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12 kinds of normal RTA atomizer in the market

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Atomizer can be divided by type and brand.But consider structure,it has rebuildable tank atomzier(RTA) and rebuildable dripping atomizer(RDA).Today i want to show you some normal RTA atomizer in the market!


1.KayFun series

KayFun is a series atomizer come from German company “Svoemesto”.It is famous for rich and strong flavor.Almost every vapor user has a kayfun series atomizer.For the funs of Kayfun and someone who like collecting,they have own all type of kayfun products.

Till now,kayfun series include:kayfun3.1,kayfun lite,kayfun mini,kayfun lite plus,keyfun lite plus V2,”five pawns”version KELP and the newest kayfun 4.

Hot sale item among kayfun series are kayfun4,KFLP and five pawn versin KELP.Comparing kayfun 4 with former version,it’s a brand new design atomizer not only in structure but also in taste.The structure is more complex than before atomizer,but it’s easier to use.The taste also improved much more.That complex can divide into total 41 small parts include o-ring.It own the maximum smart part in ecigarette.The stability of resistance has been effected dual to too many small part.We called this as “jump resistance”before.But user can use“gold-plating spring”to solve this problem.Expect the original version,there also have“IN” and“316”version now.

The structure of KELP and “FIVE PAWNS”are nearly the same.But “FIVE PAWNS”has a little improvement on appearance as a custom version.KELP usually come with three cabin version which are long cabin,short cabin,match with clean acrylic cabin or full sealed steel cabin.

Customized KELP for five pawns.

Five pawns is famous for its eliquid.This KELP is special customized for FIVE PAWNS as memorial version.The drip tips and entire structure is an unique design like chess in gobang.

Kayfun series RTA atomizer is sample and useful.I think for most vapor players they have considered this as their first RTA tank.But“jump resistance”have puzzled many new user and vapor players who use TC mod.

So they prefer “FIVE PAWNS”version KElP to use for the structure is easy and the out looking is fashionable.For the reason of airflow structure,there was a “shao shao”sound while using,even if the original one has this problems.You can try to turn the screw on anode side to change the angle of air inflow groove to change its sound.


2.GT-Taifun series

GT Taifun series is another RTA atomizer coming from German.This series is equally famous with Kayfun series.It has an exactly taste with width and smooth flavor feeling.

Taifun series RTA atomizer include GT、GTS、GT2.There isn’t obvious structure difference among these three tank.Just have some adjustment on appearance and air inflow.The air inflow of GT is stationary single hole design.GTS has updated to adjust air hole type,it;s the same as aspire nautilus.In GT2,it has changed to ten hole adjust airflow in two side.It equal with some dripping atomizer if you open all air hole.

Once you put a mixed eliquid in,it will let you have a completely different experience comparing with KF.I would like to recommend you have a try.For the structure of GT series nearly the same,so the taste nearly the same.So i think GT-2 is a better choice.Just as the famous saying,there isn’t perfect people and thing in the world,although GT-Taifun has so much advantage,but it also has some disadvantage.”side leaking”is one of the disadvantage.This is for vapour will become coolling eliquid when it go through atomizer airflow tube while smoking,it will last residual at the connect situation between drip tip and atomizer.Usually it will come back to airflow hole along the atomizer tube.Once this cooling eliquid has been reach to an constant amount,it will flow to the mod along with aperture of adjust ring in the bottom.


3.SQR(S)series atomizer

Swiss product has strict style as German.But expert that their products is famous for precision.People are amazing at all kind of watch and knife coming from Switzerland.SQR is one of these products.

Not the same as KF and GT series,SQR series. SQR use the design of “NM coating”,user also can change different atomizer base to suit for different heating coil.This will let you have better experience in vaping.

This design will let heat transfer equality.The new arrival“SQRS”didn’t have much more improve on inside structure.It just short the size of outside tube,so it will look more smart.There are five kinds of different base in the kit and multicolour tube for you tho choose.This made it looks more fashionable.


4.Kaiser atomizer

Kaiser atomizer is another RTA atomizer using special material.It use ceramic material to made base.Ceramic base can use for absorb and release heating from coil.

Kaiser atomizer has a beautiful appearance.The taste is an other style.This atomizer need user skilled at making and setting heating coil.It seemed a little complex for new user.But if you have an patient to study it,this won’t let you down.


5.ROSE(V2) atomizer.

ROSE V2 is another RTA atomizer appear in the market in early time.It also use ceramic base.But it much more difficult than Kaiser at making and setting heating coil.But now they have published a new item named ROSE V2.It has some improvement on setting heating coil.But it still not easy for users.But the flavor is special.It worth to have a try.



Not the same as normal RTA atomizer,”NEXTGEN”atomizer ’s storage tank is under the heating coil of atomizer.Eliquid transfer to the upper heating coil through conductive material.Cotton,guide wick,and stainless steel can be consider as conductive material.Users need use spray gun to fire the stainless steel retiforme well and let it become insulated oxide layer to avoid shortage of electronic route.This process seemed dangerous and complex.So i would like to suggest new users give up this one.



Karken come from a mythology of north European.It’s a huge monster from sea.This Kraken come from Philippine(There also another saying it come from USA).The inner structure is different as normal RTA atomizer.The process of fire stainless steel retiform is as complex as “NEXTGEN”.so there isn’t much more players use it.But it taste really cool.Of course,you should made a perfect wick.



BF99 has the same structure ans “NEXTGEN”。It also use the technology of coating.Both atomizer base and upper cover has used coating material let it taste very different.Add the advantage of sample structure,it’s really suitable for temperature control using!



Erlprinz is another RTA atomizer designed by Austria.For the sample structure and top refill.The taste is similar with KF.It’s another good choice for temperature control.



ITHAKA also is en early type TRA atomizer.The structure also not the same as traditional RTA atomizer.It allows you adjust the airflow and fuel feeding.It really hard to control for new users.



ORCHID is an RTA atomizer can use as sub ohm tank.The inner structure is same as KF.The electronic table is the same as plume.Both of them have four post.It can used for multi-coil.The most classic version is ORCHID V4.It’s very popular for there isn’t much more sub ohm tank in market at that time.But for too many sub ohm tank on sale in market now,it is also out of user’s sight now.



GOBLIN is another RTA atomizer suitable for making multi-coil.Its structure is the same as ORCHID.But it has improved a lot.Such as GOBLIN has add the size of inflow hole,the conductive groove of eliquid has extended.I would like to suggest this for you,because the structure is easy to build.

That’s all about RTA atomizer i would like to introduce today,there have more and more products come in market now.You have more choice before buying.I will update some sub ohm tank with RBA function later.Thanks for your read.We would like you leave your comment here.

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