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How to use mechanical mod in correct way

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How to avoid mechanical MOD explosion happen? This is a very deep question. Because the mechanical MOD does not exist any chip protection, so you need to be careful in the process of use, especially for beginners. If you are using this type of mechanical MOD or you intend to buy it, so I suggest that you should stop and look at this article.


The above picture is a indirect contact with the battery of the mechanical MOD. This type of MOD fit many atomizer, including convex or concave electrode. Many short circuit accidents occur easily in direct contact with the battery's device. Usually because the electrode of atomizer is too flat.


If you want to use this kind of atomizer on your MOD which directly exposed to the battery.

I suggest that you need to add a heat sink to make sure that the electrode is protruding.


Please remember the following three points, especially for the novice:

1.Press the ignition switch, no smoke came out, stop working and check it.

2.Mechanical MOD and atomizer abnormal high temperature. You need to remove the atomizer immediately, let power be disconnected.

3. If there is a short circuit but you can not immediately cut off the power, please throw it away and stay away from.

I hope my friends in addition to get more happiness, but also need to but also need to pay attention to safety.

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Author: VPBUS distinguished senior Evaluation Division Ray, WeChat ID:GalaxyyRay.

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