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Special tips to make cotton ( without burning taste for continuing using 25 times)

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I plan to talk about this for a long time. Today I’m free, so I wrote this article about how to make a perfect cotton that would not be burnt after vaping for a long time. Alright, let’s do this.


So this is the setup: cotton, base of the atomizer, dripping atomizer, scissors, tweezers.

This is UD cotton, I ran out of MUJI cottons. Any cottons are available for this. I call it the rage comic. The atomizer doesn’t matter here, cotton is more important.


Usually, a piece of cotton consist of three layers, cotton is in the middle, fabrics are on the outside. What I always do is to cut out 1 piece of it, and then tear the fabrics. But this time, we will have to do it while keeping it intact. Why? You’ll know later.


Stretch the cotton, but DO be gentle. Make it loose, but don't sever it. Cut the sides, they are too thick for later use. Be as loose as you can, but make it continuous.


Roll the cotton, put it in the coil. The size should suit the size of the coil.

Don’t make it too long. Use the tweezers to separate cottons that are stick together.


Push the cotton, make the cotton close to the bottom. It should be like a semi-circle. Don’t put cotton under the coil, it would interfere the taste of flavor. Finally, drip some juice on it, and then it’s done!


I’ve vaped for about 26 times, I’m afraid that I counted wrong, say it’s 25.

For so long, I’ve tasted a little taste of burnt cotton. I suggest players stop vaping when you can taste the burnt smell.

The cotton is very loose, so it ’s easy to get burnt. Some people might ask: then your atomizer’s base has to be deep, so it contains more juice.


Frankly, my atomizer is deep, but I didn’t use it as a tank. I added some pure VG, and vapored for about 25 times.


Advantage: Good at containing juice, more efficient than other cottons

Disadvantage: Waste, easy to get burnt.

This method can make efficient cotton. You don’t need any special tools, this kind of cotton is very cheap, don’t worry about wasting.

Writer: Keybo

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