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New Arrival Point Black Mod from Philippines

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Recently, a new mechanical box, Point Black Mod launched by CMII, has attracted great attention from vapor plays. Established on 2013 and based on the humble islands of the Philippines (South East Asia), Crescent Moon Innovations International (CMII) started from the interest and passion focused on innovation aiming for the nurture of the Vaping Industry. Today, I’m going to introduce Point Black Mod to you briefly.

Conceptualized by Nimblehead

Uniqueness. Identity. The Point Blank represents the significance of a real vaping enthusiast who inspires the growing community.

Engineered to resemble a tool to maintain peace and order, it aims to fascinate and capture the interest of members of the vaping movement.

“Timeless Elegance”

Made from most superior materials, the Point Blank was created with idea that it would last a lifetime.

The black color symbolizes authority while the gold perpetual sophistication and value.

Encased in an equally stunning vessel, the art interprets timeless elegance and existence like that of the worth of a true vaping aficionado.



1. Dual Parallel 18650 Battery Configuration

2. Left-Hand Threaded Positive Telepin with Peek Insulator

3. Floating Negative Battery Contacts (no adjustments needed)

4. Fully Insulated Side Firing Trigger (no heat build up)

5. Quick Release Battery Case for easy changing of batteries

6. Unique Lock and Unlock Mechanism

7. Sporty/Rugged look with Elegant Finish of Black and 24k Gold

8. Silver Plated Contacts

9. 24k Gold Plated Brass Externals

10. T6 Aluminum Body (Hard Black-Anodized)

11. Machine Engraved

12. Serialized

The goal of the persistent desire to realize our belief is proven by the constant investment and re-investment to increase the level of satisfaction and utility of our products to serve the vaping community.

More details we will present in the later article, please pay continued attention to us.

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