used as decoration, wait till it dries, and use the oil pen to draw the lines. Then spray the protection paint after they dry.

A new storehouse.

My own signature!

The date.

And here we go haha, awesome! Still need a ‘sucker’, get a slutty green one from GuangDong Big J!

That’s how I make my Subbox rebirth!

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