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Double coil installation guide

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Many of the RDA atomizer structure is almost the same.Today I'm going to demonstrate the four poles RDA atomizer installation method of coil to you.


First of all, I respectively to the four poles marked as A,B,C and D.


If you install double coil, then you have the following two combinations: AB and CD or AC and BD.But I suggest to choose the latter, this way is easier to make the coil in the middle.



Pay attention to adjust the position of the coil, the same height and the same distance is very important.Here will be directly related to heat evenly.


Here please noted do not put too much cotton,evan if this tip can store more liquid but it will affect the atomization of atomizer.


Since the recent explosion occurred frequently, so my next evaluation will give you some attention about using mechanical mod. Let's just wait for it.


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Only in this way, there will be more wonderful products.


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Author: VPBUS distinguished senior Evaluation Division Ray.

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