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Ten kind of Sub Ohm Tanks of 2015 for Flavor & Clouds

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2015 has been a great year for vaping.

In fact with the ever increasing and growing popularity of vaping you will find that there are more options available to you than ever before.

Many who try the sub ohm tank fall in love but there are still a small amount who do not prefer this style of vaping.

One of the great things about sub ohm clearomizers is that they feature replaceable coil heads.

This means that you can replace them when something goes wrong.

Sub ohm tanks can be vaped at less than 1 ohm resistance. The most common coil resistance is .5 ohms but it can be as low as .2 ohms.

If you want to be able to use the coils at this level you have to make sure that you are choosing a mod that is going to work at that level.

Today i am going to show you 10 kind hot selling sub ohm tank in the market.

1.Kanger Subtank Mini

One of the amazing things about the Kanger Subtank Mini that lands it on the list of the best sub ohm tanks in 2015 is that it offers mighty power in a small size.

In fact it is one of the smallest tanks on this list but it still has a massive 4.5 ml capacity. It is another tank that can vape differently based on the ohms that you are using.

You can vape between 15W and 30W when using it at .5 ohms. However if you are using it at 1.2 ohms then you are going to need to use between 12W and 25W.

This tank also known as the tank that produces the best flavor.

So not only do get great tasting hits but you are also going to have a number of options for how you vape.

The kit actually comes with the two separate coils at different ohms so that you can test them both out and determine which you like the most.


2.Aspire Atlantis

The aspire Atlantis only holds 2 ml of e-liquid which is disappointing if you are hoping for all day long vaping.

There is a 5 ml extension that is available so that you can use it for longer periods of time without having to fill it up. It works best when you are vaping between 20W and 30W.

The great thing about the Atlantis is that when it was introduced to the market many people were shocked at the high quality.

Plus it produces large clouds and offers superior flavor.


3.Zephyrus by Youde

The Zephyrus from youde(short for UD) is for more advanced vapers and for those who are looking for a sub ohm tank with a fantastic RBA deck. The 4 post RBA deck on the Zephyrus is unmatched so far and can compete with some of the top RDAs (albeit it’s a lot smaller, but still great airflow and juice flow). The standard replaceable coils are also pretty good and for vapers looking for a sub ohm tank with both an RBA deck and replaceable coils, then this is the tank for you! The Zephyrus also has an impressive 5ml capacity, which is great as you will get through plenty of e-juice with this tank!


4.Joyetech Delta 2

The Joyetech Delta 2 is featured as one of the best sub ohm tanks for a number of reasons.

There are so many great features that this tank has that you will find yourself wanting one too.

It has just a 3.5 ml tank capacity which is nice for vaping but not quite as large as some of the other tanks on this list.

Additionally it works at wattages between 20W and 45W. It uses a .5 ohm resistance.

Since it can be fired at a higher wattage than many sub ohm tanks this is a great choice for those who like to fire with more power.

Most users report that they like the tank the best when it is fired between 30W and 35W. It can easily be fired up to 50W without any issues.

Some people find that they enjoy vaping at higher wattages without issues or problems. It produces delicious flavor and large sized vapor clouds which many vapers enjoy.


5.Horizon Tech Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

The Horizon Tech Arctic Sub Ohm Tank is one of the tanks that has the greatest wattage range. This tank can be used between 10W and 100W which makes it unique.

It does have a smaller tank capacity of just 2.5 ml which means that if you are vaping at the higher wattage that you are probably going to have to replace e-liquid rapidly.

They also offer a huge selection of Horizon coils so that you can have the exact vaping experience that you are looking for.



The SMOKtech TFV4 Mini is a revision of the extremely popular TFV4, redesigning it to a more form factor friendly 22mm, a 3.5ml tank capacity, and eight new cores including Ti Titanium, Sextuple Cores, Clapton, and a rebuildable Clapton RBA Base. Each Coil head is designed with each heating coil separated into independent tubes, improving upon heat insulation and airflow delivery. The top fill system from the original TFV4 makes a return, and is designed to be easy and efficient with a hinge and lock system that can be opened easily and without threads. Airflow features dual quad airslots, located at the tip and at the base, which allow for immense airflow and cooling properties.The TFV4 Mini Drip Tip is specifically designed with a double layered barrel structure, with the intent to provide auxiliary heat proofing.



The Crown Sub-Ohm Tank by Uwell, one of the most well balanced and well regarded tanks in the market, The Crown features top and bottom filling methods, quartz glass, multiple coil configurations including support for temperature controlled devices and fully adjustable airflow. Each Crown Coil is manufactured out of organic cotton, and a multitude of options are also available, including Single, Dual, and Ni200 Nickel. The coil options allow for a range of 10W all the way to 120W, utilizing the appropriate coil. The more than ample dual airflow located at the base of the device allows for easy adjustment due to the adjustment ring. The 4ml tank allows for ample longevity of use, and coupled with the two options for filling allows the Crown to be used and refilled easily and without hassle.


8.Eleaf Melo

Many users love Eleaf Melo features a 3.5 ml tank.

It is a little bigger than most of the others with a 22.3 mm diameter.

If you are on a budget then this is one of the best tanks on the market and one that you are really going to love.

With totally five inlet holes on MELO base, the airflow is more unimpeded. One can enjoy the smooth and constant vapor by easily rotating the regulation ring.

The threads at each side of MELO head enables you to connect MELO base and tube tightly, what ensures an efficient and stable output.

The Melo works between 20W and 30W with a .5 ohm resistance.


9.Herakles Sub Ohm Tank

Herakles Sub Ohm Tank is known for being fired at a higher wattage.

In fact you are actually supposed to use it at wattages between 50W and 75W.

One of the things that should be noted here is that your mod is going to use more battery power when you are constantly vaping at this higher wattage.

The tank is made from stainless steel and features special insulation in the drip tip to keep you burning your mouth.

This insulation keeps the drip tip cooler so that you do not end up injuring yourself.


10.Freemax Starre Sub Ohm Tank

Starre Sub Ohm Tank from freemax chucks out huge clouds up to 150W on the 0.25ohm coil. The Freemax had no wicking issues with high VG e-liquids and no dry hits or leaking. The tank features some really high quality materials and feels like a top quality device. The device includes silver bottoms on the coils, “medical grade” cotton as wicking material, SUS304 grade stainless steel tank and glass made out of “borosilicate glass”. The airflow is beautifully crafted and was the widest airflow we have seen so far. . The Freemax Starre also features a big 5ml tank!


OK,that is the ten kind of sub ohm tank i recommended to you today.Do you have any best love sub ohm tank want to share with us?You can leave a comment here or send us your article we will help you public on vape bus.

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