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My new toy--Plume Veil V2.5

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Today,I want to introduce a RDA atomizer to you. Some people say that it is a mythical RDA.

I used to use Kennedy because it has a great smoke volume, but it also brings me a very full flavor.Till I got Plume Veil V2.5. First of all, let's take a look at his photos.


I suggest that when you get a new atomizer. First, open all the parts, understand its structure, and finally go to install the coil.


Two different modes, in addition to shape differences, in the liquid taste also has a difference.

If you like the rich taste, I recommend the use of the former.But if you like to have a level of taste, I suggest using the latter.


It has three parts can be adjusted. You can adjust it according to the smoke volume you need and the taste you want. You can choose the top, the middle and the bottom of the air intake.Of course, you can also choose to open all of them.


The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, but we have to look for it, find a atomizer or mod that you like best. So don't give up, I will always be with you in VPBUS. With a player's mind to treat each thing, to live happily is our task.

The fight between product and product is good for us.

Only in this way, there will be more wonderful products.



Next time we meet, you will see another new product.

I hope you will always support China’s largest vape club—VPBUS.

I’ll give you more E-cig products or E-juice evaluation articles, please support me.

Author: VPBUS distinguished senior Evaluation Division Ray, WeChat ID:GalaxyyRay.

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