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How to DIY Kayfun Lite Plus Five Pawn atomizer's core

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DIY is a process that every fresh man has to go through when he\she is getting more familiar with vape products. So what is DIY? As we all know, do it yourself. Means we use our own hands to create stuff, do it by ourselves!

Today I’m gonna teach everyone how to DIY KFLP Five Pawn’s core!

As we all know, KFLP Five Pawn’s atomizer is very easy to DIY, all we need are just some simple tools and easy steps, then we can DIY a perfect core to vape!

Tools; Wire machine( screw driver could also work), and wire( 0.32 is better), cotton, screw driver, tweezers, scissors.

First step; wrap the wire

Cut 7-8cm of wire, across the wire through the wire machine, then start to wrap it, better use 2.5 diameter, wrap it about 7 wraps, then take it down. Then we have a coil.

Second step; install the coil

Use a metal stick or screw driver to fasten the coil upon the atomizer, then use the screw driver to loose the screws on the atomizer, then keep the coil in a position like the first picture’s showing, and use hands to wrap the wire around the screws, then screw the screws back and make sure that the screws fasten the wire tightly, then use the metal stick or screw driver to life the coil up a little bit to avoid blocking the air hole, and cut the extra wire, the final result is like the second picture.

Third step; heat the coil

But the atomizer base on the mod, then press the button to heat the coil up, then the coil will turn to red, then stop the heating and use tweezers to clamp the coil to perfect the shape of the coil, until the red light is shining from inside out of the coil

Forth step; the cotton

Take some cotton, twist it into a thin one, then cross through the coil, be careful, be gentle. Then put the chin on, and we need to cut the extra part. Then use sticks or screw driver to press the cotton down, make sure it blocks the oil way to absorb oil, otherwise, it will leak.

Fifth step; preheat the cotton

Drop some flavor into the cotton, then heat it up and use your mouth to blow all the vaper away, this step is to eliminate the smell of the cotton, and when you see the cotton is getting too dry, drop more flavor, heat it for about 7 times.

Sixth step; add flavor

Install all the other parts of the atomizer, then put the atomizer upside down, you will see a screw, screw it out, then add flavor inside the atomizer, then screw the screw back, then start vaping!

Follow the six steps I mentioned, you will make a perfect KFLP Five Pawn’s core perfectly. And I highly recommend this atomizer, it can reveal the taste of the flavor perfectly, every time I vape it, it’s like in heaven!

Thanks for reading, enjoy vaping!

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