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Purchase ultimate taste KF4's vertical core

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I started vaping cuz I wanted to quit smoking, then I got deeper…. The first devices I had was regulating box and Nautilus, for a new vaper, Nautilus is a stable and flavor revealer, Nautilus would be my favorite finished atomizer.

Done of talking shit, let me introduce a way to DIY core that could be better than Nautilus on KF4’s core. As we all know that KF’s atomizers are famous of their flavor revealing, KF4 is one of them.

At the first time I wasn’t good at DIY, so I didn’t have great taste of flavor, after practicing and getting the skills, I have deeper understanding of DIY cores and how to DIY a most suitable core for myself. The pictures below shows the vertical wire on KF4.

I used 0.4cm’s wire and 2cm’s diameter, and 9 wraps.

the ohm is 1.0

Let’s heat the coil first.

During the heating make sure that the hole of the coil is aim to the air hole of the atomizer.

Pretty much done, let’s add the cotton! It’s different to add cotton in this kind of coil.
Notice that the cotton is outside the coil, wrap the coil first, then cut 2 pieces of cotton and stick it on the coil, then block the oil holes.


After finishing the core, I used Trabuco to test the taste. I had a incredible taste! When I was using Nautilus to vape this flavor, I already felt it is very smooth, the tastes f tobacco and cheese and wine revealed perfectly. But with KF4 there was slightly taste of burning wheat. Would be enjoyable with a glass of wine!

That’s it for today, how to DIY a vertical coil on KF4, feel free to point my flaws. Here are my devices.

Thanks for viewing!

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